Garbage Disposal Blades are Loose – What to Do? Simple Solution

Recently, I found my garbage disposal did not work like before. Upon calling a technician, the reason that appeared to me was disposal blades were loose. I kept hearing that loose blades have no troubleshooting except that you exchange the unit with a new one. So, I ended up replacing my unit. If you want to know; how to tackle the Garbage Disposal Blades are Loose problem, read the article to get the best advice. 

In no way, you can reach the Garbage Disposal unit’s blades without dislodging a garbage disposal. Also, it is not like you tighten the bolts and replace the deformed blades with a new one. In fact, the situation lets you call the expert and replace the entire unit. 

The article clarifies that disposal blades become loose issue find no alternative. Even then, you must catch some points before discarding the disposer to ensure that the blades are the culprit and not some other objects decreasing the working power. 

Are Garbage Disposal Blades Supposed to be Loose?

Yes, disposal blades are designed to be loose. Because if you notice the working of the appliance, it shows there are no blades as you find in the juicer blender. Instead, there are lugs along with freely rotating impellers. 

The blades/lugs are supposed to be loose, and these work only in that way. Typically, these lugs throw the food item toward the shredder ring to be chopped into small particles. However, there are times when the loose impellers get stuck due to the presence of the particle within free space between the blades and impellers. 

Since you cannot fix loose disposal blades, you can proceed with the reverse action, that is fixing the stuck blades to make them loose again. Here are the steps. 

Steps to fix stuck garbage disposal blades

Why is My Garbage Disposal Making a Rattling Noise?

Garbage disposal is a tough machine but it is not without the components break down. No matter how much you spend your time troubleshooting it for minor clogging, humming, and not spinning issues, what do you do if you consistently hear odd sounds?

Below are the two primary reasons why garbage disposal makes rattling noise which in turn, makes the blades lose their efficiency of food grinding and render the machine a mere decoration piece. 

1. Physical Obstruction

Dumping everything inside the disposal unit without mentioning the harmful impacts it imposes results in producing a clanking sound. The chances are greater that something, such as a fork or a metal spoon gets stuck. 

As a result, you think that the blades are loose and need a look after. However, the reality is that blades are always loose and play their part in chopping food items.

2. Wear and Tear

Garbage disposal irrespective of whatever brand it belongs has an expiry date. Reaching near it showcases many problems that directly influence how food is pulverized and delivered to sewers. The usual wear and tear do not see what component, such as lugs, and impellers comes their way, it simply reduces the working power. 

How to Fix Loose Garbage Disposal Blades?

As mentioned earlier, loose disposal blades find no solution to fixing them other than replacing the unit. Still, giving it a try is a hectic process and demands specialized garbage disposal tools. 

How to Fix Loose Garbage Disposal Blades?

You have to open the grinding chamber to get access to the blades. Doing so will damage the seals that are essential for preventing leaks. To cut the story short, you have no other option than to ask for a technician to discard the malfunctioned disposal unit and place a new one. 

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How Do I Keep My Garbage Disposal Blades Sharp?

Although there is no apparent way you can sharpen garbage disposal blades. But you can make it contaminated and debris-free to save the cutting power. In this regard, there are household ingredients that prove beneficial in removing lingering dirt or food items from the impellers so that you have an ever-ready disposal unit for waste disposal. 

  • Use ice cube treatment once a week to prevent rust from the grinding components
  • Ask help from a mild garbage disposal cleaner and mix it with table salt for cleaning
  • Pour one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda into the garbage disposal 
  • Let Sani Sticks and hot water melt the grease that stays along the linings of the impellers


Garbage disposal blades work best when they are loose, but not too loose to fall apart which happens in rare cases. Even then, if you misunderstood that loose blade decrease the performance of the garbage disposal mechanics in grinding food, and cause frequent clogs, here is the guide that shows you the ultimate reality. Additionally, it gives you a cost-effective solution so that kitchen refuse does not wait longer for correct disposal.