Franke Garbage Disposal Reviews – Pick One for Your Kitchen 

Being in the world of kitchen waste management, searching for various appliances for food disposal is a long day task. The reviews of different consumers motivated me to end my search on Franke garbage disposals. I analyzed all specifications carefully, which led me to elaborate more on Franke Garbage Disposal Reviews.

In this article, I will mention my personal reviews about Franke garbage disposal. The discussion about the quality, sturdiness, and durability is all you need for the information to decide wisely. In addition, read the article to know what Franke, a famous company, has in store for you. 

Franke Garbage Disposal Models

Typically, Franke garbage disposal offers many models to bring comfort in making the kitchen clean and mess-free. There are certain models whose work I have experienced keenly. If you plan to buy one for you. Below are the short-length reviews on the 1/2 hp, 3/4 hp, and 1 hp Franke garbage disposals. 

Franke FWDJ75 Food Waste Disposer 

Franke FWDJ75 competes best with other garbage disposal models when discussing 3/4 hp. The second most powerful horsepower with a permanent magnet DC grind motor is highly professional in pulverizing food waste.

In addition, the durability surpasses the Insinkerator Garbage Disposal models of the same category because of the stainless-steel material. It not only guarantees a corrosion-proof garbage disposal grinding chamber but also protects the grinding components from becoming dull and less effective. 

Overall, the disposal unit with a warranty of five years is a cherry on top for minimizing the time in washing dishes and disposing of leftovers, preventing clog formation by using 2700 RPM speed, and is sound insulated.  

Franke WD50 1/2 HP Continuous Food Waste Disposer 

Do you look for the 1/2 hp garbage disposal from only two members? If yes, get insight into the Franke WD50 specifications. It comes with durable stainless steel material to serve as a guard against corrosion buildup. The under-discussion product covers a small area due to its compact dimensions and plays its role in lessening the sound decibels to some extent. 

Also, the jam-resistant feature with a 30% increased torque combines continuous feed design and reduces food waste without forming clogs. Franke ½ hp disposal unit is undoubtedly a great choice for those who want a featured-packed appliance to match your kitchen requirements in the best possible way.

Franke FWD 100 Garbage Disposal Reviews

The best 1 hp garbage disposal you need for your kitchen setup and for a variety of food waste is none other than the Franke FWD100. The specialty lies in the high-speed permanent magnet DC motor that rotates at 2800 RPM and gives a fine churn within seconds. In addition, the build quality does not neglect to provide good quality stainless steel materials. 

The higher horsepower reduces the sound with efficient sound-insulating materials. However, the technology that InSinkErator or Waste King uses is unbeatable, but the performance is satisfactory. Also, I found the absence of an auto-reverse function, but the increased torque power compensates for the loss and offers a jam-free grinding chamber. 

What is the Difference between Franke and Insinkerator Waste Disposal?

Are you looking for a garbage disposal brand that can offer quality, performance, and reliability under one roof? If yes, look nowhere other than Franke. From low-ranked to premium garbage disposal models, you will find no compromise in lacking the laudable features when compared to forever-favorite InSinkErator. 

Motor Type

Sticking to one specific garbage disposal brand is difficult. The reason for this is the single factor that can change the mind in a minute; motor type which is considered the nucleus of the disposer. So, what do you expect from Franke?

Franke garbage disposals incorporate DC motors making them unique from the other brands. No matter, which model you choose, whether it is from the Turbo Elite series or the ordinary one, the direct current motor allows you to operate the machine as long as it consumes energy from the direct source. 

On the other hand, the competing garbage disposal brands make use of induction motors. You must know that the former type is exclusive to InSinkErator. 

Grinding Power

What do you expect from a garbage disposal brand? Grinding power, don’t you? It is included in the initial portion of the opinions when selecting the appliance. Similarly, Franke does not compromise on providing garbage disposals with horsepower ranging from 1/3 hp to 1 hp. Another good feature is the time the disposer takes to grind food items, it takes only 7 seconds to convert your food waste slices into chopped particles. 

On the contrary, other brands undoubtedly have disposer models of various horsepower ranges. But the longer time span of 15 seconds makes them one step behind the Franke disposal units. Also, you must visualize before your eyes the larger chunks of food waste after grinding. 

Sound Insulation

Not every garbage disposal brand has the sound insulation feature in budget-friendly models. 

Similarly, Franke Waste Disposal vs. InSinkErator says that the latter does not include any sound-reducing material or technology in low-ranked models and uses Sound Seal in premium models. But Franke ranks highest in providing a sound reduction in models, such as Franke WD50 ½ hp and FWDJ75 3/4HP. 

Septic Compatible

Many of you want the best appliance for your kitchen that matches other devices without interfering with their working. After utilizing one or two Franke garbage disposal models, the conclusion says that they are compatible with septic systems. 

The bacteria inside the layers of a septic system decompose solid waste left by the garbage disposal and harmony is established. On the contrary, the Evolution Septic Assist from InSinkErator is best against Franke any garbage disposal model due to bio-charge injection that releases innumerable microbes to decompose organic waste. 

Summing Up

Franke is a known brand that manufactures many kitchen products, including garbage disposals. It focuses on providing tireless ways of doing dishes by disposing of food waste. Regardless of your choice, the availability of different models with different horsepower’s, sound insulation, and DC motors makes it unique from others.