1/2 vs 3/4 HP Garbage Disposals – Which One to Choose

Selecting garbage disposal does not come without the idea of its appropriate size. Isn’t it? As many find themselves in confusion regarding what disposal horsepower and size to take a step, here is the guide that highlights the general comparison between 1/2 vs 3/4 HP Garbage Disposals.

A garbage disposal works differently when they are assigned different horsepower. Similarly, the versus between 1/2 and 3/4 hp makes you realize that the former has less grinding power, is smaller in size, and is made out of low-quality materials. Whereas, the latter comprise powerful motors with more grinding power, large size, and better build quality. 

The article refers to key points that you need to understand to pack your appropriate-size garbage disposal home. 

Difference Between 1/2 and 3/4 Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal undoubtedly shrinks your long hours of kitchen spend to a few minutes. However, it also depends on how much power your garbage disposal has to do the task effectively. So, make yourself prepared to collect all the points of favor and against in the scenario of a 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower garbage disposal.

Difference Between 1/2 and 3/4 Garbage Disposal

1/2 hp is Smaller while 3/4 hp is Bigger

You must wonder what makes sense in explaining the size of the garbage disposal when the discussion is about horsepower. Believe it or not, the size and horsepower have a direct relation.

So, what do you understand is the 1/2 hp being smaller, compact, and seems feasible for easy installation. Whereas the 3/4 is bigger in size along with the width that lets you stuff more food in the chamber. But it makes you free up the space under the sink for the unit placement. 

Final Verdict: ½ hp has a plus point due to its smaller size which helps with time-saving installation. 

1/2 hp Has Less Grinding Power Than 3/4 hp

Another difference lets you walk on the path of the general theory that explains 1/2 hp garbage disposal has less grinding power than 3/4 hp. However, it is only 1/4 hp but it does impact how the machine works for grinding and churning food waste. 

1/2 hp garbage disposals are light-duty machines with low-power motors and accept only soft food items to avoid jamming later on. Whereas 3/4 hp is a step ahead and has the capability to take somewhat tougher particles on a regular basis. 

Final Verdict: 3/4 hp wins the challenge by providing greater power for food grinding. 

1/2 hp is Sufficient for Small Households

Why you need a certain horsepower garbage disposal is not separate from the question of how much quantity of waste you add to it. Plus, it includes the number of persons that generate the junk and the extent to which the unit is used. 

1/2 hp garbage disposal consists of a low-power motor for standard food items. It is appropriate for a small family of two to five where the need to run the machine does not exceed an occasional basis. 

On the other hand, a 3/4 hp garbage disposal is known to fulfill the kitchen requirements of most domestic households extending the members up to five to eight members. Additionally, it consists of a wider chamber to pack more food amount at once and you can turn the flip frequently to do the task. 

Final Verdict: ½ hp is designed to use infrequently while 3/4 hp works best for every day.

Build Quality of 1/2 hp is Less Than 3/4 hp!

All the points I mentioned above interlinked with your preferences. But the build quality solely belongs to how far the machine lasts long to give you ease in doing dishes. 

½ hp garbage disposal has less durable material, such as galvanized steel or plastic in its construction that may become the victim of corrosion build-up or cracks due to excess moisture encounter. On the contrary, if the same applies to the ¾ hp disposer, you will find it more resistant due to the stainless-steel construction material that is a warrior against corrosion. 

Final Verdict: 3/4 hp ensures longevity over galvanized machines along with effortless food grinding.

1/2 hp Offers Less Warranty 

Including all the factors into account, the demonstration of 1/2 hp vs. 3/4 hp takes a positive turn in finalizing the warranties and prices. ½ hp models have a smaller warranty period and cost less compared to expensive models with longer models. 

In addition, the budget for which the low horsepower ranges goes up to $75 and $125. Whereas the 3/4 hp garbage disposals cost between $125 and $200. 

Final Verdict: 1/2 hp models are entry-level units with a warranty period of 1-4 years while 3/4 hp models have a warranty starting from 5-10 years to lifetime. 

How much current does a 1/2 hp garbage disposal draw?

A 1/2 hp garbage disposal draws approximately 9.8 amperes of current. However, you must know that the machine takes more at the time of starting and gradually set to the value after a while. 

Is more HP better for garbage disposal?

A higher horsepower is surely better for garbage disposal, for the high-powered motors grind food into particles effectively and with no chance of jams. 

Bottom Line

Finding the appropriate size for the garbage disposal is no more a difficult task these days. Both 1/2 hp and 3/4 hp garbage disposals have their functions in their respective places and you cannot use them in all cases. 1/2 vs 3/4 HP Garbage Disposals, the only way you can choose between the two appliances is to turn your focus on your household requirements, budget, and installation space.