Are Garbage Disposals Required by Code? All You Need to Know

Garbage disposals have taken over the way of disposing of food waste and introduced convenience to lives. Everyone wants to have the appliance but not without knowing: Are Garbage Disposals Required by Code to enjoy the perks without going against the law? 

Garbage disposal installation is not required by code. It is purely an optional practice to ease your lifestyle for food waste management. Also, no state nor legislation cancels the order of a disposer for your home. 

The article’s essence is how far bringing home garbage disposal lies on the mandatory or optional side. So, read to the end to gain extra information regarding the appliance’s electrical requirements, GFCI protection, or method of disposing of garbage. 

Are Garbage Disposals Required By Code?

Garbage disposal is indeed a necessity in every kitchen. Considering its utmost importance, you must have your homework completed about whether to ask permission or not before installing a disposal unit. 

As you know, garbage disposal does not require any code. Anyone can have garbage disposal based on personal choices, and preferences, or if they want to adopt innovative ways for food disposal. Also, it has nothing to do with mandatory things to bring home the appliance at any cost. 

Should Garbage Disposal be on a GFCI?

Since the garbage disposal blends electric circuitry and cold water to grind the food chunks, the question must pop into your mind whether it needs a ground circuit or not to prevent fire and electrocution. 

Should Garbage Disposal be on a GFCI?

As you know installing a garbage disposal does not depend on code, it also does not need GFCI outlet. Even then, a GFCI circuit switch is a good idea for the device, for it always exposes to electricity and water. However, the only condition is that you can install a GFCI near the garbage disposal when the outlet is outside the cabinet or at a distance of 6 feet from the sink. 

What are the Electrical Requirements for a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal contains a motor that needs electricity for its efficient functioning. The electrical requirements of the disposal unit highlight the significance of the circuit of designated amps and dedicated circuits. 

The need for the dedicated circuit depends on the garbage disposal model, if it contains less horsepower, a shared circuit with a dishwasher will do the purpose and handle the current overflow. At the same time, if you choose to install a higher horsepower disposal unit, a dedicated circuit is the appropriate option. 

In addition, most garbage disposals work nicely with 15 amps circuit of 20 volts, while you can also go with 20 amps to eliminate the fear of uncertain damages or electrical shocks. 

Are Garbage Disposals Good or Bad for the Environment?

A garbage disposal uses as an appliance installed under the kitchen sink cabinet for the purpose of pulverizing food waste. The treated particles transferred to the local wastewater treatment plants through main drains. However, what impact it has on the environment even after reducing the amount of waste from going to the landfills is essential to know. 

Garbage disposal is good for the environment when compared to throwing garbage in trash cans. You treat the waste so that it does not decay, segregate organic from inorganic, and make efforts to recycle it instead of directly throwing them in the trash cans that become the cause of foul odors, a production house for unbelievable microbes, and methane gas. 

At the same time, a look insight from a broader lens makes you realize that garbage disposal leftover goes into water bodies that contain nitrogen in large quantities. It affects how aquatic life and plants survive. So, garbage disposal does not contribute to the improvement of the environment unless the local water bodies established a mechanism to convert the food waste into any form of energy. 

Is a Garbage Disposal an Appliance?

Garbage disposal comprises an electrical motor that needs energy to run the impellers in food griding whereas it also uses water to serve as a sliding agent for food to go through the chambers to the sewers. You can say, it is a plumbing appliance as most of its installation is due to the mastery of the plumber. 

Are Garbage Disposals Safe?

Garbage disposals are devices, that work to reduce food waste and provide you with effortless and time-saving ways of organic food disposal. As long as you hold on to the book of manual instructions and fingertip all the maintenance and precautionary tips, disposal safe and sound to be used in the kitchen. 

Over to You

What if a garbage disposal not required by code, you will find it no less than the appliances in your kitchen that have their designated codes. Having a garbage disposal is not mandatory so you can bring it any time and manage your kitchen chores. Also, the article sheds light on all the electrical requirements, such as GFCI circuit installation, the need for the dedicated circuit, or amperes or voltage values to run the machine with convenience.