Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Jammed | Quick Solutions

Do you encounter situations when disposing of food scrap in the garbage disposal has become the world’s toughest job? Every time you turn on the machine, it hums and does not perform its duty. The first thought of it becomes jammed, but troubleshooting unveils it’s not. What to do to resolve Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Jammed issue?

The main causes of humming garbage disposal are stuck impeller plates and ceased motor bearings. However, pressing the reset button after rotating the plates manually when nothing jammed the disposal is a quick option.

In this article, I will mention the common problems that lead your garbage disposal to hum. Additionally, if you want to fix the problem to protect the disposal from further damage, hook to the end.

Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Jammed | Reasons

If you notice your garbage disposal humming, assure yourself it is not the time to replace it. The main factor includes receiving the power supply from the power panel, and chances are that various internal components cause humming, such as stuck impeller plates or ceased motor bearings.

Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Jammed  Reasons


Fly back to the time when you geared up unjamming the garbage disposal. How? By running it many times. Whether you succeed in turning the machine, the motor overheats due to the continuous machine running and humming sound generate.

When you realize the machine does not function properly, turn it off. The chances of overheating or damaging other parts minimize, and so does the humming.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

A garbage disposal ensures food grinding to the last edge and has a safety circuitry system. Similarly, when the GFI (ground fault circuit) is tripped, it fails to deliver enough current to the disposal. As a result, it begins humming out of nowhere.

Stuck Impeller Plates

What do you mean by stuck impeller plates when you ensure nothing is in the garbage disposal that jammed its components? However, proceed by shining the torchlight, and you will notice the grease linings around these impeller plates. Also, dirt from the outside accumulates and restricts these plates from functioning properly.

Damaged Motor Bearings

Do you think how garbage disposal operates? Motor bearings are the backbone of the garbage disposal motor. Without it, the motor faces damages beyond repair. However, the motor-related problems link to the current supply and create a situation where the garbage disposal is humming, but the flywheel is not stuck.

The motor runs even if it does not feed with the right amount of amperes, increasing the chance of damaging bearings.

Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Jammed | Solutions.

You do not need to call a technician as long as it is confirmed there is nothing stuck inside the disposal. How do I fix a garbage disposal that just hums?

Manual Rotation

Since you ruled out the innate problem of the garbage disposal, which is jamming, it’s time for further troubleshooting. So, recall the method in which you manually rotate the plate. Also, cut off the power supply by flipping the switch and wear gloves, for you do not want to get your hands injured.

  1. Grab an Allen wrench and position it on the bolt’s head
  2. Turn it in either direction and while applying some force
  3. Try rotating the grinding plate manually.
  4. You can remove loosely attached debris using pliers
  5. Test the garbage disposal by turning it on.
  6. If the problem prevails, repeat the above steps.

When you notice the machine no longer hum, let it rest and run hot water down the drains. Flushing water will release the obstructions, and your machine will start functioning as before.

What if you lack an Allen wrench? Don’t worry; a household tool like a broomstick will serve the purpose. The only difference is that you must insert the end of the object inside the disposal chamber and push the plate to dislodge it from its place.

Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Jammed Solutions.

Garbage Disposal Humming but Not Working

Do you want to know why your garbage disposal hums but not works normally? Look for the clogs beyond the disposal. Sometimes, there are situations when you satisfy running the excess water down the drains for food grinding, but it is your sink clog that won’t let the water pass.

However, tackling the issue is no longer a mystery, as a plunger and dish soap will effectively clean the sink and ensure the garbage disposal stops humming. You must fill half the sink with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap.

Position the plunger to cover the mouth of the drain and plunge it down the drains in 4-5 rounds. If you see water draining down the sink, turn on the disposal and check if it is operating correctly. You have cleared the clog if you do not listen to humming.

A garbage disposal humming but not working. Here are the main points to consider:

A garbage disposal humming but not working

Reset Button

The reset button works wonders in the garbage disposal, humming nothing stuck and helping it to retrieve to its previous condition. You noticed the garbage disposal has nothing jammed inside the drain or plates. I advise you to press an overload protector before calling a technician.

  1. Flip the garbage disposals switch and cut it from the main power supply.
  2. Allow the machine to cool down for 2-5 minutes.
  3. Look for the red protruding button residing below the disposal; press it
  4. Turn on the garbage disposal and confirm whether it hums
  5. You can call the technician if the problem is still there.

Pro Tip: you must inspect the reset button to not is worn out. If it is, replace the entire unit instead of pressing it.

Garbage Disposal Reset Button

Why does my garbage disposal motor run but the blades won’t turn?

Garbage disposal depends on all the components to grind the food properly. However, if you notice the motor runs and the blades do not turn, understand that some foreign object has intruded and caused the blockage. Stop running the motor, for it may overheat or burn.

What Direction Do Garbage Disposals Spin And Why?

Most garbage disposals spin to the left. This helps them crush food and stop blockages. The leftward spin pushes food against the grinder, making it smaller and easier to go through the pipes. Knowing this helps your disposal work well and avoid clogs. Find out more in our guide: “What Direction Do Garbage Disposals Spin and Why, clockwise or counterclockwise?”

Why is my disposal not hitting?

Find the reasons why your disposal is not hitting. Start by checking the power cord attached to the machine, then look for any clogging. If the situation does not turn in your favor, double-check the condition of the garbage disposal by pressing the button. Lastly, replace it with a newer one to resolve the issue.

Bottom Line