What Size Allen Wrench for Garbage Disposal? Comprehensive Guide

My InSinkErator garbage disposal got clogged, and the need to insert the Allen wrench was on the way. Finding no appropriate size for the one, I used a standard size to get the purpose done. Later on, I gathered my information regarding the different sizes and came up with the answer: What Size Allen Wrench for Garbage Disposal?

The disposal does not fit a one-size Allen wrench. As the brand and model of the disposal units differ, so do the inches of the Allen wrench. You must find the correct size from the manual instruction of the appliance; otherwise, select the most common size between 1/2-to-1/4-inch wrench because it suits well with almost a variety of garbage disposal.

In this article, I will mention the typical sizes of Allen wrenches you can use for dealing with tightening or losing the screws of the garbage disposal. Also, if you feel difficulty with how to use it, there is a description down below.

What Size Allen Wrench is Used for Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal includes the Allen wrench in its tool kit. The situation goes against your favor when you unintentionally lose it. In case, you do not find it in a critical situation, pick a random Allen wrench between a quarter to half inches and clear the clogs formed in the garbage disposal.

Another thing that makes you care about the adequate size is the bolt’s measurement of the garbage disposal. If both find compatible, you can easily carry out the process further. For example, a Badger and InSinkErator garbage disposal comprises a quarter-inch hex hole; you must have equal size wrench in your tool kit.

What Size Allen Key for Garbage Disposal?

Suppose you do not want to use random wrench keys on your money-spent machine and need a logical explanation. What size you must approach gives the idea of looking through the manual instruction or gathering the information from the disposal unit body?

Manual Instruction

As you know, your garbage disposal does not get along without an Allen wrench, for it is prone to timeless jamming. You must have it in the toolbox and be conscious of its missing out from the place. If you find no clue about it, I recommend you open the owner’s guide of your appliance and search for the perfect size.

Model of the Garbage Disposal

Another way to investigate the correct size for the Allen wrench is to peek through the disposal’s side. Every machine has its model name or not-miss specifications imprinted on its body. You just have to put a glance at it and go to the hardware shop to buy it.

How to Unclog Garbage Disposal with Allen Wrench?

After you know what size Allen wrench is for disposal, you must know how to use it. The steps are simple if applied with an attentive mind.

  • Disconnect the garbage disposal from the power source
  • Insert Allen wrench into the hole below the disposal unit
  • Rotate it in either direction until you notice the flywheel loses resistance
  • Pull out the jammed particles using pliers
  • Run cold water down the garbage disposal and turn it on.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal Without an Allen Wrench?

What if you don’t have a garbage disposal tool? You still fix your machine without it, as the broomstick serves garbage disposal wrench substitute. The process is the same as the Allen wrench but differs in the location in which you insert it.

Allen wrench fits in the hole from the bottom while the broomstick runs down from the upper body of the disposal unit and requires force to dislodge the flywheel. However, if the clogging agents are near the sink drain, you can easily pull them out using pliers.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal Without an Allen Wrench

Is There a Tool to Unjam a Garbage Disposal?

You can easily unjam the jammed garbage disposal using different tools depending on the intensity of the jamming. The first one comes to the pliers for removing nearby food waste. While broomstick and Allen wrench come in handy when the turntable experience clogging beyond reach.

What Size Allen Wrench for Waste King Garbage Disposal?

Waste King disposal falls in a different category regarding Allen wrench size compared to Badger and InSinkErator. The ½ tool works best during the machine not turning, spinning, or jamming.

Summing Up