How to Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades? 6 Easy Steps

Is your garbage disposal making weird sounds and taking a long time to grind foods waste? I was in the same boat until I realized the loose and unsharpened blades were the culprit. It’s time to know How to Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades to resolve the issue.

A garbage disposal has two blades or impellers that work to churn food waste so that it can be disposed of efficiently. Blades get dull or loose over time because of extensive use, overloading, or clogged-up food particles. You can resolve the issue with a few tools and follow a simple step guide.

Read this article to avoid difficulty while tightening the garbage disposal blades. This guide compiles the easy steps to tighten the disposal blades.

How to Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades?

Have you noticed your Garbage Disposal Blades Rattle? A garbage disposal works to dispose of food waste effectively. Garbage disposal blades are the real hero behind grinding and crushing food scraps into bits and pieces. Recently, I found my InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Loose Blades, but I solved the issue with a few uncomplicated steps.

Grab the Equipment and Tools

Garbage Disposal tools are a way to your safety by How to Check Garbage Disposal. Working with the blades, you must be extra vigilant not to put your hands in the garbage disposal. With the instruments in hand, you will succeed in tightening the blades without creating a mess for yourself and the disposal unit.

Equipment and TOOLS to Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades

Cut off the Power

No matter what issue the garbage disposal you are going to resolve, you must always start the process by cutting the power supply. This step is your first-hand prevention to avoid unexpected accidents. You can also switch off the main circuit line.

Inspect Stuck-up Objects

Most commonly, garbage disposal blades won’t budge from their place when there is clogged up food waste. For this purpose, you look for obstructed or stuck-up objects. After this, you can set your strategy to resolve Broken Blade on Garbage Disposal.

If you have shoved garbage disposal-restricted items in the unit, the blades are likely to get loose or break with time. Put on your safety gloves and grab nose pliers in your and inspect the blades. If the blades move up and down, they become loose and if their movement is restricted, some hard object like a fork or an animal bone has stuck up with it.

Tip: A flashlight can be your savior while scrutinizing the stuck-up objects around the blades.

Inspect Stuck-up Objects in disposal

Remove the Clogs

The common Garbage Disposal Maintenance calls for removing the clogs from time to time. It will keep your disposal away from issues and ensure its effective performance. Instead of pulling out the clogs or obstructed things, you must use garbage disposal tools. You can use broom or nose pliers to nudge off the accumulated food waste.

Remove the Clogs from garbage disposal

Tighten the blades

You must detach the disposal unit from its place to tighten the blades. You can call for assistance to help you dislodge the disposal system. Unscrew all the connections underneath the sink connected to the garbage disposal, including pipes, hoses, nuts, and screws, using pipe or small wrenches.

After dislodging and separating each part, the Garbage Disposal Impeller Came Off. At this time, you must examine your blades whether they need tightening or replacement. Grab the nuts and nut driver and tighten the bolts holding the blades.

Tighten the garbage disposal blades

Back to Working Mode

Reattach the disposal and clean it using a kitchen cloth. After that, turn on the power supply and test it. Restart the disposal by pressing the reset button. Throw food scraps in the unit and run the water down the disposal unit. If you notice no weird sounds, you are good to go with your disposal unit.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Garbage Disposal works wonders only if it is attended to personal care at regular intervals. An issue-laden garbage disposal will affect its performance and your work routine. Some tips ensure your disposal unit will work and keep on working efficiently.

  • Don’t overload and overuse the disposal units
  • Avoid pushing things that it can not handle.
  • Clean it at regular intervals using different cleaning solutions.
  • Grind ice cubes from time to time in the disposal to sharpen its blades.
  • Always call for professional help when you have little knowledge to resolve its issues.

Garbage Disposal Bearing Repair

Garbage Disposal is a machine that is susceptible to catch issues. Without proper maintenance, you can end up repairing the disposal unit within a short time of its usage. Garbage disposal repair requires dislodging the old unit and mounting a new system. If one of the screws or connection is left unattended, you can face severe problems. That’s better to call professional help.

Garbage Disposal Bearing Repair

What To Do If Garbage Disposal Blades Are Loose?

Garbage Blades getting loose is a common problem hitting every user now and then. When you notice the blades are loose, you must put an effort to tighten and sharpen them. When fixes don’t work, you can go for replacing the blades or the entire disposal unit.

What Tool do you Use to Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades?

Tools are necessary when you tighten its blades. Among many tools, Allen (hex) wrench is your tool to tighten the disposal blades. It dislodges the clogged-up food particles around the blades and helps to tighten them. With a nut driver, you can tighten the bolts to hold the blades in their place.

How Do I Keep My Garbage Disposal Blades Sharp?

Garbage Disposal blades get dull or loose over time. It is the need of the hour to tighten and sharpen blades to improve your garbage disposal’s working. Use Ice to sharpen the blades of garbage disposal. Put a handful of ice cubes and grind them in the disposal for some time. Ice cubes help to pull out left-over food particles from the blades, thus cleaning them. Clean blades mean sharp blades.

Wrapping Up

What’s the point of having a garbage disposal when it is not serving you its actual purpose? Garbage Disposal Blades churn the food waste inside the disposal unit. When you notice the food is taking time to get grind, weird sounds, and bad smell coming from the disposal, it is likely a chance that your disposal blades are not tight. This guide has covered easy steps on How to Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades, maintenance tips, and repair. Before calling an expert to help or replace your disposal unit, you must try these fixes.