Garbage Disposal Reset Button | All You Need to Know

Turning a deaf ear to the manual instruction of the new buy machine does not let you know its features correctly. The same is for me, who learned about the reset button a few days ago when the machine showed difficulty operating. If you encounter such a problem and do not know what to do, read my article to learn what Garbage Disposal Reset Button has in store for you.

The garbage disposal button serves as a built-in circuit breaker, ensuring a safety feature during disposal overheating. Pressing the button below the garbage disposal machine sometimes resolves the problem of the disposal not turning, spinning, overheating, or making humming noises.

The answers you try to find are hidden in this article as it explains the significance of the disposal reset button. I will mention the location and functioning of the button for your convenience.

Disposal Reset Button | Location.

How can a reset button serve you? Well, in many ways. You must consider when to press the reset button and where it resides. The reset button resides below the disposer and pops out up to 5mm, trips, and shuts off the machine in times of difficulty. However, you must press the button in the following circumstances. 

Garbage Disposal Reset Button | Location
  1. Disposal overheating
  2. Garbage disposal making humming noises.
  3. The disposal unit is clogged due to unnecessary items.

5 Step to Reset Garbage Disposal

Suppose you turn on the disposal machine, but it does not work. Decided to give up on it but heard a humming noise. What should you do to make it work like before? The only option is to locate the button and press it before it overheats due to continuous motor running.

5 Step to Reset Garbage Disposal

Switch off the Unit

Disconnect the connection between your garbage disposal and power supply by flipping the switch. The initial step will make it easy for you to reset the disposal without inconvenience.

Locate Reset Button

The next task is to locate the reset button, which usually resides below the disposer. The location of the reset button always remains constant, no matter what brand you are using. However, consult the manual instruction if you have difficulty finding the overload protector or reset button.

Press the Protector

Since you need to reset the machine because it is overheating, check for the pop-up button. The button protrudes almost a quarter of an inch from its usual position. Press the button gently until you hear a clicking sound.

Run Cold Water

If the disposal reset button won’t stay in, wait 10 minutes until the unit cools down. Run cold water down the drains, so the machine starts working as before. Also, cold water cleans the garbage disposal of food residue.

Turn on the Unit!

Your garbage disposal is reset, and you can turn on the disposer by flipping the garbage disposal switch. Check whether it works fine by inspecting the button in its place.

Garbage Disposal Reset Button Not Working

There are many possibilities of the disposal reset button not working correctly. You can indicate the signs when it won’t stay in, pops out repeatedly, or won’t reset. All the preventive measures you take are to clean the stuck debris or food items which is difficult for disposal to grind.

The scenario is that your machine is jammed and does not spin or turn the blades. You must clear the obstruction using the Allen wrench. Separate the flywheel and remove the food particles using pliers. Also, try turning the plate manually and resetting the disposer.

Pro Tip: start by turning off the disposal and refrain from attending to the problem with hands inside the unit to avoid injury.

Disposal Reset Button Leaking

Garbage disposal leaking is not new for households, but the location through which dripping takes place matters. If you notice your disposal leaking from the bottom of the reset button, you must check for cracks on the disposal’s body.

Although the treatment is temporary, it will let your disposal unit stay longer without replacing it immediately. Secondly, you must take care of the parts, such as gaskets, that combine the disposal pipeline with the waste line drains. The chances of getting corrosion increase as time passes.

Garbage Disposal Reset Button Leaking

Color of The Reset Button on The Garbage Disposal.

The garbage disposal unit’s reset button is commonly adorned with a noticeable hue, frequently red or black, ensuring it’s easily spotted for swift identification. This color contrast is especially helpful during urgent cases or if the disposal gets jammed. The resonant color acts as a visual prompt, facilitating user access to the button and the reinstatement of the device’s function. These design aspects not only elevate user interaction but also support the general safety and effectiveness of running garbage disposal systems in households.

Why Does My Disposal keep Tripping the Reset Button?

Resetting the garbage disposal protects the machine from overheating or clearing jamming. However, if you notice the button trips repeatedly, the fair chance is that the motor is damaged.

How Long Do You Press the Reset Button on a Disposal?

Garbage disposal needs a few minutes to cool down. Disposers begin working when you press the reset button and stay inside the disposal. If the button doesn’t stay in, wait 10 minutes to cool it down and hold it until you hear clicking.

Is it safe to keep resetting the garbage disposal multiple times?

While it’s safe to reset waste disposal occasionally and is expected when it travels due to occasional jams, doing so over and over again may indicate a more significant problem. If the reset button trips frequently, it’s best for a professional to inspect the unit to identify and solve the underlying problem.

Bottom Line | Disposal Reset Button

Revolving around minor garbage disposal problems and fidgeting about whether to call a technician? Your solution is one button press away, and here you restore all complexities in a few minutes. Moreover, the article describes the importance of putting a hand on the garbage disposal button when the unit is obstructed, clogged, or overloaded with food.