Garbage Disposal Flywheel Won’t Turn With Wrench | Troubleshooting Methods

Finding my garbage disposal clogged, I strove for an Allen wrench. Troubleshooting it made me realize the Garbage Disposal Flywheel Won’t Turn with the Wrench. What to do and whatnot to get the most out of the disposal unit is all you know.

What can I use if I don’t have a garbage disposal wrench? Knowing the garbage disposal flywheel does not turn with a wrench, use a broomstick, wooden stick, or other sturdy objects for rotation. In addition, you can also manually rotate the plate if finding nothing is stuck, followed by pressing the reset button.

The article focuses on the methods of turning the flywheel without a wrench. In addition, you will learn and increase your knowledge about how to deal with garbage disposal jamming problems without actual disposal tools.

Garbage Disposal Flywheel Won’t Turn With Wrench | Causes

Having an Allen wrench beside your garbage disposal indicates not to worry about garbage disposal problems. The matter of discussion is why the disposal flywheel won’t turn even after you insert the wrench. It’s time to look for the leading causes to act smartly and find the appropriate solutions.

Garbage Disposal Flywheel Won’t Turn With Wrench Causes

Size of the Object

Clogged garbage disposal becomes the least interesting when you focus on what size of the object causes it. Isn’t it? The simple phenomenon is to insert the wrench into the hole below the unit and crank it back and forth.

There are chances that the flywheel won’t turn due to a big or something strong item that the impeller does not crush. For example, jewelry pieces or kitchen utensils restrict the wrench movement and the flywheel turning.

Rusty Impeller Plates

Is there a problem with the garbage disposal other than clogging? Rust is one of the factors that your flywheel won’t turn. Also, you may think of rust-around linings of the blades and impeller plates that halt the garbage disposal running.

Garbage Disposal Flywheel Won’t Turn With Wrench | Fixes

I have tried to fix my garbage disposal with wrench-alternative household items that come with flying colors and like to share them with you.

How Do you Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal Without an Allen Wrench?

The scenario is you have lost the Allen wrench and do not know what to do. Think of the sturdy gear in your kitchen or laundry that will benefit you. Moreover, the steps await your attention, emphasizing how do you unjam a garbage disposal with a broom.

How Do you Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal Without an Allen Wrench
  1. Cut off the garbage disposal’s power connection.
  2. Shine the torchlight and inspect the debris from the sink drain
  3. Remove loosely stuck particles using pliers and tongs
  4. Grab the broomstick and lengthen it the way to the impeller plate
  5. Try moving the stick until the flywheel starts loosening
  6. Turn on the machine to confirm the correct working while running the cold water.

Tidbit: The only difference in unjamming the flywheel is that the wrench does it from below, while the broomstick is from the unit’s top.

How Do you Manually Rotate a Flywheel on a Garbage Disposal?

Fix the stance in your mind that you free the garbage disposal without an Allen wrench. The specialty is its applicability to the garbage disposal lacking an Allen wrench hole. The first step is to prepare the disposal for the treatment, such as switching it off.

It’s time to wear protective gloves and hold a wooden spoon. All you have to do is to insert it into the drain to make it reach the impeller plates and move it back and forth. Remember to remove the unwanted food waste using tongs. Move the wooden spoon or a rod until the flywheel begins to lose.

Since you free the garbage disposal flywheel, run the hot water to wash away all the sticky substances and stubborn obstructions from the disposal chamber to the drainpipes.

What Causes the Flywheel in a Garbage Disposal to Keep Getting Jammed?

The repetition of the garbage disposal’s flywheel getting jammed can be attributed to different factors that disrupt its functioning. As the component responsible for grinding food waste, the flywheel can experience issues that result in repeated instances of jamming.

Wrong utilization and extreme loading strain the flywheel, leading to jams. Hard objects such as bones, spoons, and fibrous materials intertwine with the flywheel, impeding its rotation. Poor maintenance causes the accumulation of fats and grease, which hinder the flywheel’s movement and contribute to frequent jams.

Mechanical complications like worn-out bearings or misalignment hinder the flywheel’s rotation. Manufacturing defects or subpar installation can also play a part. Resolving these problems necessitates proper usage, routine cleaning, and regular maintenance. By avoiding overloading, disposing of waste correctly, and maintaining cleanliness, the occurrence of flywheel jamming can be significantly diminished.

What causes a garbage disposal to lock up?

The reason for garbage disposal locking up could be anything, either clogged, aged, or dull blades. Also, blades attached to the impeller plate get stuck over time, restricting the disposal from working properly. Hence, food is only ground partially due to seized garbage disposal.

Why won’t my garbage disposal turn manually?

Garbage disposal does not turn manually, resulting in unplugging from the main outlet. You should check the circuit breaker before turning it on. Also, press the reset button below the unit to vanish minor problems.

Summing Up