Garbage Disposal Jammed With Plastic – Easy Fixing Guide

My face turned pale when I accidentally put a plastic fork in the garbage disposal. The situation almost drained my energy thinking about what I should do so that it doesn’t harm my machine. Here is the solution to fix my Garbage Disposal Jammed with Plastic.

There are mainly two reasons you cannot put plastic into the garbage disposal: it is non-biodegradable, and the garbage disposal is not designed to handle it. When you put anything crafted out of plastic, you cannot go back to ensure that your machine works fine.

In this article, I will mention what you should do to remove the plastic from the garbage disposal. Additionally, you need to know how it threatens your garbage disposal to decrease its normal functioning.

What Happens if Plastic Goes in the Garbage Disposal?

Plastic going into the garbage disposal is a situation to worry about for regular garbage disposal users, including me. Not only it affects the health of the disposal, but it also endangers the environment.

The biggest disadvantage of plastic entering the garbage disposal is its non-biodegradable behavior. Not only it stays in the disposal unit, but it also puts other food items at risk of incomplete grinding.

  • Stuck in the impeller plate
  • Reduce the machine’s efficiency in rotating or spinning
  • Increase the chance of motor overheating with a continuous power supply
  • Cause the machine to hum irregularly
  • Stucked plastic triggers clogging in system and pipes

Moreover, the garbage disposal is only designed to extract organic matter from the waste and reduce the amount of trash going into landfills. You are not allowed to fill it with unimportant things like bottle caps, plastic wrappers, and bags to rot for a lifetime, otherwise sending them to the septic system where they become the source of food for vermin’s and creatures.

What Happens if Plastic Goes in the Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Jammed With Plastic | Find Easy Fix With Allen Wrench

Garbage disposal jammed with plastic demands an Allen wrench to clear it as soon as you notice it inside. Also, you do not need to find the garbage disposal tool by hunting a repair shop; it comes in the disposal tool kit.

Garbage Disposal Jammed With Plastic Easy Fix With Allen Wrench

Turn off the Garbage Disposal

To initiate how you eliminate plastic from the garbage disposal, you must make initial preparations. Garbage disposal contains grinding plates that may cause you harm if turned on with a power supply during treating it.

So, turn off the garbage disposal by flipping the switch and ensure no cord supplies power. Also, turn off the connection between the circuit breaker and the machine to keep you safe.

Insert the Allen Wrench

Locate the place where you insert the Allen wrench. You find the hole beside the reset button below the garbage disposal. Make your wrench inserted in the place where you rotate it.

Crank the Wrench

The next step is to rotate an Allen wrench in either direction. If you turn it in clockwise, do so. The main aim is to dislodge the stuck wheel without considering the particular direction. You may have to apply some force at this step to get your work done. 

Clear the Clogs

When you notice the shaft loosen and move from its place, grab the pliers and remove the plastic item. The noticeable plastic pieces might be bent or halfway cut depending on the type of plastic. You can also favor the help of a broomstick or a wooden rod to move the flywheel but from the sink drain.

Tidbits: garbage disposal can easily swallow the hard plastic and transfer it to the drains, while the soft material lets the unit stop.

Press Reset Button

The next step is the confirmation test to determine whether your garbage disposal starts working normally. Press the garbage disposal reset button that you find beside the Allen wrench hole. Hold it for a few seconds unit you hear a clicking sound.

Turn on the Garbage Disposal

Run cold water through the disposal and turn it on. Check for the humming noise or proper spinning by stuffing it with regular food waste that it can manage. You are good to go if it works normally.

What can I use to unjam a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal jamming occurs in different parts and requires different tools to get through the situation timely. Use pliers or tongs if you find clogs nearby that are in the sink drain. Moreover, the Allen wrench comes in handy for clearing the clogs from the button. Lastly, when you have the tension to clear garbage disposal traps, make an auger or plumbing snake your companions.

Why does garbage disposal get stuck?

Garbage disposal gets stuck in particular situations. It works smoothly until coming across things it cannot handle. Also, if you leave the larger chunks to grind in it, the machine does longer to make them into fine particles, leaving many unattended. Avoid putting bones, coffee grounds, or eggshells to protect disposal from jamming.

If Garbage Disposal Blades are Loose – What to Do?

If Garbage Disposal Blades are Loose, it’s crucial to act promptly for safe and efficient operation. Begin by switching off the disposal’s power. Then, utilize a wrench to tighten the mounting screws underneath. Check for any foreign objects causing blade wobbling and remove them. Regular maintenance and responsible usage will prevent loose blades and prolong your garbage disposal’s lifespan.

Summing Up

If garbage disposal jammed with plastic, is nothing to worry about unless it ensures to transfer into a septic system where it is separated. Also, manual instruction clearly describes what should go into the disposal and whatnot; you must keep plastic accessories at a distance. In addition, using an Allen wrench benefit you in dislodging the stuck particle from the bottom.