Garbage Disposal Humming – Reasons and Quick Fixes

Finding the solution to garbage disposal humming in the instruction’s manual? Getting all the things done, but nothing works? Learn the tricks of How I fix the disposal humming using the handy kitchen tools. 

If you think the cause of garbage disposal follows any logic, it is not. The primary ones are simple and self-highlighting without even noticing. The primary ones are jammed or obstructed blades and overheated disposal motors. However, the fixes lie in your hands while using household tools or calling a professional. 

In this article, I will mention the common reasons for disposal humming. Once you determine what causes the disposal damage, it will be easy to keep a check on them to avoid inconvenience. Also, taking quick action in implementing the proper technique for a particular problem.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Humming? Reasons

Disposal humming is not a situation to leave unattended. It can cause your unit to meet damage beyond repair. The humming or buzzing sound may be the first step in deteriorating how long do garbage disposals last. However, you must find the reasons hidden behind the curtain and prove detrimental.

Jammed Blades

Garbage disposal is crafted from blades, impeller plates, and a motor. When plugged into the power supply, the motor helps these plates to rotate or spin. The problem arises when you dump the fruit peel or kitchen debris, such as bone items, inside the drain. 

Garbage Disposal Jammed Blades

In addition, the unwanted particles get obstructed and jammed in the drain. When you turn the motor on, the blades do not rotate due to a deterrent and cause humming.

Physical Obstruction

You must understand that your garbage disposal is not an intelligent device to cut everything into pieces. So, you must look after the things you keep throwing in it. Also, the blades are not sharp cutters to dissolve everything without trouble. 

Garbage Disposal Humming –Physical Obstruction

The motor is physically obstructed by the kid’s toy or kitchen cutlery, such as the dining fork, and mitigates the performance of the disposal unit. In this situation, your disposal motor is at risk of burning.


You must watch out for things you keep on dumping in the disposal unit. Generally, the garbage disposal’s compatibility does not match with oily or greasy substances. Similarly, when the traces of coffee beans, hot oils, and grease enter inside, the only consequence is the clogging that holds blades and pauses their spinning movement.

Garbage Disposal Clogging

Overheated Motor

Sometimes your motor is acceptable and does not contain any unwanted culprits. You power it on and listen to loud humming noises. What would be the reason? The apparent one is the overheated motor due to extra voltage that plays its part in burning the inside components, and you are left with the no-so-perfect working garbage disposal unit. 

Garbage Disposal Overheated Motor

The main reasons behind overheating motor

  • Continuous use for a long time
  • Blades become aged
  • Faulty motor
  • Dumping the items that disposal cannot grind

Disposal Humming – Quick Fixes

The variety of problems related to garbage disposal is stuck in your mind, and finding the solution is essential. First, bring the necessary items like a broomstick, nose pliers, Allen Key, or wrench to gear up to fix the problem. However, the various possibilities that turn your attention towards the fixes of humming noise are:

Disposal Humming but Not Spinning

The possibility is the foreign object that clogs the grinder and halts the spinning movement. Moreover, pick a torch light and confirm anything stuck into the grinder chamber. It could be anything from kitchen utensils to grease that clogs the drain. Garbage Disposal Not Spinning quick fix.

  • Begin by switching the unit off.
  • Look for the foreign obstructed objects, if any; remove them using pliers
  • Pick a broomstick and try rotating the plates to confirm they are unclogged.
  • Turn the disposal on again and see if the problem is resolved.

Disposal Humming but Flywheel Stuck

If your garbage disposal is humming but the Garbage Disposal stuck flywheel won’t turn, it’s likely due to a jam or obstruction. First, turn off the power to the disposal to confirm safety. Use a flashlight to inspect the disposal chamber for any foreign entities, such as food scraps or utensils, causing the jam. If you find something, carefully remove it using pliers or tongs.

Next, use an Allen wrench to manually rotate the flywheel at the bottom of the disposal. Insert the wrench into the hexagonal hole at the bottom and turn it clockwise and counterclockwise to loosen the jam. Once the flywheel moves freely, restore power and test the disposal.

Garbage Disposal Humming and Smoking

Humming and smoking may prove a deadly combination you cannot imagine. The symptom clearly shows the burnt motor due to circuit failure.

  • Ensure the disposal unit is turned off.
  • Use an Allen key to remove the jammed particles by turning it clockwise
  • Ensure you turn the key by inserting it into the hole located below the disposal.
  • Remove all the jammed materials by turning the flywheel
  • Turn the disposal again by connecting it to the power panel
  • Run the hot water down the sink and solve the problem

Disposal Humming Nothing Stuck

What do you do if your disposal unit produces a humming sound, even with nothing stuck? The motor may have been used for a long time. Hence, the Garbage disposal reset button works wonders by following the steps.

  • Disconnect the disposal unit from the power supply and allow it to cool down.
  • Press the reset button residing below the unit.
  • Turn on the disposal again, and confirm if the humming sound goes away
  • If a problem prevails, start by checking the tripped switch of the circuit breaker.
  • Ensure the garbage disposal is off.
  • Press the reset button again, turn on the unit, and flow cold water through the lines.
  • Otherwise, call an electrician to get the new disposal replaced.

How to Unclog Garbage Disposal?

You can unclog the garbage disposal by treating it with the household ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda. Start by pouring 1/2 cup of baking soda into the disposal, followed by a cup of vinegar. The reaction between the two cleared out the minor clogs after rinsing them with hot water for 10 minutes.

How do I Know if my Garbage Disposal Motor is Broken?

You must know the difference between noise of the regular blades’ movement. You can estimate the motor is broken if the noise becomes loud or strange. Also, resetting the button does not work when pressing it several times, indicating the damaged motor.

Why is my Garbage Disposal Making a Loud Noise but Nothing in it?

Your garbage disposal is making a loud noise, but nothing is stuck in it. The probability is the steel bolts that hold the impellers become loose, which in turn causes the plates to rotate unsymmetrically and produce a humming noise.

Summing Up

You can quickly fix the disposal humming. The need of the hour is to find the correct reason before proceeding toward pressing the reset button or turning the flywheel. In this article, I have addressed the primary reasons that cause the humming noise. However, you can resolve the issue by following the steps mentioned above.