Insinkerator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact – Difference Revealed

I often thought about why it is essential to find the differences between two similar-looking and similar-doing appliances until I found myself in a situation to choose one for my kitchen. That day I decided to search for what was hidden between InSinkErator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact till day. If you are in the same boat as me, read the guide to know the differences. 

The specifications of InSinkErator Pro 750 v. Evolution Compact are so similar that finding the difference between two garbage disposals becomes a tiring day task. However, the in-depth study or the review of the disposer’s users when combined confirms that it is warranty, pricing, or sound insulation values that make them different. 

The article has the dual purpose to tell you about the overlapping technicalities and a few differences between Pro 750 and Compact. You must be conscious of your choice in accordance with the generated food waste and the number of people that create it.

InSinkErator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact – Similarities

Don’t be a fool to ignore the similarities between the two garbage disposals as these are central in explaining how the garbage disposal works, the capacity value of the grinding chamber, what horsepower it uses, and with what material it is made up of. The values are the same for both disposal units but direct you to make a better choice along with their invisible going differences. 

Feed Type

Both garbage disposals are designed with continuous feed-type food processing. It means you flip on the switch and pack the chamber with the food waste all at once and let the machine does it works without hassle. 


You must hear what horsepower the garbage disposal is. If you discuss the garbage disposals under observation, they use 3/4 HP to grant kitchen refuse a convenient grinding with a single-phase Dura-drive motor. 


InSinkErator’s garbage disposal irrespective of what category they belong, runs at the speed of 1725 RPM. The average speed does not disappoint in converting the larger food chunks into smaller ones and meets your expectations likewise as the other disposers from the different brands. 

Grinding Chamber Capacity

Both kitchen appliances, such as Pro 750 and Compact consist of two-stage grinding technology with the same numerical regarding the chamber size. It means both disposal units hold 34.6 ounces of junk in a go without tripping. 

InSinkErator Pro 750 vs. Evolution Compact – Differences

The differences between the two garbage disposal is not a matter of word of mouth. Instead, you have to keenly observe by testing them, running them, and noticing their performance, so that you can relegate them to others for their mind-clearing. 

InSinkErator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact – Differences

Physical Appearance

If you think the physical dimensions make them apart, you are wrong as there is nothing concerning about them if ignore mentioning. From the manual reset button, hex hole, and identical width and height, the differences do not exist. 

However, the design that manufacturers come up with exhibits slight differences from the bottom. The 750 model is sleek and possesses a matte black finish. On the other hand, the Evolution Compact has curves beneath the silver band to which the model is labeled along with grey shades. 


As the known things, such as horsepower, chamber capacity, and corrosion-proof material are alike, you must dig into the features that InSinkErator does not include in every model. 

In this regard, an auto-reverse feature changes the direction the blades turn when the switch is flipped to prevent clog formation. The high-talk feature is the ownership of the InSinkErator Pro 750, but not exist in Evolution Compact. 

Sound Insulation 

Another difference between Pro 750 and Compact that a must-include in the Versus section is Sound Insulation. You must be curious to figure out how far the two appliances are efficient in masking machine-generated vibrations. Don’t you?

In that case, the InSinkErator Pro 750’s additional insulation layer and SoundLimiter Technology make it quiet garbage disposal. Also, the only way to determine the difference is to test the machines by running them for the considerable time it takes for food grinding. 

Sink Baffle Coating

Both garbage disposals comprise stainless steel grinding components and chambers, but the point to be highlighted is the material of the sink baffle that aims to mask the noise during grinding. 

The rubber sink baffle in the case of Pro 750 got an anti-microbial coating while the Compact has not. The coating prevents bacteria growth on the surface that makes up the top of the garbage disposal.

In-home Warranty

The warranty tenure of the InSinkErator garbage disposals is in ascending order in accordance with the different models. For instance, budget-friendly models comprise a warranty period of not more than 2-3 years while the opposite is practiced in the case of premium models. 

Similarly, Pro garbage disposal includes 9 years warranty and Evolution Compact has only a one-year minus from this period, reducing the tenure to 8 years. 


Apart from the discounts InSinkErator garbage disposal carries, the 750 model is costly due to superior specifications compared to its competitor. On the other hand, the difference between the price range of the Evolution Compact is not a big one. 

Final Verdict

InSinkErator Pro 750 is a better performer due to a longer warranty period, better insulation, and sink baffle coating. Even then, the less expensive garbage disposal meets your expectations for domestic use. 

Is InSinkErator same as Badger?

InSinkErator and Badger are not the same. The former is the brand manufacture of garbage disposals with different specifications. Whereas, the latter belongs to one of the series under the same roof. 

What are the Different Sizes of Garbage Disposals?

All garbage disposals do not have the same sizes and are determined by horsepower. The higher the power the larger and heavier the garbage disposal is. However, if you opt for a standard size, choose from the horsepower between 1/2 hp to 3/4 hp Disposal

Bottom Line

InSinkErator Pro and Evolution Compact perform well when the purpose of food grinding is concerned at separate locations. However, the table turns when you are asked to choose one from the duo. The choice is yours to either get the feature-packed InSinkErator Pro 750 or Evolution Compact. In my opinion, the wise decision is to give importance to your budget and preferences. The differences do not impact the kitchen routine much.