Insinkerator Badger 15ss Review – A Must Try Garbage Disposal

The idea of choosing garbage disposal for disposing of food waste always brings the InSinkErator brand in mind. Isn’t it? The privilege of choosing this brand over others is due to the guarantee of performance, long-run appliance, and whatnot. Similarly, one such garbage disposal that I have reviewed after testing it keenly is the Badger 15ss. Stick to the guide to look deeply into the InSinkErator Badger 15ss Review loaded with specifications and the like. 

InSinkErator Badger 15ss reached the height of fame due to many factors. Among them are the second most potent ¾ horsepower, continuous feed design, and stainless-steel grinding components. At the same time, the lack of some features, such as no sound insulation technology, unavailability of power cord, and one-stage grinding make it average. 

Insinkerator Badger 15ss non-corded 3/4-hp Review 

My vibe matched the InSinkErator Badger 15ss since it launched. All the years, it worked up to the expectations with satisfactory performance. Now, it’s time to present you with an authentic review so that you experience the benefits in the same way as I did. 

The article is all about my viewpoints on the InSinkErator Badger 15ss. It includes the appliance’s dimensions, build quality, grinding power, and pricing. Also, what I like about the machine or what I don’t like is mentioned.


  • Feed Type: Continuous feed
  • Horsepower: ¾ hp
  • Speed: 1725 RPM
  • Motor: Dura-Drive Induction
  • Grinding Chamber Capacity: 26 ounces
  • Power Cord: not pre-installed
  • Mounting Technology: Lift and Latch 
  • Garbage Disposal Construction: galvanized steel
  • Grinding Components/Chamber Material: stainless steel
  • Warranty: 6 years

Feed Type

As you know, garbage disposal is either a batch or a continuous feed, there is no in-between. Do you want to know what design Badger 15ss is? The appliance is a continuous feed that works on the principle of disposing of food junk as long as electricity is provided. 

On the other hand, why does InSinkErator Badger 15ss discard batch feed due to the unwanted steps that are associated with this technique? For example, you load the grinding chamber, place the stopper firmly, and make the appliance run. 

However, continuous feed takes all the responsibility after you flip the switch to turn the garbage disposal and feed it well with the food to be reduced. 


As far as the design is concerned, Insinkerator Badger 15ss 3/4-hp does not impress you in the best possible way. The reason is that the disposal unit is ordinary-looking in chrome hues. The professional design incorporates nothing fancier except a stainless-steel sink flange, splash guard, and a reset button. Even, the power cord is missing, and you have to buy it separately. 

On the other hand, if you see the lookbook of the disposal unit from the lens of dimensions, you will find it is as compact as you require for your under-kitchen sink area. The 12.63 inches of height and 6.75 inches of width make it a worthwhile appliance. 

Build Quality

Knowing the build quality of the garbage disposal is important, for it concludes how well the machine goes in upcoming years performance-wise or tolerating wear and tear. In this regard, you must think that the galvanized steel garbage disposal construction put a full stop to the discussion, but it has more to say.

InSinkErator Badger 15ss includes a galvanized steel body but the grinding components are manufactured with stainless steel. Even the grinding chamber that includes no multistage food grinding derives its material from stainless steel and is prevented from several chipping and cracking. 

Because the material forms a protective layer of chromium oxide and prevents corrosion buildup, it won’t hurt when plan to buy a garbage disposal that works in coordination with excess cold water.

Grinding Power

Since InSinkErator Badger 15ss stands midway in providing over-the-board specifications but fails to offer worth-mentioning extra features, the testimony comes from the grinding power declaring it ideal when observing the functions and performance. 

The under-observation appliance includes ¾ hp horsepower with a Dura-drive induction motor. When you put tougher food waste, such as bones, meat slices, vegetable peels, and scraps, the stainless-steel swivel lugs and impellers rotate their maximum speed of 1725 RPM and make food grinding an easy task. 

In addition, the grinding chamber is of importance as it comes with a filling capacity of 26 ounces. It means you can fill the food items in the disposal unit up to this value and enjoy tireless food disposal. 

What Can Go in Badger 15ss?

Badger 15ss is a food waste disposer with the capacity to not leave any food particles in the grinding chamber unattended. Even then, you have some limitations to follow in putting things inside. Here is the list of the food items that can easily go in the disposal unit for a smooth churn. 

What Can Go in Badger 15ss?

What Cannot Go In Badger 15ss?

InSinkErator Badger 15ss competes well with the lower horsepower’s, such as ⅓ or ½ hp. It does not mean you treat it as comparable to having one hp horsepower and dump similar things. What you must do is glance at the things mentioned below that have no place in the grinding chamber. 

What Cannot Go In Badger 15ss?

Extra Feature: Septic Safety

InSinkErator manufactures many garbage disposals that ensure compatibility with septic systems. Similarly, Badger 15ss is worth noting appliance as it is competing enough to beat others of the same category when wired in the household for use with septic tanks. 

Does Badger 15ss Need Improvement?

Since Badger 15ss has no extravagant budget, it lacks many features that you feel the presence of them will make the experience of operating the appliance better than ever. However, the motto behind highlighting the missing features is only to acknowledge the brand for improvement which eventually increases the purchase. 

Power Cord

“It is common to say that Badger 15ss has no power cord included, making it a non-corded garbage disposal. The dilemma is that you cannot proceed further with installation without it. You must buy a compatible one separately from Amazon or InSinkErator brand stores. When considering your options between a corded vs. non-corded garbage disposal, this distinction becomes crucial, as corded models come with their own power cords, simplifying the installation process.”

Sound Insulation Technology

Many premium models of the InSinkErator garbage disposal incorporate Advanced Sound Seal technology to reduce the machine’s self-generated vibrations and noises. But Badger 15ss is not without the technology but also has no prominent sound-insulated materials, such as foam or rubber that can do the purpose. To cut the story short, it is loud enough to distract you from the kitchen chores while increasing your frustration. 

Multi Grinding Stages

Despite Badger 15ss being ¾ hp, it lacks multi-grinding stages which are exclusive to InSinkErator in higher horsepower models for food grinding. The technology refers to increasing the cutting power of the grinding components and making the process of food churning and processing at a fast pace. Hence, improvement is needed. 


Badger 15ss includes some of the important workers without which the disposal unit fails to do regular functioning. These accessories play their role in handling kitchen waste spread making it neat and clean. Although these include many, I only discuss those that come in handy. 

Splash Guard

Badger 15ss comes with a stainless-steel splash guard which is always a plus point in determining the reliability against excess water. It protects the food content and water from backing up and provides ease in the deep disposal unit cleaning.

Lift and Latch Mounting Assembly

insinkerator badger 15ss non-corded 3/4 hp continuous feed garbage disposal installation is relatively easy. The brand manufacturers provide lift-and-latch technology to keep up with the sink connection. Moreover, you can do it within an hour when following the steps mentioned in the manual instructions. Such as replacing the old unit, lifting the new one to the portion where the sink flange is attached, and locking the connections. 


Badger 15ss warranty is not without in-home services. You can say that it covers 6 long years of free-of-cost repair, labor, or garbage disposal part services. In case, your appliance stops working, check the warranty card and experience the best troubleshooting facility without spending extra money. 


The Badger 15ss garbage disposal review demands your attention. It is due to the budget-friendly price it comes in, which is $179. It not only lets you turn your face in the opposite direction but also restricts you from looking for another product that includes the same specs. 

What I Like About the InSinkErator Badger 15ss?

  • Badger 15ss induction motor can easily chew food particles converting them into fine grated appearance.
  • The adequate height does not go wrong with the placement under the sink. 
  • The splash guard comes in handy in preventing the water and food waste content from spitting out of the grinding chamber.
  • A reset button below the disposal unit frame provides quick troubleshooting in case of overloading, smoking, and tripping. 
  • The garbage disposal functions effectively for medium-sized families of five to eight members.
  • The machine can tolerate food disposal on alternate days without putting strain on the motor’s power. 

What I Don’t Like About the InSinkErator Badger 15ss?

  • Badger 15ss is not quiet and is bad at dampening self-generated noises. 
  • The continuous feed design may cause injuries if used carelessly. 
  • Galvanized steel is not up to the mark in protecting the appliance against corrosion buildup. 
  • The non-removable splash guard may take you long hours to dislodge the unit for cleaning purposes. 

Bottom Line 

If you are the one who can compromise on the sound quality, Insinkerator Badger 15ss is an appropriate option. The affordable price tag, easy installation, and ¾ hp horsepower make it worth buying for effortless food disposal while discarding the idea of filling the trash bags. I hope this review article clears your doubts and queries regarding the new purchase.