Can You Have a Garbage Disposal with Septic Tank? Comprehensive Guide

Do garbage disposal and septic tank work in the union if I install them together was a question that lingered in my mind for a couple of months. After receiving a big NO from everyone around me, I started to research and found out why not Can You Have a Garbage Disposal with a Tank.

Installing and using a disposal with a septic tank is not prohibited, but it is not as simple as you think it is. There required a lot of preventive measures, for it contributes to the amount of waste going down the drains and septic tank.

The article covers all the answers regarding garbage disposal and tank working together, precautions when you have them on, and the reasons why you discard one in the presence of another. In addition, the working of both systems is described to let you understand better.

Can You Have a Garbage Disposal with an Aerobic Septic System?

What thought makes you visualize a disposal and a septic tank in the union? While you may answer that both reduce the waste from going down into landfills. Despite having a logical answer, you just need to know how disposal and septic tank work.

A garbage disposal works on the food grinding and converting them to finer chunks. On the other hand, a septic system receives the waste from all the drains including the disposal unit, and separates solid waste and wastewater forming two layers.

Then the bacteria are present to decompose the solid particles reducing the bottom layer of sludge before releasing it to the drain fields. So, the answer is yes, a garbage disposal can be the partner of the aerobic septic system but with an entire list of precautions. If you act upon these, your septic tank and disposal will live longer.

Can You Have a Garbage Disposal with an Aerobic Septic System

Is a Garbage Disposal ok with Septic Tank?

You may find the co-working of disposal and septic tank a challenge. It is indeed not.

Pro Tip: Since you already have know-how about the food waste that garbage disposal handles and cannot handle, apply it to the tank too.

What Can You Put Down a Disposal with a Septic Tank?

You must entitle the first precaution while keeping in mind how the septic system works. Since it contains bacteria to decompose waste, you must put biodegradable waste. Also, consider soft food, such as tomatoes and oranges.

Moreover, your garbage disposal knows how to deal with non-dairy liquids, fruit flesh, and non-fibrous vegetable peels. So, feel free to dispose of them in a super convenient way.

Best Garbage Disposal for Septic Tank

There are many garbage disposal brands available on the market. InSinkErator Evolution Series garbage disposal is one of the best disposals for spectic tanks. Other options for septic tanks include the Waste King L-8000, Moen GX50C GX Series, and InSinkErator Badger 5.

What Not to Put in Garbage Disposal with Septic Tank?

The list of foods not to put in a garbage disposal is pretty long minus the misconception that it is a garbage can. What you should avoid lies in the category of fibrous vegetables, water-expandable food, coffee grounds, eggshells, and hard-to-cut food, such as nuts and seeds.

What Not to Put in Garbage Disposal with Septic Tank?

The collection of food and non-food waste does not get along with the garbage disposal. Also, if a septic system is linked with it, you may face increased trouble.

Why Can’t You Have a Disposal with a Septic Tank?

There are many reasons why you can’t have a disposal with a septic tank.

Reduces Efficiency

Garbage disposal delivers the ground food particles to the tank where it is separated in layers. The topmost is of water while the solid resides in the bottom layer. The cycle of decomposing and reducing the scum layer continues.

However, the problem starts when you use garbage disposal frequently. The result is more solid waste down the septic and questioning the performance of the septic system.

Increased Expense

The better your concern about the longevity of the septic tank increases its life span. The only you can overcome the extra scum layers is by septic pumping. Generally, you can do the task after five years. But the increased garbage disposal use shifts the period to the early stages and increase the expenditure.

Are garbage disposal cleaners safe for septic systems?

Garbage disposal cleaners are safe for septic systems until you use natural products, such as baking soda, ice cubes, and biodegradable dish soap as compared to disposal cleaning pods.

How often should a septic tank be pumped?

A normal functioning septic system needs pumping after three to five years. However, you may need it early depending on how rise is the sludge layer.

How long do septic tanks last?

If you combine garbage disposal with septic tanks, follow the set of rules to maintain the recommended lifespan. Otherwise, the septic tank goes a long way having an average of 15-40 years of service.

Summing Up