Waste King L-1001 vs L-2600 | What You Need to Know

My go-to garbage disposal purchase is from the one and only Waste King. I was behind the modern-looking disposal, and the Waste King Legend series came on the stage to fulfill my long-lost wish. However, keeping my choice narrowed between the two models, I asked the shop owner about the differences between Waste King L-1001 vs L-2600. Do you interested in knowing? Read the article. 

The difference between Waste King L-1001 and L-2600 you want to know lies in the domain of technical specifications, such as dimensions, grinding chamber materials, warranty period, and visual appearance. Overall, L-2600 wins the battle by offering durable stainless-steel material, a longer warranty, and a bigger size for more food access. 

If you are ever stuck between Waste King 1001 and 2600, this guide is a clear demonstration of your confusion explaining the disposers opposite points. In addition, there is an overview of similarities I feel like mentioning to decide better. 

Differences between Waste King L-1001 and L-2600

Generally, all Waste King Legend series garbage disposal models perform better. But if you specifically want to know how both ½ HP garbage disposals work, look forward to the points explained below. 

Differences between Waste King L-1001 and L-2600

Visual Shape

You do not need to look keenly at the stickers to identify how both garbage disposals appear before your eyes, as it can be done by just glancing at them. Yes, both garbage disposals present their respective shapes so that you instantly put your finger on them.

L-1001 makes you mesmerize as it got a cylindrical shape. Plus, the embellishments, such as the power cord and drain stopper do the job of putting weight on your decision to buy it. Whereas the L-2600 garbage disposal does not leave its footprints in catching the user’s attention by offering a mushroom shape with a pre-installed power cord facility.


Another difference between the two garbage disposals is the dimension values by which the height and width are determined. The values have a remarkable distance that you easily recognize the particular model without squinting. 

For L-1001, the height and width are 12.75×5.25 inches. Whereas the L-2600 garbage disposal got better and bigger values, such as a height of 13.5 inches and a width of 6.75 inches. The change in size due to dimensions makes L-2600 bigger and prepares it to hold more quantity of food waste than its comparative product. But L-1001 does not go slow and provides a compact solution for the small family with lesser kitchen refuse. 


The extended dimension differences lie in the sizes of both Waste King garbage disposals. The former that is L-1001 is smaller and a compact device for installation under the kitchen cabinet. 

On the other hand, L-2600 undoubtedly addresses much conveniently with the food particles due to its large size. At the same time, you get all this on the cost of aligning the drainpipes in the correct order before placing the appliance.

Grinding Components Material

As you know, Waste King includes a combination of construction materials for garbage disposal grinding components and grinding chambers. From plastic, and galvanized steel to stainless steel, the build quality refers to how much the device is durable. 

In this regard, you will be disappointed knowing that the L-1001 has galvanized steel material for grinding components. The chances of rust and corrosion are always there using it. On the contrary, L-2600 stands above the benchmark with the corrosion-resistant stainless steel grinding components for food churning along with flushing a lot of water. 

In addition, be happy to know that the L-1001 and L-2600 have their grinding chambers where the food waste resides before processing made of plastic. 


You must be amazed to know the bigger space in the warranty period of the Waste King L-1001 and L-2600. The former offers a 2-year warranty after its purchase. On the other hand, the latter is covered under the 5-year warranty. 

However, the advantage of the warranty is to claim for the repair of the machine’s parts in case of a breakdown free of charge. But you need to understand the locality you install the mode because the period reduces to only 1 year when used for commercial purposes. 


From all the points above, you can conclude that the cost at which you get your hands on L-2600 is more compared to L-1001. I think it is justified owing to the durable build quality, 5-year warranty, and bigger size for food storage. What are your thoughts?

Final Verdict 

Both Waste King’s garbage disposal work harder to earn the reputation of better performers in food waste management. Even then, I prefer L-2600, for it is born to shine with its better facilities compared to the device under observation. As the price differences are not so significant, buying one containing more features seems a good idea. 

Waste King L-1001 vs L-2600 – Overview

Learning the comparison analysis between garbage disposal 1001 and 2600 is not enough to decide, you must know some similar specifications for this task. In this regard, the continuous feed type disposers have more to convey regarding horsepower, speed, and installation mounting system. 

Both garbage disposal is crafted to use a ½ hp vortex permanent motor to grind food scraps. In addition, the speed of 2600 RPM at which the blades turn is much larger than what Insinkerator garbage disposal provides and helps to let every particle crushed at ease. 

Furthermore, the installation takes place using the same EZ mount. It only needs your attention to twist off the previous one and lock in another garbage disposal. The biggest advantage the presence of 36 inches pre-installed power cord to let your machine run instantly after its placement. 

How do you clean a Waste King garbage disposal?

Waste King garbage disposal does not require special or technical maintenance. The standard cleaning regimen it follows is to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Plus, adding lemon or citrus rinds with ice cubes gives a pleasant odor to the machine. 

How do you unjam a Waste King 2600?

You only need an Allen wrench for unjamming the Waste King garbage disposal. The process begins by inserting the wrench into the bottom hole of the disposer and turning it in either direction. It turns the plate and clears the obstruction. You can also do this by using a broomstick when your disposal unit has no hex hole. 

Summing Up

If you are into knowing what makes Waste King L-1001 and L-2600 garbage disposals apart from each other, make this guide “Waste King L-1001 vs. L-2600” your explaining partner in terms of design, shape, build quality, and warranty. I ensure the article helps you every bit in making your decision wisely and according to your preferences.