How to Install Dishwasher Air Gap to Garbage Disposal? Learn in 5 Steps

Do you look for a simple guide on How to Install Dishwasher Air Gap to Garbage Disposal? If yes, stick to the steps to encounter all the cool breeze with your perfect combination of a dishwasher and garbage disposal. 

Installing an air gap is appreciated to prevent the backflow of the contaminated water into the dishwasher. You can initiate the steps by drilling the hole in the countertop if it does not contain any. The next step is to attach the air gap inlet to the dishwasher drain hose while the outlet to the garbage disposal uses a ⅞ inches tube. Pull the tubing’s above the countertop and tighten the nuts required to sit the air gap in its place. 

The article explains the steps on how to install a dishwasher air gap in the disposal unit. In addition, the significance of the air gap while using the dishwasher and disposal unit together is also highlighted for an effective tireless cleaning regimen.

How to Install Dishwasher Air Gap to Garbage Disposal?

Adorning a garbage disposal and a dishwasher in the same line cannot be possible without installing an air gap. It is a not-to-forget component to carry on easy cleaning while separating clean and dirty water. So, if you are looking for quick and understandable steps, here is your answer. 

Dishwasher Air Gap

1. Drill the Hole in the Counter

In most cases, countertops have a precut hole and are covered by a flat cap for easy installation. The step goes smoother by opening the cap with a screwdriver. But if you say, yours don’t have one, that is dishwasher air gap no hole in the sink, bore a 1-3 8 inches hole using an electric drill and hole saw. 

You must be careful about two things, cut the countertop near the sink’s rim to provide the air gap enough space for overflowing tubes and look at the sink’s material through which you made a hole. In the case of granite and marble, you may need professional help, for they take longer in making amendments. 

Pro Tip: use masking tape to cover the sink’s surrounding area to avoid scratches during drilling.

2. Connect Air Gap to Dishwasher Hose

As you know, the air gap consists of two extensions from below, it is crucial to identify which one is for the disposer and dishwasher. is a part of the project. It is the smaller leg of the air gap that is compatible with the dishwasher hose. Connect the 5/8” tube to the 5/8” leg of the air gap using the stainless-steel hose clamps so that both remain in a tight position. 

3. Link Air Gap to Garbage Disposal

The other extension of the air gap is specific for garbage disposal or drainage. Since your concern is to connect the air gap to the garbage disposal, you must cut the 7/8 inches of the tube to connect the air gap using the steel hose clamps. 

Also, if you are first time installing an air gap with the garbage disposal, look for the tube protruding from the disposer’s side and remove the metal plug from the inside. Removing the kinks from inside the tubing attach the air gap tubing to the disposal unit and secure tightly using hose clamps. 

4. Slide the Air Gap up from the Bottom

The final step has its installation on the counter. For this remove the decorative covering of the air gap and pull it upwards through the hole. Secure all the air gap and counter connections by tightening the nut around the air gap’s threads first by hand and then using a wrench. After that, you are allowed to place the vanity cover on the air gap. 

5. Re-check all the Connections

Ensure all the fittings are perfectly in their place by running the dishwasher. Plus, there should be no signs of leaking from the garbage disposal and the air gap. 

Do you Need a Dishwasher Air Gap with Garbage Disposal?

Yes, you need a dishwasher air gap with a garbage disposal if you intend to use both appliances simultaneously. The benefit of the component is to prevent the backflow of the contaminated water from dripping again in the dishwasher. 

Where to Install Dishwasher Air Gap? you must be careful while installing it because the position matters in preventing the area from flooding. The general assumption is to install it elevated from the dishwasher above the countertop near the faucet so that the draining in the sink becomes easy. Otherwise, the under-countertop installation will become a problem, damaging the floorboards and the Kitchen cabinet where the dishes are placed. 

How to Hide Dishwasher Air Gap?

The most appropriate trick by which you can hide the unsightly dishwasher air gap installed on the countertop is by hybrid air gap soap dispensers. These dispensers not only hide the air gap but serve as functional soap storage for cleaning purposes. 

Do all Dishwashers Come with Air Gap?

Many dishwashers have no built-in air gaps for backflow prevention. If you notice, a few dishwashers come with a drain hose that has their loop in an upward direction while connecting to the countertop’s bottom. 

Summing Up

You cannot deny the significance of an air gap being an easy way to divert dirty water from the dishwasher. So, without wasting any second, grip yourself on this guide that explains the step-by-step techniques to install a air gap to a garbage disposal. However, installing it may take your time, but the benefits go beyond imagination.