Cost to Replace a Garbage Disposal – Know How Much Does it Cost?

Recently, I discovered my garbage disposal showed signs of less performance. The reason was nothing but an object stuck in it that left no other option to spend money on replacing it. If you are in the same problem as me and want to know, what is the Cost to Replace a Garbage Disposal, this guide will be of great help to you.

The average cost to replace disposal is $220 to $990. It also depends on many factors, such as the type of disposal units, swapping disposers with one having similar specifications, installing an entirely different unit, materials, warranty, or brand. The side note explains the significance of taking the replacement as a do-it-yourself project or by an expert affecting the cost accordingly. 

In this article, I will mention the round-up cost to replace garbage disposal regarding the factors that are associated with it. You only have to keep your notebook and pen ready to jot down minute details and tips while doing the replacement. 

How Much Is it to Replace a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal often shows signs of aging, but this does not leave you on the margin of replacing it in every circumstance. Your priority must be looking into the problem attentively and taking action for the repair first. However, replacement comes on the way if it fails to respond to the cure. 

Typically, the cost to replace garbage disposal goes as higher as $220 for domestic purposes with adequate horsepower. Whereas the amount increases to $990 for commercial units with higher horsepower. However, the DIY replacement of low-powered garbage disposal does not cost you more than $50-$100. 

Factors That Affect the Price Range of Garbage Disposal 

As you know, garbage disposal replacement is not without a garbage disposal unit and installation labor. There is much more than that you need to pay attention to. 

6 Factors That Affect the Price Range of Garbage Disposal 

Brand Selection

Garbage disposal replacement is not a simple task as it seems. Sometimes, it takes a toll on you when the matter of concerning the brand. There is no problem when you get the replacement of the previous-used model from the same brand. 

But when you want an entirely different disposal unit, the confusion lets you hit your head on the wall. Every brand decides its price range per feature or specifications. So, brand selection indirectly affects the cost of replacement.

Type of Garbage Disposal

Discussing the garbage disposal replacement lets you remind yourself of the type; batch feed or continuous feed. If you think the two types have no significant effect on the replacement cost, things are not the same as you think. The reality is that both types come with different price ranges. 

As the continuous feed type disposer is the most accessible due to its feature of grinding the food scraps using electricity, it comes with high prices from $75 to $1,000. On the other hand, batch feed grinds food waste by taking time but not compromising on safety is less expensive ranging from  $75 to $300.

Decide on Garbage Disposal Material

You are standing nowhere if you do not know that garbage disposal material directly affects the replacement cost. Whether it is low-quality galvanized steel or good-quality aluminum or stainless steel, the price range is in accordance. 

Garbage disposals with stainless steel are popular, for providing the ultimate protection against rust or corrosion, costing between $450 to $1,200. On the other hand, if you use aluminum material grinding components, the money run is about $75 to $300.

Motor Size

The size of the garbage disposal is another big factor affecting the replacement cost. Smallest garbage disposal unit with small motor can be a cost-effective and practical choice for a small kitchen. These compact disposals are designed to fit in tight spaces and can handle the waste produced in smaller households. It further narrows down to define the motor size. The larger the size, the higher the motor horsepower, and so does the price. 

Approximately, low-powered horsepower motors (⅓, or ½ ) are available in the price range from  $55 to $220. At the same time, expect to pay more for 1 Hp motor, that is from $200 to $400.

Installation Labor Cost

Wait, what about the labor cost? Hiring a professional to do the garbage disposal replacement for you indeed increases the charges. But one plus point is that you have the certainty of obtaining the work of satisfaction. 

As you know, garbage disposal installation or replacement does not take long and is complete within hours, that’s why the labor cost is also fixed on per hourly basis. On average, it is between $50 to $100 per hour.

Extra Information: the criteria for labor cost depends on installing the garbage disposal for the first time, replacing an old disposal unit with a product having similar features, and replacing it with a uniquely different product. 

Additional Materials

Replacing the garbage disposal unit means installing it just the way the previous one was. There must not be any single mistake, for the entire process would go in vain. There are to-do things that fall outside of the replacement cost but have a direct influence on the total cost. 

  • Wiring installation
  • Removal and disposal of existing garbage disposal
  • Purchasing an extended warranty

In addition, I estimated some additional materials that you must take into account and keep a little money aside for expenditure. The materials include pipes for plumbing, wiring fittings, or creating extra electrical outlets. All these detailings contribute to increasing the replacement cost, that is from $20 to $50 or more.

How do I Know if My Garbage Disposal Needs Replacing?

Garbage disposal has an expected life span of 10-12 years after which it provokes its users to treat it in the best possible way to make it work like before. However, there are primary signs that encourage early replacement before all goes wrong. 

  • Garbage disposal generates strange noises from the motor or from the grinding components. 
  • Lingering bad smell emitting from the unit.
  • Garbage disposal denied turning on, irrespective of the circuit is not tripped with all the connections in its place. 
  • Garbage Disposal leaking from the bottom or sides.
  • The garbage disposal reset button becomes unresponsive.

Is it Worth Replacing a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal replacement cost you a lot of expenditure. From mandatory garbage disposal selection including best material, features, or compatible mounting assembly to additional charges of electrical wiring installation, removal, and disposal of existing one, paying more to increase the warranty period the cost shoots up.  

Still, garbage dipsosal is worth the replacement because it revolutionizes the way of food disposal and everyone wants to get their hands on the product to experience the facility. 

Do Garbage Disposals Need Maintenance?

Yes, garbage disposals are always in need of scheduled maintenance. It is up to you whether to plan it weekly, monthly, or on alternate days. You must know that maintenance includes blade sharpening, cleaning the chamber, and making grinding components in tip-top condition. In case, you want to know the basic tips of the maintenance for disposal unit longevity, read the points mentioned below. 

Basic tips of the maintenance for garbage disposal

Summing Up

Because garbage disposals are cost-effective, it does not mean you put yourself into trouble by replacing them for the sake of correcting minor issues. The ground reality is that it costs you many dollars, enough to disbalance the monthly budget. As long as your previous unit can fulfill your requirements, repair it firsthand. Otherwise, you can make a replacement for sure. This article helps you in every department regarding the cost to replace the garbage disposal. Also, the price range mentioned above is estimated and can vary accordingly.