Garbage Disposal Switch Options | Which One is Better?

Why bow the under-cabinet switch every time you turn on the garbage disposal? What if you have the purpose done simply by turning on the switch close to the sink or on the countertop? It would be great. Isn’t it? That is why, I have prepared for you the Garbage Disposal Switch Options to make turning the appliance no more a hassle. 

The article increases your information on the working of the garbage disposal when linked with different switch types. In case, you did not find the compatibility you always have the opportunity to step ahead for out of diverse options. 

What Type of Switch to Use for Garbage Disposal?

Turning on a garbage disposal is no longer dependent on a traditional switch. Now, you have several options that take you no time to send a spark to the control box under the sink and make your device run in no time. 

What Type of Switch to Use for Garbage Disposal?

The four popular switch options are an air switch, a wall switch, a Toe-Kick, and a wireless switch. However, these switches are more favorable when you use a continuous feed type disposer instead of batch feed that goes easily with hard wiring directly to the main electrical supply. 

You must need to know the compatibility working mechanism of each one of them before deciding. So, hook on to the next section to grab a brief detailing of how a particular switch works, install, and the pros and cons related to its functionality. 

Air Switch for Garbage Disposal

The first switch option for turning on a garbage disposal is an air switch button. What makes it convenient is the absence of electrical wires going to the mains and thus ensuring foolproof protection against electrocution when coming in contact with bare or wet hands. 

Air Switch for Disposal

Also, the best location for the is on the countertop near the sink. It means you do not need to bend to reach the disposal electrical outlet and get the task done right after you collected waste for efficient disposal. 

How to Install the Garbage Disposal Air Switch Button?

  • Drill a hole of about 1-1/4 inches on the countertop. 
  • Take air tubing and put it into the button from below in such a way as to remain intact and not come out when pulling
  • Start sliding the air tubing through the hole until it reaches the garbage dipsosal electrical outlet and the button gets fitted into the hole.
  • Cut the air hose to the required length and run the washer so that it seals the connection from the bottom.
  • Connect the air tubing to the power module of the air switch and plug it into the electrical outlet under the sink.
  • The power cord of the garbage disposal goes into the power module. 

How Does a Garbage Disposal Air Switch Work?

The working mechanism of an air switch is simple and relies on air pressure. As soon as you press the button, a pulse of air is sent through the air tubing directly to the garbage disposal outlet and makes the machine active. The one-press button generates an audible click sound to initiate the action and stops the disposer using the same pathway. 


  • The air switch button offers convenience and better accessibility.
  • Pressing the button with wet hands does not harm.
  • The air switch button does not cause electrocution in most cases.
  • An air switch sight is appealing to the eyes and adds an elegant touch to the space. 


  • The switch is installed only if the electrical outlet is under the sink
  • For the air switch button, you must find the garbage disposal with a plug-in power cord
  • Buying the air switch button separately costs you more than your budget.

Wireless Garbage Disposal Switch

As the name indicates, wireless switches work wirelessly to switch on the garbage disposal. Also, it does not allow any direct electrical connections so you can easily initiate the operation irrespective of whether your hands are wet or not.

Wireless Garbage Disposal Switch


How to Install a Wireless Switch?

  • The first step is to find the power socket near the garbage disposal
  • Choose the garbage disposal with plug-in power cord
  • Start the installation by plugging the switch’s power module into the available power outlet beneath the countertop.
  • Plug the garbage disposal power cord into the module’s socket. 
  • Let the power outlet ON for smooth wireless functioning. 

Working Mechanism

A wireless switch manages its functioning depending on the included portable remote control and a power module. A deeper look at the module makes you realize that it has a power socket on one end and a plug on the other. 

So, what you have to do is to plug it into the outlet under the sink cabinet and the garbage disposal power cord into the unit’s power socket. When you press the button from the remote, the module receives the signals from the pre-installed receivers. The switch present inside the module activates and turn on the garbage disposal. upon power off button disconnects the connection.  


  • A wireless switch ensures safety even with wet hand
  • Some wireless switche brands also offers Alexa feature to control disposal unit on/off. 
  • The remote control let you control garbage disposal working from anywhere. 


  • Wireless switches are not compatible to higher horsepower garbage disposals. 

Recommended Wireless Switches for Garbage Diposal

The confusion has no place when choosing for the best wireless switch for garbage disposal operation. In this regard, the three best recommended ones are:

  1. Didkit Wireless Switch Kit includes four buttons, two for garbage disposal on/off or other two for determining disposal running time. 
  2. Cleesink Self-Powered Wireless Switch comes with only one power ON/OFF button.
  3. GoSund Smart Switches to control garbage disposal functioning via Alexa.

Toe Kick Garbage Disposal Switch

Continuous feed type garbage disposal undoubtedly accepts variety of switching options. Similarly, such is a Toe Kick switch options which is installed at the toe kick of the countertop to run the garbage disposal. The hidden switch is convenient in ways you find in installation or working mechanism section. 

Toe Kick Switch

How to Install a Toe Kick Garbage Dispsoal Switch

You must be happy knowing that toe kick switch is easier to install than an air switch button. Even then it is tedious to some extent. A switch includes a toe kick switch and a module. 

  • Start by drilling the hole on the toe kick’s upper side.
  • Plug the power module to the pre-existing outlet.
  • Allow the wire pass from the hole and then connect to the toe kick’s switch
  • Turn on the power supply from the outlet
  • Check the switch functionality by running the garbage disposal. 
  • If it works fine, screw the toe kick switch to the countertop’s toe kick. 

Pro Tip: the hole must be enough so that the wire pass through it to be later connected to the switch or power socket nearby disposal unit. 

Working Mechansim

Since you are better acquainted with the hand operated switch, knowing how foot operated switch works is interesting. The retractive switch let you press it by toe and run the machine by activating the power module for food disposal. Likewise, you can uplift the foot to stop the garbage disposal from the electrical supply. 


  • It does not seem as a separate identity and hidden in most scenarios
  • The toe kick switch reduce the chances of electric shock, unless you avoid pressing it with dripping-water feet. 
  • You can immediately stop the machine if it gets blocked by something


  • The toe kick switch needs you to stay at one place for required food grinding. 
  • It may take time to get habitual to the switch’s working.

Garbage Disposal Wall Switch

The garbage disposal wall switch options turn your face to the older times when flipping the switch turns on the machine. What makes it considerable is the long-lasting garbage disposal running with the power socket and switch. 

 Wall Switch

How to Install a Wall Switch?

Since wall switch involves direct electrical connections, you must hire a trustworthy electrician to do the task for you and handover only one or to steps in order to turn on the garbage disposal. 

Working Mechanism

The traditional wall switch works based on the power socket under the kitchen sink and the switch is anywhere specifically on the countertop. The plug-in disposer power cord goes to the socket. As you switch on the power, it starts garbage disposal automatically. 


  • The wall switch is more reliable options for garbage disposal than wireless or air switches
  • It includes no batteries, just a power socket or switch. 


  • The risk of electrocution is always there with wall switches.

Is a garbage disposal air switch better than a wall switch?

Comparing the air switch to the wall switch confirms that the former is more convenient to use and reduces the risk of electric shocks. At the same time, a wall switch is considered reliable to deal with the various malfunctions that air switch creates. 

What voltage is a garbage disposal switch?

You must make your mind to prepare the outlet of 120 volts or 20 amperes circuit breaker to install the garbage disposal. 

Does garbage disposal need its own circuit?

Not really, you can share the garbage disposal and dishwasher within a same circuit unless there are no frequent tripping. Even then, a dedicated circuit is appreciated to run the device without error.

Summing Up

It is evident that garbage disposal need switch for its functionality. How about paying attention to the innovative switch ideas to save time during food disposal? The article is the clear demonstration of the four popular switch options you can install with your garbage disposal to reduce the accidents and promote effortless food grinding. However, the choice must be limited to only continuous feed garbage disposal because batch feed complements well when you hard-wire it.