Garbage Disposal Reset Button Keeps Popping Out – What to Do?

Being a frequent garbage disposal user, I know that the significance of the reset button lies in protecting the disposal unit in response to problems like overheating, overloading, and clogging by automatically tripping the internal circuit breaker. However, if you worry about the situation of the garbage disposal reset button keeps popping out, here is your answer to find the root causes and solutions for the abnormal behavior. 

The reasons why the disposal reset button keeps popping out are many. The primary ones are the overloaded grinding chamber, overheated motor, jammed disposal unit, or loose wiring. However, another reason you cannot deny is the age of the garbage disposal that lets the machine trip the internal circuit frequently and causes the button to stay out. The only solution you can deal with the situation is resetting the disposer after troubleshooting the root causes. 

The article lets you dive into the insights of why garbage disposal frequently keeps popping out the garbage disposal and halts normal functioning. Also, solutions are given to handle the situation to avoid damage beyond repair. 

Why Does My Garbage Disposal Reset Button Keeps Popping Out?

As the popping reset button is a safety mechanism to safeguard the appliance from encountering further damage, then why need to worry about the situation? You must understand the normal behavior when it pops out the reset button, that is once in a while. But when it deviates from the routine, it demands reset frequently. So, you better know the reasons to implement the correct solutions. 

Overloaded Unit

A garbage disposal holds the capacity to handle food items according to the horsepower it is assigned. If you treat it like a mouth-filled trash can, not only does the appliance fail to grind but also causes the reset button to pop out. 

Jammed Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal is prone to clogging no matter how much you maintain a proper look after. Sometimes, dirt, grime, or even tough food particles that remain unground stick to the blades and prevent their normal functioning. As a result, all you can expect is the popping out reset button to save the machine from further damage. It’s essential to be cautious and avoid putting plastic in the garbage disposal, as a result, all you can expect is the popping out reset button to save the machine from further damage.

Loose Wiring

Another reason you add to the list of the reasons for the faulty reset button is loose wiring or non-intact electrical connections. It can be because you do not pay attention to the snug fit of the disposer during the installation. However, the outcome is that the garbage disposal does not meet the adequate power requirements and pops out the reset button. 


The backstory is the working motor that generates electrical power to process food. Since you put too much in the grinding chamber, it cannot act the way you want. The situation may increase the chances of overheating the motor, for it does the extra work to handle the load. It may result in tripping the reset button to protect the garbage disposal from burning out. 

Motor Damage

Sometimes, it does not matter why you do not keep the connection intact, you put too much food in the disposal chamber, or you neglect proper hygiene routine. But what happens is the motor failure due to the garbage disposal damaged components, such as motor bearings. The situation pops out the reset button about a quarter of an inch nullifying the routine working

Age of the Disposer

All the time, it is not your fault that the disposal reset button keeps popping out. What happens is to look at the age of the appliance. The aged or weary disposal unit is on the verge of tripping the reset button for enhanced functioning. Plus, you may notice that you need to press the reset button several times compared to the times you get a new machine that requires resetting only once in a while. 

Disposal Reset Button Keeps Popping Out | Solutions

Upon noticing the disposal reset button keeps popping out after reset, you must act on the following solutions. Also, you pay attention to the damaged disposal parts and get them replaced to avoid delaying the garbage disposal efficient food grinding. 

Avoid Overloading

The first-hand advice for garbage disposal users like me is to treat your appliance like a delicate one when the concern is stuffing the food and expect it to be the workaholic when the time of grinding comes. Only then, you avoid the mistake of overloading it with the things it cannot handle and eventually cause the reset button to stay in place. 

Additionally, here are a few tips you can follow so that your garbage disposal accepts larger quantities at once without overloading. 

  • Avoid non-food items, such as cutlery, physical objects, etc
  • Cut large slices into manageable chunks
  • Put leftovers from the serving plate as it is
  • Refrain from putting sticky, fibrous, or hard food particles

Remove Jams/Free Stuck Blades

Removing garbage disposal is of utmost importance, for it ensures well-being of the appliance for longer years to come. The tool that helps you get out of the situation is an Allen wrench included in the tool kit. 

Steps to Remove Jams from garbage disposal.

Make Electrical Connections Intact

Switch off the garbage disposal from the circuit breaker so that it stops the power reaching. The next step is to inspect the wiring and connections followed by tightening any loose wires. In case, you are not comfortable carrying on the garbage disposal electrical assignment, consult a field expert. 

Allow the Motor to Cool Down

If you plan to run the disposal unit for an extended time, allow the motor to cool down in intervals for better performance and efficiency. The time the motor takes to revert to the cooled position is 15-20 minutes. 

Replace the Garbage Disposal

If the garbage disposal reset button continues to pop out irrespective of the fact how much you put effort into solving the possible problems, it is evident that the motor and the entire disposal unit need repair or replacement. 

Summing Up

Garbage disposal needs your side of help when it keeps popping out the reset button due to unknown or mostly known reasons. Since the behavior is abnormal, the need to find adequate possibilities is crucial to carry on the correct solution in time.

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