Garbage Disposal Not Spinning – Reasons And Solutions

I realized my disposal was not spinning after turning it on from the power supply. However, nothing works when pressing the Garbage Disposal Reset Button as an initial treatment. In this regard, my primary concern is to find out why my Garbage Disposal is not Spinning.

Garbage not spinning is the initial indication that something gets stuck inside the appliance. It could be anything from cocoa beans to banana peels that do not let the blades turn and disposal hums.

In this article, I will mention the primary causes of disposal not spinning. In addition, you must learn how to fix the not spinning issue without the assistance of an expert.

Garbage Disposal Not Spinning | Causes

Watching out for what you dump in the disposal highlights the causes of disposal, not spinning issues. You can estimate the significant reasons why the disposal is not spinning are clogging, dumping kitchen cutlery and kids’ toys, and running the motor repeatedly.

Blocked Drains

The first and foremost cause of the disposal not spinning is the clogged drains or internal components. When you dump various edible without keeping a check on them, disposal does not grind them, and as a result, food residue left behind in the machine cause clogging.

Although garbage disposal is efficient and handles almost everything, there are some food items that you cannot push inside. For example, cocoa beans, eggshells, grease, oils, and starchy potato peels.

Garbage Disposal not spinning Blocked Drains

Unnecessary Items

Your garbage disposal is only meant to process food items and throw them in the waste through the main drainpipe. By any chance, if kitchen utensils or anything that does not match the garbage disposal gets stuck, the blades do not perform well.

Also, you allow the motor keeps running and invite further damage to other components. You may have nothing left except a burnt motor and disposal beyond repair.

Unnecessary Items for garbage disposal

Dirt and Debris

Do you think about the uninvited guests that halt your disposal from spinning? Accumulated dirt does not allow the proper functioning of the disposal. So, you cannot leave it unattended after installing it below the kitchen sink.

Moreover, if you do so, the disposal does not spin, no matter how many trials you do by checking the power supply or circuit breaker.

Poorly Sharp Blades

Garbage disposal is nothing without blades that take part in food grinding and processing. All the parts work in harmony to get the purpose done. While you ponder why garbage disposal does not spin, look for the condition of the blades.

The disposal’s blades become dull or lose their capacity to churn the food particles due to overusing. Also, the age limit is another factor not to avoid concerning the machine’s efficiency.

Poorly Sharp garbage disposal Blades

Garbage Disposal Not Spinning | Fix

Since your main aim is to protect your kitchen appliance from getting blocked, the following method is beneficial for you to unclog the disposal’s drains. The method is simple and does not require a technician’s help.

Cut off the Power Supply

You never know when the motor will start running in case you do not flip the disposal switch. So, the first step is to disconnect your garbage disposal unit from the power supply before operating it.
Pro Tip: you must follow the prevention to save yourself from injury.

Initial Treatment

You need to find out where and what clogs the disposal, so pick a torch light and get your purpose done. The large food particles easily catch your sight when a flashlight shines. Use the pliers and remove the hurdles.

Disposal Tools

If you notice, your disposal not spinning then brings a tool kit. Make sure to use the exact size Allen wrench for garbage disposal. Grab one of the Allen wrenches and help fix the not spinning problem. Insert the wrench into the hole below the disposal body and gently turn it clockwise and anticlockwise to separate the flywheel.

Also, you can turn the plate manually after removing what’s bothering the impeller’s plate from moving.

Run Cold Water

Do you satisfy removing the clogged items from the disposal? If yes, run the cold water to say goodbye to any residue and ensure the machine work as normally as it was.

Turn the Garbage Disposal

It’s time to turn the disposal on and check for any possibility of the disposal not spinning. However, if nothing gets obstructed inside the machine, you can simply press the reset button.

There are chances that the disposal gets overheated and needs to follow the commands. In that case, reset it after 10 minutes so that it cools down. Call the technician for better repair advice if the blades do not work well.

Preventive Tips

Your machine is valuable and demands scheduled maintenance. However, you can play your part in increasing the lifespan of your machine by following the preventive measures.

  • Allow running the excess water during food grinding
  • Do not overload the garbage disposal
  • Turn on your machine every day to avoid corrosion
  • Make a habit of pushing inside the citrus scrape for grinding and cleaning the insides.

Why is My Disposal Humming Not Spinning?

You notify your disposal is humming and not spinning. The evident reason is the blockage in the drains or the flywheel that restrict the machine from functioning correctly even after receiving a power supply.

How do You Restart a Stuck Garbage Disposal?

Clear the item that makes your garbage disposal stuck and press the protruding reset button below it. Ensure your machine is disconnected from the main supply.

Summing Up

The jammed motor or blades are the primary problem of disposal not spinning. If you pay attention to the machine’s proper care, clog does not form, and you avoid not spinning issues. Additionally, I have mentioned the solution to clear out the blockage to ensure spinning and turning.

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