How to Dispose of Lighters? Methods Explained

Lighting the birthday cake candles with lighters seems convenient. Right? Then you must be aware of what to do with them after they do the purpose. If you think throwing them in the trash bin, listen to my advice on How to Dispose of Lighters and decide for yourself. 

The method of disposing of lighters is categorized depending on how far it contains fluid. If it is empty, you can go for the quickest way of throwing it in the trash. On the other hand, the conformity of the liquid in its fuel tank restricts you to do so. In that case, contact the hazardous waste management for the disposal in the correct ways. 

The article sheds light on the different techniques you can adopt to dispose of lighters. No matter whether it is empty or contains content, the ways are many to rely on without harming the environment.

How to Dispose of Lighters with Fluid?

The idea of disposing of lighters makes you assured to throw them in the trash cans. But they have a back story that you need to understand. If you look at the gadget containing fuel or liquid, you must follow other ways to say goodbye. 

Keep it Safe

What if you do not find the lighter usage around? You can safely store it for future use. Mostly lighters run out quickly but not before 12 months. So, you have the chance to keep it in the drawer to ensure that the lighter liquid does not evaporate in the period. 

lighter Keep it Safe.

Bury the Lighter

Remove the chances of lighter burning the surroundings by placing it in a bucket full of sand, gravel, rocks, and similar non-flammable products. Let the lighter rest for up to two weeks so that it eliminates leftover fluid adequately. 

Bury the Lighter

Soak in Water

The hassle-free method by which you can get rid of the fluid-filled lighter is to place it in the glass jar filled with water, followed by some drops of ammonia. The next step is to place the jar in the freezer bag with tight sealing. 

The absorbed ammonia in water will dissolve the material inside the lighter when you remove the bag after 24 hours.

Handover to the Art Students

The partially filled lighter contains enough fuel to be used by art students or project makers. You can make arrangements to give the lighter to them and assure only they know how to use fluid in the best possible ways. 

Handover to the Art Students How to Dispose of Lighters?

Contact Hazardous Waste Management

Lighters demand adequate disposal techniques whether you accept it or not. Not only the plastic casing but the butane gas or flammable contents they contain pose harmful impacts on the environment. 

How to Dispose of a Full Lighter? What you can do your best is to contact hazardous waste management and allow them to carry your used or filled lighters. In this way, you are emancipated from throwing this hazardous waste irresponsibly. For more information read our guide how to dispose of hazardous waste.

How to Dispose of Lighters? Contact Hazardous Waste Management

How to Dispose of Lighters Safely? 

You must hear all lighter users say that it is not bad to put lighters in trash cans, and it makes sense too. Even then, do not run behind the half-truth and investigate in what circumstances you are allowed to do so. 

Revise the Local Waste Management Policies

Many areas make the policy of throwing the lighters out illegal, while the opposite is also seen. You can do your best to phone your local waste management and ask them for the rules and regulations because only this way you can dispose of lighters safely into the garbage. 

Even then, avoid dumping the lighters into the drains, for they prove destructive for water bodies, sewers, and septic systems. 

Empty the Lighters

Do you fidget with your almost-empty lighter that still contains fluid? If yes, learn ways to empty it to the endpoint and safely toss it in the bin. 

  • Walk out in the open area away from the flammable materials
  • Turn on you’re lighter by holding it in an upright position
  • Let the fuel burn for a few seconds
  • Wait for a few minutes until the lighter emptied

Throw in the Trash Cans

Where do you throw empty lighters? It does not bother you to throw the empty lighter into the trash. But if you intentionally vent all the liquid content out of the fuel chamber, wait for a while to let it cool down. Then you can pick it up with your hands and step forward for disposing of it in the bin outside your home. 

How to Dispose of Lighters? Throw in the Trash Cans

Can you Recycle Lighters?

The unfortunate thing about the lighters is that you cannot recycle them. The reasons are the manufacturing material, such as plastic, butane, and metal that are considered hazardous waste. So, the idea of putting them in recycling bins is futile. 

Furthermore, many recycling centers do not accept lighters, especially disposable ones. The material does not separate during the process and is harmful to others that come in contact with them. However, the least you can do is to ask the local recycling centers if they want them or not.

Can you Recycle Lighters


How Do You Know if a Lighter is Empty?

Empty lighter leaves a difference to notice compared to fueled ones. You can estimate the former has a flame in an on-and-off manner opposite to the consistent flame. But it can be the 

possibility that the tank has air accumulating inside rather than being empty. 

Are Lighters Biodegradable?

Most disposable lighters are manufactured from plastic and are non-biodegradable. You can use match sticks that are produced from wood and are biodegradable. 

Summing Up

Many disposal techniques regarding lighters stock in your mind but the only way you can safely dispose of them is in the garbage bins. How you can throw them and follow what pathways are all you can gather from this guideline.