How to Dispose of Baking Soda? 3 Best Ways

Baking soda is a useful household item, but when it becomes ineffective, it must be disposed of properly. If you find yourself with an excess amount of baking soda, don’t worry, there are safe and eco-friendly ways to dispose of it. Learn here How to dispose of Baking Soda in the best possible way.

Baking soda is a non-toxic and odorless powder that finds its way into cleaning and cooking purposes. Despite its non-reactive nature, you must not put it randomly for it creates problems if ingested or contacted with the skin. You must throw it in a bin, hand it over to the recycling center, or add it to your soil as a fertilizer.

The article covers my opinions on how you can dispose of soda. On a safer note, the approachable tip of neutralizing soil pH with baking soda is in trend so that you invest in a better option rather than wasting the alkali.

How to Dispose of Baking Soda? 3 Best Ways

How to Dispose of Baking Soda?

The discussion of disposing of baking soda seems valid when it becomes out of use or reaches its expiry date. However, the options are many for how to get rid of baking soda. If followed correctly, it is no more a harmful irritant to the eyes or removes the feelings of vomiting.

1. Throw in Trash Bins

Your baking soda is no more helpful in absorbing grease and oils. What do you do to it? The safest option is to throw it in a bin. However, you must be conscious of the way you want it to be the part of the garbage. So, put the baking soda in the zip-lock bag to avoid a spilling mess and ensure the correct disposal in the waste facility.

Baking Soda Throw in Trash Bins

2. Use as a Fertilizer

What if you do not want to dispose of the soda in a bin, for it only reaches the last stage at landfills? As no one can deny the advantages of sodium bicarbonate crushed powder, why not use them for flourishing soil?

Apart from serving as the best substitute for synthetic fertilizer, baking soda contains phosphorus that does wonders for plant growth. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your sachet of baking soda and make your decision of sprinkling it into the pot experiencing stunt growth.

Baking Soda Use as a Fertilizer

3. Send to Recycle Center

Do you intend to dispose of soda or don’t know whether it is expired or lose its absorbing power? The safest solution is to pack in an air-tight bag and send it to the recycling center. Doing so will make you satisfy the recycling process safely and effectively without throwing all the amount of powder in landfills.

 Recycle Center to dispose baking soda

Clean Garbage Disposal with Baking Soda

Instead of just throwing baking soda in the bins, you can use it as a cleaning agent for your Garbage Disposal. Just get 1/2 cup of baking soda and put it in the garbage disposal with half cup of vinegar. It will act as a cleaning agent and will remove the foul odor and will make your disposal like a brand new.

Is Baking Soda Good for Compost?

Baking soda contains a high amount of sodium and every tablespoon in the organic pile is enough to kill creatures that decompose compost ingredients into soil-rich nutrients. As microbes are the true means of carrying out the pile for years, adding baking soda is not good for composting.

However, another way you use baking soda is to add it to the compost only if it starts stinking. You must sprinkle a little amount of baking soda into it ensuring that the smell does not stay and make compost as fresh and organic as it was before.

What Happens When You Pour Baking Soda into the Soil?

Apart from the disadvantage of baking soda for composting, you are not prohibited to look for the wonders it does to your soil. The uses for Old Baking Soda in the Garden highlight its significance and provoke you to use it in every possible way you can after serving in cooking.

The all-rounder soda is suitable for almost every type of soil and helpful in restricting fungal growth. It acts as a pesticide and eliminates the problems of ants and bugs while maintaining the natural process to let plants grow.

In addition, baking soda assesses the pH level of the soil and works to reduce it. As a result, you get less acidic and more sweet fruits and vegetables. All you have to do is to add a single teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of water to neutralize the pH of the soil.

What Happens When You Pour Baking Soda into the Soil

Does Baking Soda Expire For Cleaning?

Baking soda can never be expired for cleaning. Whether you find baking soda out of reach for other purposes, it can never be expired for cleaning. You can freely clean the stainless steel and cooking dishes while considering the correct proportion of baking soda in water. Baking soda also can use for garbage disposal cleaning.

What to do with Baking Soda in Fridge?

Baking soda if kept in a fridge absorbs the odor of whatever sitting in it. You just have to turn the baking soda upside down and change it after every two months to preserve the edibles and make them stink-free.

Can We Put Dishwasher Pods with Baking Soda into Garbage Disposal?

It’s generally not advisable to put dishwasher pods into a garbage disposal, as dishwasher pods are designed for use in dishwashers and may contain ingredients that are not suitable for the specific conditions in a garbage disposal. Mixing them with baking soda in the garbage disposal could result in less effective cleaning and potential issues.

If you want to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal, it’s safer to use baking soda alone. Pouring about half a cup of baking soda down the disposal, followed by a stream of vinegar, can help clean and freshen it. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, and then flush it with hot water.

Summing Up

Baking soda becomes useless after six months of opening the packet and necessary to dispose of it in the right manner. What you have to do is to put it in a sealed bag and throw it in a bin. Otherwise, use it as a pesticide for soil or deliver it to the recycling center.