Best Garbage Disposal Accessories at Home – Basic Guide

Bringing home garbage disposal means bringing all the relevant things. From accessories that are used to install the unit to the spare parts that keep the adequate garbage disposal functioning on point, having knowledge about the best garbage disposal accessories at Home is essential. In case, you want to know, here is your answer. 

In this article, I will let you introduce the basic and important garbage disposal accessories to improve the appliance’s performance. Also, there is a little sneak peek into the working mechanics and characteristics. In the end, you will get to know some of my recommendations regarding these spare parts. 

Best Garbage Disposal Accessories for Kitchen

Below below-mentioned things help you do all the tactics of food disposal when combined with garbage disposal and its accessories like a pro. 

Sound Baffle

Isn’t it irritating to hear the garbage disposal noise every time it runs for almost 15-30 seconds? As not all garbage disposals are available with sound-reducing features, there comes a sound baffle to muffle the disposer’s noise. 

The sound baffle is a round attachment that gets attached to the sink and creates a layer of water to serve as a sound barrier and reduce the harsh noises erupting from the garbage disposal. Other than this, a sound baffle sometimes performs the duty of a strainer, keeping the food waste inside the garbage disposal and at the same time restricting foreign objects from slipping inside. 

Splash Guard

Another famous accessory that you must all know, probably not by appearance but by name every time you plan to buy a garbage disposal is Splash Guard. Because you want smooth food grinding, you must want all the food content and water to remain inside the grinding chamber. The splash guard does all you say and prevents backing up into the kitchen sink.

However, the reality is that a splash guard comes in two variants, that is removable or non-removable. The privilege of the former is that it helps in making the kitchen clean compared to the latter which needs a technical removal of the splash guard with the disposal unit for cleaning purposes. 

Garbage Disposal Wrench

You often hear about a garbage disposal tool that helps rotate a stuck turntable or remove jam in response to stuck food particles. It is the Allen or hex wrench which serves the purpose. 

What you have to do is insert the wrench in the hole below the body and turn it in either direction until the turntable loses the resistance and begins rotating. Plus, you have the advantage of removing stuck particles using pliers during the process. 

Typically, many garbage disposal brands include this essential tool in the appliance’s troubleshooting kit to make the appliance work like before. However, if you have no access to an Allen wrench, pick any wrench of the size between a quarter to half inches as it accurately does the job. 

Sink Strainer or Stopper

As you know, splash guard and stopper are often named interchangeably due to their role in preventing large food particles, utensils, or foreign objects from accidentally slipping into the disposal. There is a minor difference between the two. 

The former takes charge of preventing backing up into the sink whereas the latter does not allow anything from outside to fall inside. Indeed, it is a necessary piece of equipment to save your disposal unit from uninvited damage. 

Garbage Disposal Brush

Your in-home installed garbage disposal guarantees a cleaner kitchen, but it doesn’t mean it bathes itself and gives you an ever-ready appliance for future use. You only have to jump into the field for this purpose to ensure its longevity. In this regard, a garbage disposal brush comes in handy. 

It is a specialized brush with bristles designed to reach every nook and corner and remove buildup and odor-causing leftovers. Also, the specialty lies in the scrubbing effect that this brush gives you compared to various scent-spreading tablets.

Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer

The idea of cleaning garbage disposal handshake with using household ingredients, such as baking soda, vinegar, rock salt, and the like. Even then, there are times when you wish to clean your disposal unit and make it free from lingering odors. 

Point to note that these cleaners and deodorizers are biodegradable. Not only they are safe for garbage disposal but also keep plumbing in its original shape for longer. 

Dishwasher Connector Kit

You must have seen that dishwasher and garbage disposal go hand in hand most of the time. That is why, a dishwasher connector kit is available as an important accessory to get access to the dishwasher waste to drain into the garbage disposal without leaks. 

Extension Cord

You must think what’s the need for an extension cord. While most of the time your garbage disposal relies only on the power cord to plug in the power source installed close to the disposal unit. However, there are times when it is not in the access, and you need an extension cord to reach the power source at a distance. 

Garbage Disposal Power Switches

Garbage disposal needs electricity to operate. Every time you do not sit under the sink to operate the appliance. Garbage disposal power switches are always a convenient option to turn on/off your appliance in no time. Typically, you must keep in mind the four types of power switches. Garbage Disposal Switch Options are listed below.

  1. Air Switch
  2. Wall/Regular Switch
  3. Wireless Switch
  4. Toe-kick Switch

Summing Up

If you’re installing a new disposal unit, a garbage disposal installation kit containing all the necessary hardware can be very helpful. Also, you must keep spare parts and other disposer components like gaskets, blades, and flanges before your eyes if you need to repair your garbage disposal unit urgently.