Moen Garbage Disposal Reset Button | Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Recently, I purchased a Moen gx50c garbage disposal and wanted to swallow all the functions in one go. The time I turned the manual page on the reset button, I discovered it resides in a different place compared to traditional disposers. I wondered whether it includes additional powers or a manufacturing design. Read my article to find out more about Moen Garbage Disposal Reset Button. 

Despite enjoying the different housing, the Moen reset button serves ordinary as others do. The built-in circuit breaker pops out and ensures a machine switch-off function in emergencies, such as overheating, clogging, or much more. Also, you need to press it manually for efficient disposal’s working. 

The answers you try to find are mentioned in this article, as it briefly highlights the significance of the Moen garbage disposal reset button. I will describe the functioning and location of the button so that you feel at ease. 

Does Moen Garbage Disposal have a Reset Button?

Like other garbage disposals, Moen also includes a reset button to protect the appliance from damage beyond repair. You can fearlessly press the button in the following circumstances.

  • The disposal starts overheating due to overloading
  • You overload the disposal and it begins emitting smoke
  • To stop the disposal of strange/humming noises
  • The garbage disposal becomes clogged with stuck food particles or tangible objects. 
Does Moen Garbage Disposal have a Reset Button?

Where is the Reset Button on a Moen Garbage Disposal?

You must upgrade your knowledge about the reset button, for the need of pressing it may be on the way. The button that serves as a built-in circuit breaker comes to the rescue in any case if your garbage disposal fails to respond. 

Considering when to press the reset button indicates the importance of finding where it locates. It is in the hole below the horsepower labeling on the side of the disposal body. You can assume that the Moen disposal reset button location is opposite the side from where the power cord protrudes. On the contrary, traditional garbage disposals have this button in black or red color below the unit body. 

How to Reset a Moen Garbage Disposal?

Do not give up on your Moen garbage disposal this easily. Instead, find the solution of resetting it before calling the technician to replace it or work on it. Follow the steps to know how I reset my Moen gx50c 1/2 hp garbage disposal. 

How to Reset a Moen Garbage Disposal?

Switch off the Disposal.

Before treating the disposal, you must be conscious to take the first step of turning the device off. It helps you keep safe from electrocuting, and resetting becomes convenient. 

Search for Reset Button

The quickest way to find the reset button of a particular garbage disposal brand is by reading manual instructions. Moen GXseries, like mine, has a reset button on the side.

Press the Reset Button 

Pressing or pushing the Moen reset button is tiring because it lacks a tangible button. In this regard, you must grab a screwdriver or Allen wrench to insert into the hole and give the button a click. At this time, you must turn on the disposal to find out whether it starts working. 

Check for Problems

Before pressing the reset button again, check for all the possibilities of making it inactive. For instance, confirm the health of the motor, grinding plates, and clogs. Act on the action regarding the problem.

Reset Garbage Disposal 

After solving garbage disposal problems, let the machine cool down for a few minutes. Push the reset button and turn on the machine followed by flushing cold water. Not only it cleans the garbage disposal but maintains the flow in the drains. 

Moen Disposal Reset Button Not Working – Reasons and Solutions.

Garbage disposal reset button if not work; you must check for the reasons and try solving it before it leads you further tension. 

Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, putting excess food on a disposal handle trips the electrical circuitry. Identify the circuit supplying power to the disposal unit from the outlet and simply flip it. However, ask the electrician to replace it if it blows out. 

Stuck Food Particles

If your garbage disposal shows no movement, your next step must be finding problems, such as stuck food particles or clogging. Pick the tongs to remove the nearby junk. If necessary, insert the Allen wrench below the hole to turn the flywheel manually. 

Ask Help

Assuming the unresponsiveness of the reset button, you must call the electrician to look for the damaged wires or a fuse box. You can replace them to make the disposal work like before. 

Condition of the Reset Button

How tip-top you keep the reset button is necessary for its working. If the body cracks or the internal circuit shuts down for any reason, the reset button will be useless. If you notice the garbage disposal leaking water from the reset button, you must get up and look for its replacement as early as possible. Mostly, the garbage disposal reset button is a temporary fix and lets you buy the entire unit.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal when the Reset Button does’ t Work?

If you find the garbage disposal reset button not working, remove the clogs or blockages. Use a garbage disposal toolkit to clear stuck particles in the grinding chamber or the drains and then push the reset button. 

How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

The average life of every garbage disposal brand offers a long life going almost 12-15 years. Plus, how you maintain and care for the unit increases its lifespan beyond the expiry date. Read our guide ” How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last? ” For more information.

Summing Up

Does your self-handle your disposal or directly call the technician? No matter what your step would be, I recommend you glance at the reset button and press it to see wonders. The article is a clear demonstration of the fact that you resolve many garbage disposal problems by simply pushing the button with an approachable screwdriver.