Garbage Disposal Clogged | Methods to Unclog it?

Have you ever checked the manual instructions to note down the tips for your garbage disposal longevity? If not, Garbage Disposal Clogged is the outcome. Since you do not know how to use the unit or for how long, turning a deaf ear will cause frequent clogging, and you end up replacing the entire unit.

Garbage disposal becomes clogged due to various common factors that require your attention. Otherwise, it will damage the entire disposal. While you ponder the main reasons for clogging, the primary ones that come into your mind are flowing hot water, overloading with food, crushing unwanted food items, and debris in the drains.

The article’s leading motive is to make you follow the paths that explain how to unclog the clogged garbage disposal. Also, learn a few maintenance techniques to save time and money on frequent disposal checkups.

What Causes a Clogged Disposal?

Your garbage disposal does not take responsibility for disposing of all kitchen items. Do you have any idea how your disposal is clogged? Note down the following points to avoid inconvenience in the future when flipping on the switch.

Not Running Enough Water

Done with the usual food crushing and needing to run more water down the drains become the primary reason for disposal clogging. Remember, your garbage needs adequate water to churn the waste into pieces.

Garbage Disposal Clogged Not Running Enough Water

Otherwise, food remaining’s will cause the blades and plates to become jammed. In addition, you should only turn off the machine once the grinding process is completed to protect it from waste piling.

Overloaded with Food

Throw away the common assumptions to treat your disposal like an unwanted appliance. Watch out for what you throw or whatnot in the disposal to protect it from clogging. Also, overloading it with food items results only in clogging.

For example, garbage disposal does not handle incorrect food types like celery, starch, lettuce, or coffee beans. Along with starch or grease, these edibles cause clogging in significant areas.

Unnecessary Items

It only makes sense if you can use the foils, papers, paper towels, and silverware inside the disposal. Your garbage disposal only processes the food items and nothing else. Some worst foods can also cause damage and clog garbage disposal if not correctly disposed of. Any damage due to carelessness may cost you a damaged machine.

Garbage Disposal Clogged Unnecessary Items

Hot Water Treatment

You may think flushing your sink with hot water kill the bacteria and erase the excess waste. But sadly, it is not. Hot and warm water make a big difference in cleaning the sink and keeping the clogs from forming.

Disposal Clogged Use Hot Water

Utilizing boiling water causes the grease and fats to spread and, over time, when dried, invites other waste to land on them and initiate jamming.

Dirt Accumulation

You do not know the exact cause that may become the reason for severe clogging inside the disposal’s parts. Over time, plastic components gather dirt from the outside and form clogging.

Symptoms of Clogged Garbage Disposal

Whether you turn a deaf ear to your clogged disposal or not, the promising symptoms divert your attention to focus on the problem.

  • You notice a foul smell near the sink area.
  • The disposal does not drain at its average pace.
  • The sink filled up with water.
  • Garbage disposal denies turning on.

How to Unclog the Garbage Disposal?

You must hear someone saying my garbage disposal is not turning, spinning, or producing humming noises. The main culprit behind all these problems is only one, clogged disposal.

By any chance, unwanted things from oils to grease and leftover bones cause disposal clogging. You must know the first-hand treatment to cure it to save both money and time.

How to Unclog the Garbage Disposal?

  • Disconnect the garbage disposal’s electrical supply from the power panel.
  • Use the torch light to see if anything is stuck inside.
  • Remove the stranded food items using pliers.
  • Try turning the plates using the broomstick or wooden object.
  • Select the right Allen wrench size to dislodge the flywheel securely.
  • Inspect the accumulated particles and remove it.
  • Turn on the disposal and check for its normal function.

Will Baking Soda and Vinegar Unclog a Garbage Disposal?

Do you listen to a simple DIY method to clean your clogged disposal? I stick to this technique because of its effectiveness and less time-consuming. The ingredients you need are all found on the kitchen shelf.

Breaking the suspense and revealing the most effective vinegar and baking soda so you can simultaneously unclog the disposal and eliminate the foul smell.

  • Ensure the garbage disposal is turned off!
  • Pour a half cup of baking soda into the disposal.
  • Repeat the process by dripping a cup of vinegar.
  • Wait for 20 minutes so that the mixture combines and weakens the clog.
  • Run down the hot water inside the garbage disposal.
  • Turn on the disposal again.

Will Baking Soda and Vinegar Unclog a Garbage Disposal

Why is my Garbage Disposal Backing up into My Sink?

Standing water is the last thing you want to see in your kitchen sink. The fair chance of the water backing up into the sink is a clog restricting its adequate flow down the drains. However, you can use a plunger to weaken the clogs by plunging it up and down.

What Does a Jammed Garbage Disposal Sound like?

A jammed garbage disposal produces a humming sound due to the restricted movement of the blades. You will hear a humming sound when something is stuck in the machine’s nooks and corners.

Summing Up

What are your thoughts on garbage clogged drains? Do you continue using it as it is or take quick actions to retrieve the regular functioning garbage disposal? This article manifests the simple methods to apply and say goodbye to the disposal’s clogs.