Garbage Disposal Switch Not Working | Troubleshooting

Preparing my dishes to clean in the kitchen sink and realized that my garbage disposal switch was not working. I called a technician without panicking and received an explanation of how to resolve the problem. If you want to know why Disposal Switch is Not Working, read the article.

Many possibilities explain the disposal switch not working issues. It can be anything from the unplugged switch, overheating, blown-out circuit breaker, or faulty wirings and switch. You must identify each and find the best solution for replacing the desired parts.

Your priority is to restore the garbage disposal to wash away the leftover food from the dishes. So, gear up to find out how to fix the garbage disposal switch related problems.

Garbage Disposal Switch Not Working | Reasons

Garbage disposal is an essential kitchen appliance that lets you perform chores in minutes by connecting the device and the power supply. The problem arises when it denies your command and refuses to turn on. Hence, finding the reasons is essential to correct them immediately.

Garbage Disposal Switch Not Working

Electrical Problems

You do not operate the machine unless it is unplugged from the power supply. The connection requires electrical wiring, a circuit breaker, or energy to run the motor. When you find the garbage disposal switch is unplugged, it will not work.

Loose Connection

Most garbage disposals are installed under the kitchen sink- the home of many cleaners and household products. Look for the connection between the garbage disposal switch and the outlet; how does it work if it is loosely inserted into the socket?

Blown Out Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker plays an important part in maintaining the correct voltages required for your machines. Disposals and refrigerators work on this principle; breakers protect them by tripping or shutting off the power supply.

When you start overloading it while connecting multiple appliances, the fuse blows out, trips, and renders the machine to function.

Faulty Wiring

You must wonder why the switch does not work when you tightly insert the switch into the socket. While gathering scattered plots in your mind, remember that the wirings used to flow current through devices may become faulty.

Defective Switch

Don’t bombard the electrical faults; check for the other components at fault. When you use a faulty switch to turn the disposal on, it will not rotate the motor. Moreover, you may assume the switch is burnt due to overusing.

Pop Out Reset Button

Don’t underestimate the garbage disposal, as its reset button solves many problems. The reset button below the disposal shuts the device off when a clog forms or the motor overheats. If you try turning the switch on, check the reset button to see if it is in a stay-in position.

How Do You Reset a Garbage Disposal Switch?

Fixing the garbage disposal switch problem is a few minutes unless you are sure about the healthy disposal. If the switch alone is not working, troubleshoot the problems. Otherwise, replace the disposal with the latest model.

Check the Power Supply

The main purpose is to restore the power connection between the garbage disposal and electricity. Get your disposal switch in your hands and tightly insert it into the outlet while avoiding interfering with things.

Restore the Circuit Breaker

You must delete items that halt the way your garbage disposal is turning. The simple means is to connect minimum appliances over the single circuit to diminish the chances of circuit tripping. Also, call the technician and get the burnt wires replaced.

Press Reset Button

So, you are ensured that the garbage disposal is feeding with electrical energy. The next step is to press the reset button residing below the disposal. As you know, the pop-out reset button has nothing to do with fixing the issue. So, ensure it is not pop out when pressed for a few seconds.

Press Garbage Disposal Reset Button

Tidbits: overloading lead to overheating, causing the reset button to extend out and shut the device off.

What Causes Garbage Disposal to Trip?

Garbage disposal trips due to many reasons. The primary ones are clogging, overloading, or overheating. The disposal’s reset button consists of a protective feature and shuts the system off by tripping.

Which Breaker is for Garbage Disposal?

You must want to protect the garbage disposal from overheating. So, set the garbage disposal to 120 volts and 20 amperes circuit breaker to rotate the motor and grind the food particles.

Summing Up

Many factors contribute to garbage disposal in its proper working. You must be conscious of the condition of the wall switch, reset button, and other components. In this article, I have mentioned the fixes to the initial problems of why your garbage switch is not working. You can find solutions by replacing the components with the assistance of an electrician.