GXP33C Garbage Disposal Review & Guide

Light cooking does not mean that it does not require a quick cleanup. Instead, it must have one such device that does the task at a fast pace and lets you free from the hectic kitchen duty. If you think the same as me and are looking for a disposal accordingly, I suggest you look nowhere other than GXP33C Garbage Disposal and I have reviewed it for you all.

Gxp33c is the product of the GX PRO lite series and belongs to the Moen family. It includes 1/3 hp horsepower combined with a permanent magnet motor. Another thing is galvanized steel material that keeps the disposal unit free from corrosion for many years and makes the appliance work for a long time. However, the sound insulation is not appreciating but the septic compatibility lets you think for the disposer at once. 

The article is my personal Moen gxp33c Review while analyzing the specifications, extra features, and whatnot. In addition, why you must buy garbage disposal or why not is mentioned to make your confirmed choice. 

Moen gxp33c Garbage Disposal Review

The GXP33C disposal is not without its rivalries due to its incredible performance in kitchen waste management. So, why not read the review that is all about discussing how a low-powered ⅓ hp garbage disposal earns its reputation while competing well with the InSinkErator or Waste King models? 


  • Feed Type: Continuous feed type
  • Grinding Chamber Material: corrosion-proof polymer
  • Construction Material: Galvanized steel 
  • Motor: Vortex Permanent Magnet
  • Horsepower: 1/3 HP
  • Speed: 1900 RPM
  • Mounting Assembly: 3-bolt Universal XPress Mount
  • Weight: 9.41 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Power Cord: 34 inches pre-installed cord
Moen GXP33C Lite Series PRO 1/3 HP Compact Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Design/Dimensions: Compact Size

Being a member of Moen’s starting series, the manufacturing does not go ignored nor it is over the board. The industrial design looks like a capsule-type design with a mounting assembly on the top and an attached power cord on the bottom. However, the front-facing reset button on the opposite side of the power cord uplifts the garbage disposal’s lookbook. 

When discussing the perfect fit for an under-kitchen cabinet, the appropriate dimensions say it all. GXP33C is 13 inches in height and 6.34 in width. Also, the shiny black hues with a little bit of chrome touch make it nothing less than others of the same category, such as Badger 5 and Waste King L-1001.

Feed Type: Continuous Feed

Garbage disposal has mainly two feed-type designs. But what design gxp33c includes is interesting to proceed further in the direction of the review. Instead of approaching a batch feed, under observation appliance follows the path of a continuous feed. 

By exhibiting continuous feed design, gxp33c is not less in accepting the food waste inside the slim-sized grinding chamber giving it a fine churn. Remember, you only flip the switch to turn on the garbage disposal, the rest it handles alone. That is food grinding, food transporting to the sewers, and remaining in active position as long as the power supply is continuous. 

Grinding Power: 1/3 HP along with 1900 RPM

Understanding the extent to which the gxp33c is powerful enough to handle waste relies on the grinding power. It includes calculating horsepower to decide for how long you run the machine and at what time interval. 

Moen gxp33c disposal incorporates low-powered 1/3 hp and conveys the notification of running it for only two people or a small amount of food waste. But the combination of 1900 RPM makes the appliance quick enough to not let the food be kept aside and swallow food items belonging to the light category. 

What Can You Put in gxp33c Garbage Disposal?

You must know that higher-horsepower garbage disposals are capable of grinding somewhat tougher food waste. In this regard, understanding what can go inside the grinding chamber of the lowest horsepower disposal unit is a little bit tricky. You must not worry as there are edibles that I mentioned below that can go in the GXP33C without harming it. 

  • Fruit skins and not tough rinds
  • Cereal
  • Soft foods
  • Fresh juices
  • Vegetable peels, except onion or potato
  • Green salad
  • Kids’ food

What Cannot You Put in gxp33c Garbage Disposal?

Since the things that can go inside the GXP33C are comparatively less. So, estimating the prohibited ones becomes easy. There is a variety of food waste to which garbage disposal fails to grind with ⅓ hp horsepower. 

  • Chicken or meat bones
  • Fibrous/stringy food
  • Fat, oil, or grease
  • Non-food items, towels, napkins, etc
  • Hard-to-cut edibles
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds

Build Quality: Galvanized Steel Construction

Moen is always special in fascinating users by offering different construction materials for the entire grinding system. For example, you find the grinding chamber material different from the grinding components and the like. 

Typically, the garbage disposal is crafted from galvanized steel material. It includes grinding components, such as impellers, lugs, or swivels. But the grinding chamber is of corrosion-proof polymer that aims to let rust away and serve as the protective agent until the disposal unit reaches its expiry date. However, what is missing is the stainless steel that provides a guarantee against corrosion buildup and garbage disposal breakdown. 

What Accessories GXP33C Comes With?

Moen gxp33c includes some of the important companions without which the appliance fails to carry normal functioning. These working partners or you can say accessories contribute to handling kitchen mess making it for use again next time. Although there are many things, I only discuss the most prominent and handy ones. 

Power Cord

A power cord is considered a crucial working partner that plugs into the under-cabinet switch and helps supply current to run the appliance. The absence of the power cable makes it delayed in installing the unit until you find it separately from local stores. But Moen gxp33c is available with a pre-installed 34 inches long length power cable.

Splash Guard

Gxp33c comes with a removable splash guard which is a plus point compared to InSinkErator. It protects the food content and water from spitting out and provides ease in disposal and deep cleaning. The benefit is that you refrain from dislodging the unit while deep cleaning. 

Xpress Mounting System

The goal of the Moen gxp33c is not to put you in a difficult situation during the disposal unit’s installation. The reason is the Xpress mounting system which includes 3-bolt mounting locks. The system provides you ease in placing the unit by screwing the 3 bolts, twisting it, and locking with the sink drain. 

Warranty: In-home 5 Years

Moen GXP33C is one of the disposal models that play a fair deal when it comes to deciding warranty period. The value is not less, nor does it extend to the lifetime, but stands midway, that is 5 years. 

While other garbage disposals of the same category have fewer warranty periods, GXP33C beats all by offering extra in-home facilities along with 5 years of tenure. It means you can have the opportunity to get your garbage disposal repaired by a technician without paying extra money only if it lies under the warranty period. 


Why Should You Buy GXP33C Garbage Disposal?

There are many reasons why you should buy a gxp33c disposal. However, the primary ones that increase the sales factor fourfold are discussed below. 

  1. Compact Size

Since your requirement is simple and quick kitchen cleanup, you cannot find the best appliance other than the Moen gxp33c. The garbage disposal has a perfect compact size that you look for to fit in the tight kitchen sink area.

  1. Septic System Compatibility

Best compatible garbage disposal with septic systems is an entire day task. Matching the specifications, the well-being of the bacteria, and expecting equal performance let you walk long distances to find the best device. 

Moen gxp33c is a 1/3 hp, but it is not devoid of this feature and goes exactly your expectations when connected with the household system. Garbage disposal accepts food waste, churns it finely, and passes it down to the septic system. There solid waste segregates so that bacteria decompose it and reduce less to send to landfills. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy GXP33C Disposal?

The most important reason why you should avoid buying the Moen gxp33c is due to no feature for sound reduction. It is as distracting as any standard horsepower garbage disposal can be. When looking from another perspective, the small-sized motor generates less noise compared to the big-sized garbage disposal compensating for the overall noise insulation. 

Summing Up