Salvajor Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting – Complete Solution Guide

I learned basic troubleshooting even before getting my Salvajor 200 garbage disposal installed in my serving kitchen. The reason is that commercial garbage disposals impose greater responsibility to take care of the appliance otherwise these break down without informing. Having experience in the field, I can easily identify the problem and give the solution according to it. If you find difficulty in making your Salvajor model healthy and workable, read my guide that explains Salvajor Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting.

The troubleshooting article is a combination of the introduction of the Salvajor disposal common problems and the technique for solving them. The list primarily includes issues related to no power, jammed garbage disposal, or motor overload tripping. In addition, there are some instructions you must follow while trying to retrieve it. 

Salvajor Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting And Solutions

No matter whether garbage disposal is installed to be utilized for domestic purposes or commercial purposes, it cannot stay longer from repairs. Not every time you rush to call the technician and ask for immediate help. Why not learn the basic know-how about the appliance’s mechanics to save you time and money on minor troubleshooting?

Caution: The first thing comes first, that is you must turn off the power supply going from the main outlet to the garbage disposal while troubleshooting or servicing it. Doing so will save you from sudden injuries in case the machine catches power from any electrical source. 

1. Disposer Not Turning On

Imagine that weird or unknown reaction on your face when flipping the switch does not turn on the machine. What do you do? Firstly, it’s not a condition to panic as you can easily manage the situation yourself. You have two options to check how far the damage happens. 

  • The disposer does not start nor does water flows
  • Dispoer does not start but water flows down the drain

As the problems are different, and so do the solutions. For the first problem, the best you can do is to check the parts that are involved in establishing the current, such as the control switch, fuse, and circuit breaker. 

On the other hand, you find that the machine does not turn on but the water flows as it was before. In this regard, the simple solution is resetting the disposal unit. Allow time for the machine to cool down for 3-5 minutes and press the reset button located below the body. 

Note: Give a firm push to the reset button because Salvajor garbage disposals start only this way, instead of pressing it with an object. 

2. Jammed Garbage Disposal

You find your garbage disposal denies food grinding and stops mid-way. There is a higher chance that something gets stuck inside the grinding chamber that clogs the disposal unit. You must not worry as you can easily free the unit using the Salvajor DE jamming tool.

  • Cut off the power supply from the main outlet
  • Insert the dejamming tool through the sink opening and place it in the center of the bars on the top of the revolving motor.
  • Start twisting the dejamming tool in either direction to release the jam
  • You can do the same step until the rotor turns freely. 
  • Remove all stuck particles that cause blockages and let the disposer cool down for 3-5 minutes. 
  • Press the reset button to reset the motor’s overload protector. 
  • If the machine does not start, you can call a technician to do the job or otherwise replace the disposal unit. 

3. Motor Overload Trips

The garbage disposal’s motor is a crucial component in making the machine alive and workable. You have no other option than to replace the unit if it backs off. So, if you find the enclosed water-cooled motor tripping frequently. It is due to overloading or using hot water. 

The first step towards making the machine workable again is to avoid overloading it. Only then you can be able to free the motor from taking load and making extra efforts to manage the food waste. 

The second technique is to stop using hot water and allow cold water to flush down the grinding chamber. Cold water has many benefits while using it with garbage disposal. It acts as a sliding agent in transferring the pulverized food from the chamber to the main pipeline. Also, it serves as a cooling agent for the motor and restricts sudden overheating. 

Salvajor Garbage Disposal Safety Instructions 

Salvajor Garbage Disposal Safety Instructions 
  • You must read all the instructions before utilizing the disposal unit. 
  • Always keep your hands away when it runs.
  • Place a safety baffle over the garbage disposals throat for efficient food grinding. 
  • Turn off the control panel by pushing the STOP button and shut off the power whenever you plan to clear a clog. 
  • Always run cold water in the grinding chamber.
  • Avoid putting things that Salvajor garbage disposals do not accept, such as non-food items, detergents, or cleaners. 

Summing Up

Utilizing Salvajor garbage disposal is as necessary as keeping it safe and sound. This can only be possible when you step into the field of the problems and strive to find the correct solutions. My guide about Salvajor disposal troubleshooting is a piece of information for those who intend to take minor issues as a DIY project and save money and time to deal with big issues. Also, the safety tips are in your hands to get a grip on them and implement them to obtain guaranteed results.