Is a Higher Horsepower Garbage Disposal Better? Explained

Being away from the device’s technical terms, I had no idea that the reason behind my disposal grinding slowly and jamming frequently was low horsepower. However, the help from the technician made me replace it with the one comprising higher power. If you have the same confusion as me, read the article and decide wisely why Is a Higher Horsepower Garbage Disposal Better.

The higher the horsepower, the better the performance of the disposal. You can expect fewer jams, smooth food churning, and no clogged drains. But in the parallel world, you need extra space to accommodate the unit because as you go higher in horsepower, you will have no option other than choosing big-size disposal.

The article covers the merits of having disposal with higher horsepower. Additionally, I will mention what garbage disposal size you should choose to meet your requirements of disposing of food waste per cooking schedule or for a considerable number of family members.

Is a Higher HP Garbage Disposal Better?

Higher HP garbage disposals are undoubtedly better, for they have a few extra advantages over mediocre ones. Do you want to know more about them?

Fewer Jams

What’s better than emancipating the source of the primary jams from the garbage disposal? Small-size garbage disposal converts food particles into smaller ones at a slow pace. Whereas when you get successful in hunting the best horsepower for your unit, not only the disposal size but the grinding chamber also increases.

This creates enough space for the food particles to mix with water and smoothly deliver to the sewage. Garbage disposal gets no chance to shelter leftover food erasing the reason for jamming.

Fine Pulverization

If you want your garbage disposal to reduce the larger food chunks in a go, replace your low-powered garbage disposal with a higher one. The advantage of doing so is countless as you get the multiple grinding stages with powerful motors to command the shredders to do more in less time.

Fewer Clogged Drains

Garbage disposal is not an individual entity to lap your food waste. Many drain pipes are connected to transfer the crushed waste to the local water treatment plants. Higher horsepower disposal units make the task convenient by washing all of it in no time, leaving behind no residue.

So, you can assume that the disposal with extra horsepower reduces the chances of clogged drains and make them always ready to accept whatever entrust to them in the form of smaller chunks of food particles.

What Horsepower is Good for a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal is an electrical appliance just like other appliances operating in your kitchen. The horsepower you decide on before picking the unit for yourself emphasizes focusing on three points; family size, type of food waste, and disposal utilization.

The ideal size of the garbage disposal ranges between 3/4 hp to 1 hp. At this horsepower the size increases enough to handle both soft or tough food waste along with increasing family numbers, that is from five to above. For example, the Incinerator Evolution Compact is a fine gadget with additional features.

What Horsepower is Good for a Garbage Disposal

3/4 HP Vs 1 HP Garbage Disposal

Deciding on which garbage disposal is better seems daunting. However, you can compare the points that go in contrast while discussing 3/4 hp vs. 1 hp.

The 3/4 Horsepower Garbage Disposal is considered perfect aiming to perform well with most kitchen waste. The ideal motor power will do the task of crushing biodegradable food, liquids, or veg scraps when you flush a lot of water alongside drainpipes.

No matter whether you run it daily, or many times a day, the size and motor horsepower acquire more power than ½ hp to get the job done for family members of five. I recommend trying Waste King L3200 comes with additional features like stainless steel, noise reduction, a large grinding chamber, etc. Waste King also best for farmhouse sink.

Whereas, if you have difficult-to-handle food items, or you want to use your garbage many times a day for large family members. You can go higher with 1HP or above that. Furthermore, you will get more features with higher horsepower, such as noise reduction, multiple grinding stages, good-quality material, and anti-jamming. For example, InSinkErator Evolution Excel with this power can grind potato peels and celery with much convenience.

How much Power should a Garbage Disposal have?

Majority of the garbage disposals use 1200 watts power on average. Depending on what size you are using, the number of watts vary from 500-1800 which is not more than other appliances in your kitchen.

What is the Average Life of a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are durable appliances serving you for long. If you pay attention to adequate maintenance, these can last long around 10-12 years easily.

Summing Up

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