Sani Sticks Review: All You Need to Know

Have you heard about the Sani Sticks but are reluctant to use them without any positive reviews? The same goes for me until I brought the cleaning sticks and let them handle my stinky kitchen drains against the grease clog. Not only this, I tested them in my bathroom to know their worth. As the results were beyond expectations, I decided to give a complete Sani Sticks Review. So, read to the end. 

In this article, I will let you dive deeper into the Sani sticks’ basic information, their working capacity in several steps, benefits, and things related to it. In addition, you will know how well it functions with garbage disposal or septic systems. 

What are Sani Sticks?

Sani sticks are six-inch long, thin, and cylindrical-shaped sticks with cleaning and deodorizing agents. Each stick includes a blend of enzymes, fragrances, and surfactants and is purposefully designed to break down waste in the drains of the kitchen, bathroom, bathtubs, and the like by releasing these agents. The primary agenda of these sticks is to remove initial-stage blockages and eliminate foul odors formed from natural material, hair, and grease while leaving a fresh odor. 

However, the condition is that these sticks only work on organic waste and do not help handle inorganic waste or already-developed tough clogged drains. Instead, only a plumber treats this by using a drain snake, vinegar, baking soda, and chemical drain cleaner.

SANI 360° Sani Sticks Drain Cleaner and Deodorizer

How to Use Sani Sticks?

Using sani sticks is not like ranting a chemical formula, but it requires you to look for the infected drain and put a stick into it to see the wonders. In case, you do not know what steps must be considered to make these sticks effective, use them in the manner mentioned below. 

1. Search Organic Waste Accumulated Drains

The idea of using sani sticks in drains with inorganic waste is a decision to regret later. So, you must make up your mind to search the drains where most of the junk is organic, that is biodegradable food, grease in the kitchen, or hair in the shower drains. 

2. Put Sani Stick in the Drain

As you successfully find the organic waste-blocked drain, it’s time to put a magical Sani stick into it and wait for some days. You will notice that the foul odor is reduced, and the plumbing begins draining with a constant flow as it was before. 

As soon as you put a sani stick into the drain, it starts dissolving by releasing all the cleaning and deodorizing agents. Hence, clearing the clog.

3. Flush Hot Water Down the Drain

Sani sticks come with a casing that includes added ingredients. You must run hot water to activate these ingredients and speed up the dissolving process. After that, wait for a couple of days and check whether the drains revert to their original condition of going with the flow. 

Do Sani Sticks Work in Garbage Disposal?

You must know that Sani sticks work in the garbage disposal and septic tanks as effectively as in the clogged drains. The primary reason behind this is the variety of food items that garbage disposal accepts for grinding, these edibles are not only biodegradable but also organic. So, they do not harm when put in the grinding chamber nor cause the bacteria death in the septic tanks. 

In addition, Sani sticks have another thing to do for garbage disposal, which is to eliminate bad smells. You must use Sani 360 garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer, specially designed for disposal units and are environment friendly. 

Do Sani Sticks Dissolve Completely?

Sani sticks work on the clogged drains by dissolving their content. But how far it dissolves is a must to know. When put in the drain, Sani sticks dissolve gradually and slowly while releasing the enzymes and breaking down the organic waste. 

Also, the time it takes for this purpose is different depending on the intensity of the blockage. For example, a freshly clogged drain needs less time even before the stick dissolves to its last and makes the piping work like before. However, you must keep one stick in a drain at the moment, otherwise, the result may get reversed. 

How Often Do You Use Sani Sticks?

As every cleaner needs instructions to use, so do the Sani sticks. Typically, these can take a minimum of one month to reach its end. After that, you must keep another one if the clogging prevails. However, there are some tips to follow for magical results. 

  • You must read the instructions mentioned on the backside of the packaging. 
  • Always put one stick at a time in a drain
  • Refrain from adding more than one stick, for if it does not dissolve can cause blockage. 

Are Sani Sticks Any Good?

The goodness of Sani sticks lies in the fact that they provide confirmed solutions to the two primary problems of plumbing; clogging or bad odors. These clog preventers or deodorizers undoubtedly provide less tiring ways of drain cleaning. Moreover, the fragile-looking cleaning sticks have more in store which you must know. 


Although Sani sticks are not the cure for various plumbing problems, these are preventive methods that prevent upcoming clogs from forming. Also, they do not come alone and are packed in a group of a minimum of 12 sticks. 

The cherry on the top is the price range from around $10 to $20. So, you have a better opportunity to stock them for a month by spending a minimum of money, one can save from pocket money. 

Easy to Use

Since Sani sticks are made of 100% biodegradable substances, they are safer than any other drain cleaners. Moreover, the ease of use it provides is unbeatable and you do not put any effort into finding compatibility regarding enzymes, or other things. It only includes keeping the stick in the infected pipe and letting it work independently. 


You won’t find other drain cleaners as time-saving as Sani sticks. What you have to do is to put a stick and let it do its job for almost a month. After the time has passed, you must check on the stick to be dissolved and keep another one if necessary. 

Sani Sticks vs. Green Gobbler Enzyme Liquid Drain Opener

Both are drain cleaners that release enzymes and natural ingredients and make drains clog-free. The point of difference between the two of them is how often they are required to deal with drain problems. 

Sani Sticks vs. Green Gobbler Enzyme Liquid Drain Opener

Sani sticks remain effective for almost a month until they dissolve completely ensuring regular maintenance. On the other hand, Green Gobbler liquid cleaner requires frequent usage and is the best solution for tackling severe clogs. 

Sani Sticks vs. BioClean Drain Cleaner

The stick-based cleaner works on the slow-released enzyme formula for drain cleaners. Whereas BioClean Drain Cleaner is available in powder form and helps clear long-term blockages. 

Sani Sticks vs. BioClean Drain Cleaner

Sani Sticks vs. dishwasher pods

Sani Sticks and dishwasher pods are both popular cleaning products, but they serve different purposes in maintaining a clean kitchen. Small sticks designed to prevent clogs and odors in kitchen sink drains by slowly releasing enzymes that break down organic matter. They are convenient for ongoing maintenance and are cost-effective.

Sani Sticks vs. dishwasher pods

On the other hand, dishwasher pods are specifically formulated for dishwashers. These all-in-one capsules combine detergent, rinse aid, and sometimes even a dishwasher cleaner. They are convenient for a quick and efficient wash cycle, ensuring spotless dishes and cutlery.

Using dishwasher pods in a garbage disposal is not recommended, as they may leave residue, be ineffective, and potentially damage the disposal. Use proper disposal cleaning products instead.

Bottom Line

Sani Sticks review give tireless solutions to your drain cleaning problems. Whether the problem is a slow drain or a drain with a foul odor. I recommend you take out one enzymatic stick and put it into the drain to see wonders. The article is a clear demonstration of the fact that you resolve many plumbing problems by simply maintaining them through sani stick usage.