Can Oatmeal Go Down the Drain? Would it be Bad?

Recently, I got to repair the heavily clogged drain of my kitchen sink. It suffers nothing but my ignorance of stuffing inside oatmeal. The first-time experiment makes me careful about taking care of the plumbing for the better. You must know: Can Oatmeal Go Down the Drain to avoid repeating the mistake as me? 

In this article, I will mention the deliberate consequences of oatmeal going down the Sewer and garbage disposal. Additionally, you get to know the methods to store or get rid of nutritious food for a while. 

Is it Safe to Put Oatmeal Down the Drain?

No, it is not safe to put oatmeal down the Sewer at any cost. The reality is that oatmeal falls in the category of food items that expand in the presence of water, so when you put it down the Sewer, it changes itself into a thick texture and causes problems for a natural flow. 

Furthermore, oatmeal forms a cement-like substance when it dries and sticks to the things within pipes and forms clogs. The common assumption is that oatmeal also binds to itself and creates a situation to be solved by the plumber. 

What Happens if Oatmeal Goes Down Drain?

Do you randomly put leftover oatmeal down the Sewer all the time after preparing mouth-watering smoothies? If yes, do not do this, for the action may cost you a plumbing emergency. It could be anything from cracked to burst pipes. 


Oatmeal is a nutritious food item but it is water expandable. Whenever it gets in contact with water, it blooms to its height. It engulfs everything it comes across and clogs the entire drain. The severe case may result in cracks due to blockage. 

Burst Pipes

As you know, a clogged pipe is not an easy thing to handle. Even plumbers take hours to retrieve it back. Similarly, if you get late in repairing the damaged drains due to oatmeal accumulation. It may burst due to heavy clogging. 

Can You Put Oatmeal Down the Garbage Disposal?

As you know garbage disposal has direct connections with drains, putting oatmeal does nothing different to the disposer as drains. Even then, let’s discuss the intensity of the damage by the segregation of oatmeal into cooked or uncooked. 

Can You Put Oatmeal Down the Garbage Disposal?

Cooked oatmeal blooms instantly inside the garbage disposal chamber in the presence of water, the chances are higher that it wraps the blades and malfunctions the entire unit. On the other hand, uncooked oatmeal slips through the blades and resides directly into the pipes sticking to them. The rest you know best. 

Where Do You Put Leftover Oatmeal?

What to do with the oatmeal if can’t be put into the drains? Why not store it for future use? Yes, you can store cooked or uncooked oatmeal and avoid clogging drains. 

Keep it in Airtight Container

You must place oatmeal whether it is cooked or preserved in an air-tight container. The benefit is to preserve it from spoiling. 

Place in Refrigerator

After placing the oatmeal in the container, place it in a refrigerator and freezer depending on the time you next use it. Oatmeal last long up to five days in the refrigerator whereas the time increase to up to three months when keep in the freezer. 

Is Oatmeal Septic Safe?

Oatmeal is a food item that does not degrade at a fast pace in the septic tank. Instead, it instantly clogs the pipes. That is why it is not safe for septic systems. 

What Can I do with old Uncooked Oatmeal?

You can use uncooked oatmeal in a variety of ways. For example, it got its best use in neutralizing refrigerator odors and treating the itchy skin of dogs. Also, you can use oatmeal with kitchen oil and mitigate chicken pox itch. 

Bottom Line