Garbage Disposal Motor Not Running | Causes And Solutions

How do you identify that your Garbage Disposal Motor Not Running? Do you follow my way of checking the power connection, causing any hindrance, or have some other idea in mind? It’s time to find solutions to why the garbage disposal motor is not running.

The common causes of garbage disposal motors not running are faulty motor capacitors, and bearings, filling the disposal to the mouth, cutting off the electrical supply, and overheating. Also, the protruding button may have some genuine problem and won’t stay in.

In this article, I will mention the easy solutions for fixing the motor not running issue. In addition, the duty of finding and understanding suitable causes is yours to protect your disposal from damage.

Garbage Disposal Motor Not Running | Causes

Finding the culprit for garbage disposal not working properly is relatively easy and does not need the assistance of outsiders.

Garbage Disposal Motor Not Running Causes

Power Supply

Do you know garbage disposal motor is considered the nucleus of the machine? The importance of the motor highlights that it controls other components by receiving the power supply from the main outlet.

By chance, if enough voltages are not available to the disposal, it denies command of running efficiently. Also, check if the circuit breaker is in an easy position and not tripped, as the faulty circuit breaker has nothing to do with the disposal running.

Continuous Use

Continuing to use the garbage disposal after knowing it is jammed or blocked will aggravate the condition. If you do it, the motor will have an increased load, ultimately stopping working. However, the back story is that the disposal receives a power supply, but jammed blades lose their ability to rotate and may burn the motor.


Do you rely on the garbage disposal alone, knowing it’s not working adequately? Overheating is the first indication that warns you about motor runs out of health. Often jamming cause incomplete food grinding, but the machine runs to make it complete and starts overheating.

Faulty Motor Components

Dealing with garbage disposal inappropriately without considering the condition of the unit is a bad idea. The disposal motor works in harmony with motor bearings and capacitors. If anyone finds it faulty, the motor does not turn at all. Also, there are chances that the disposal has reached its limit and needs replacement due to aging.

Defective Reset Button

Do you notice your garbage disposal reset button won’t stay in? What does it mean? When the garbage disposal is filled up to the mouth and doesn’t have enough space to convert larger particles into small ones, it may form clogs. Moreover, it results in something getting stuck around the machine’s linings.

The disposal reset button has the task of shutting off the machine as soon as misfortune hits it. You need to replace the entire unit in case of a defective reset button because it won’t let you run the garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Motor Not Running | Solutions

Garbage disposal is nothing without its motor. High-speed disposal motors efficiently grind food waste and let them drain into the septic system. However, if you make your garbage disposal work like before, the following is a list of solutions, leaving a note of replacing the unit like mine.

Garbage Disposal Motor Not Running Solutions

Motor Not Running “Check the Power Connection”

Do you get disappointed on the first step and think of saying goodbye to your garbage disposal? Many of us arrange everything from the amount of food to clearing garbage disposal but need to remember to check the main power connection that feeds the machine.

You must glance at whether your food grinding machine is corded. Also, check for the overload protector in the stay-in position and the panel’s circuit breaker, ensuring the right voltages and amperes flow.

Clear the Clogs

The next step towards fixing the garbage disposal motor not running solution is to unjam the impeller plates or clear the blockages in the drains. You have to shine the torchlight all the way down to the sink drain into the garbage disposal chamber, finding the unnecessary food waste that causing clogged.

Grab a pair of pliers and remove food waste beforehand. Otherwise, favor the help of an Allen wrench and press it into the hole below the garbage disposal to dislodge the flywheel.

Pro Tip: you can also rotate the impeller plates manually with a broomstick if lacking an Allen wrench.

Reset Button

How do you reset a disposal motor? Garbage disposals are long-lasting machines and do not give up easily. Keep your spirits high and press the reset button to restore the general issues.

  1. Flip the switch and turn off the garbage disposal
  2. Let the machine cool down for a few minutes; let’s say 2-5 minutes
  3. Clear the unwanted food waste
  4. Press the stay-in reset button

Replace the Unit

The given-up disposal motor and defective garbage disposal reset button got you to stand on the replacement step. Also, the bearings and capacitors cannot hold supplied current enough to run the machine. So, you can replace the entire unit when nothing stands beside your side.

Furthermore, the reset button is the protector of the garbage disposal. When you find it faulty by checking its position, understand that you have no other option but to get a new one.

How Long Does a Garbage Disposal Motor Last?

The age of the garbage disposal motors is the same as the appliance itself. In case you have noticed, the motor is not working as it was meant for ten to fifteen years; replace the unit and nothing else.

How Do I Know if My Garbage Disposal Motor is Bad?

The alarming symptom of the bad garbage disposal motor is unusual noises from the unit. When the machine’s moving parts make a humming or buzzing noise, think twice before loading it with food items.

Summing Up

Garbage disposal and disposal motors are inseparable. You cannot neglect one for the sake of the other. So, keep your garbage disposal motor intact by knowing the real cause that leads to a bad motor. In this article, I have mentioned the easy solutions to deal with garbage disposal motor not running issues before calling a technician.