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Do you feel the risk of electrocuting whenever you point your hands toward the garbage disposal wall-mounted switch for its operation? If yes, discard the old traditional ways of controlling the disposal unit power and bring home an air switch that tirelessly does the job for you. If you have any doubts regarding any goodness from air switch, why don’t you read my article on Garbage Disposal Air Switch vs. Regular Switch that I formulated only after experiencing the working personally? 

In this article, I will mention some of the primary differences between two basic used garbage disposal switches. In addition, you must get acquainted with the pros and cons, and the working mechanics to make an informed decision. 

Garbage Disposal Air Switch vs. Regular Switch 

Apart from the primary difference, which is a change in functionality, there are certain factors that make them apart. From installation to providing safety to maintenance, these are different, and you must strive to know. 

1. Functionality

The first and foremost difference between an air switch and a regular switch is how both switches work. 

How does air switch for garbage disposal work? An air switch operates by pressing the countertop button and sending a burst of air pressure through an air tubing to activate the disposal unit. You also hear an audible click sound as a confirmation of the machine’s action. Since, there is no direct electrical connection from the main outlet to the disposal, thus decreasing the risk of electrical shock in wet environments.

On the other hand, a regular switch or you can call it a wall-mounted is considered a standard choice. However, the functionality involves the direct control of the electrical flow to the garbage disposal. You place the power socket under the kitchen sink and the switch anywhere, specifically on the countertop. You plug the power cord into the socket, flip the switch, and turn on the appliance. 

2. Installation

Installing an air switch is a simple yet technical task, but you can carry it out as a do-it-yourself project. Typically, it involves putting your effort into joining tubing from the countertop underneath and drilling a hole. Overall, a straightforward process waiting for your attention. 

How to Install a Garbage Disposal Air Switch?

How to Install a Garbage Disposal Air Switch?

A regular switch installation takes a considerable time compared to an air switch. It lets you invite an expert so that the connection between a power socket and switch makes the garbage disposal a long run. 

How to install a garbage disposal regular switch?

A regular switch is easier to install because it can be integrated into existing electrical systems but requires professional assistance. From proper wiring to electrical connections, everything counts when installing it. 

3. Aesthetics

The garbage disposal air switch includes an elegant button to increase accessibility. The benefit lies in the point that you can go with the customization option to make it match the kitchen’s interior. Indeed, it seems appealing to the eyes, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

On the contrary, a regular switch lets you go in the older times when you flip the switch only to run the machine. The switch in aesthetics is as regular as its name indicates. Hence, you can compensate for the installation by integrating it into an electrical panel. 

4. Safety

Do garbage disposal air switches do any good in operating compared to regular switches? Find the answer yourself. 

An air switch is considered safer in the kitchen because there are no electrical wirings involved in its installation and working. It not only mitigates the risk of water-related accidents but also provides extra protection against electrical shocks. Also, the innovative switch provides you foolproof security in operating the disposal unit irrespective of the fact your hands are bare or wet. 

On the other hand, a regular switch is always a risk to run the garbage disposal because it can invite a safety hazard anytime if encounters wetness or any wiring issues. As you know, water and electrical circuitry are a deadly combination, hence using a garbage disposal regular switch in proximity to the sink can increase the risk of accidents. 

5. Maintenance

When you discuss the maintenance required to protect the switches so that they ensure effortless appliances running, know which one is easy to handle over the other. 

An air switch demands close to zero maintenance as it is not prone to malfunction in many cases. The reasons you may know well, no involvement of direct electrical connections. Hence, there are situations when you need to replace air tubing which you can do within minutes. 

On the other hand, a regular switch demands your great efforts to avoid exposure to moisture. In this regard, you have many obligations to follow, such as keeping your hands dry, confirming no wiring issues, and avoiding using the switch prematurely. Otherwise, it leads to corrosion or other unavoidable problems. 

Air Switch for Garbage Disposal Pros and Cons


  • An air switch provides everlasting convenience and accessibility.
  • Touching/pressing the button with wet hands does not prove harmful.
  • Garbage disposal air switch often reduces the causes of electrocution.
  • An air switch is appealing to the eyes while adding an elegant touch to the countertop. 


  • You can only install the switch in the presence of an existing electrical outlet under the sink.
  • You must have the garbage disposal with a plug-in power cord, to install an air switch button.
  • Buying the air switch button separately costs you more than your budget.
Air Switch for Garbage Disposal

Wall/Regular Switch for Garbage Disposal Pros and Cons


  • A regular switch is the most reliable option than any other garbage disposal switch, be it a wireless or an air switch.
  • A regular switch utilizes no batteries and instead includes a power socket or switch. 


  • You cannot deny the risk of electrocution with garbage disposal regular switches.
Wall/Regular Switch for Garbage Disposal

Is a Garbage Disposal Air Switch Better than a Wall Switch?

Garbage Disposal Switch Options encompass four distinct choices for operating the disposal: the air switch, toe kick switch, wall switch, and wireless switch. However, when discussing the differences between an air switch and a regular switch, you will find that the former is safe to use, easy to install and maintain, and encourages one-press operation. 

On the other hand, the latter needs proper circuitry, can cause electrocution, and demands technician guidelines for maintenance. 

What Size Hole to Drill for an Air Switch?

Since the diameter of the hole varies according to the location, you must decide on the accessible location first to decide the hole size for the garbage disposal air switch. 

Typically, the hole size is in between the values from  1 ¼ inches to 1 3/4″ inches. The easiest way is to ask for help from the expert or consult expert advice from those who take it as a DIY project without any errors. 

Summing Up

Collecting the contrastive points between the Garbage Disposal Air Switch vs. Regular Switch is all you get from this guide. I hope my article fills your mind with useful information and helps you decide which garbage disposal switch to choose for activating the machine.