Garbage Disposal Corded vs Non-Corded | Which one is Better?

I have shifted to the new house and need clarification about buying a corded garbage disposal or a non-corded one. However, after reading various reviews of both categories, I underwent the corded garbage disposal. So, if you worry about what to choose and whatnot, read my genuine viewpoints on having garbage disposal corded vs non-corded.

You can estimate the major difference in power cord availability, installation, and energy consumption. However, if your major concern is saving money, the non-corded garbage disposal will work for you.

No matter what you choose, garbage disposals are essential kitchen appliances and change the dimension of doing dishes. This article will mention the pros of corded or non-corded garbage disposal. Ultimately, the end decision is yours to choose from per preferences.

Garbage Disposal Corded vs Non-Corded

What is the Difference Between Corded and Uncorded Garbage Disposal?

What is your choice? Disposal with a power cord or not? Many garbage disposals rely on certain factors that make you decide the best for your kitchen. So, let’s discuss what factors differentiate corded garbage disposal from non-corded ones.

Availability of Power Cord

A power cord is essential in defining the difference between corded and non-corded garbage disposal. As the name indicates, corded garbage disposal comes with a power cord. The main benefit of corded garbage disposal is to insert it directly into the power outlet under the kitchen cabinet and get set go.

The non-corded garbage disposal does not have a pre-installed power cord, and you must buy it as an additional accessory to run your disposal. The disposal unit operates with batteries, freeing you from wires and plugging. Additionally, you can use the cord of the previous disposal to fulfill the purpose.

Installation is Different

Corded or non-corded garbage disposal have differences in their installation. At the same time, you are fidgeting with when to call a technician or not. Corded garbage disposal lets you attach the power cord directly to the power outlet, and your machine starts operating within minutes.

Although non-corded garbage disposal seems less complicated in appearance, they take ample time to install the unit. How does garbage disposal take longer to install? The simple answer is to look for a compatible cord from the market or favor help from a disposal power cord.


The scale of determining the price range of corded or non-corded garbage disposal is independent of having a power cord. Other factors decide which garbage disposal costs you less or more. A thumb rule is that you can invest in the garbage disposal as they are available in the price range from $150–$250 for your home.

Corded garbage disposal is pricy in nature because they demand more care than its competitors. Also, they cost you higher energy bills, as they have direct access to the power outlet.

While the non-corded garbage disposal is less expensive, they do not have a power outlet and run with batteries or a built-in internal power source.

Power Consumption

The exact amount of power consumption of the garbage disposals varies from model to model. But you can aspect that corded disposals are more powerful in cutting the food particles into smaller sizes and transferring them to wastage.

On the other hand, non-corded garbage disposals are also known as continuous-feed garbage disposal that operates by internal power and is not powerful compared to corded ones. The speed with which the former run is diminished in non-corded garbage disposals.


Which disposal requires more maintenance is essential while buying it? The common household tips are obligatory for both categories you follow to preserve the life of garbage disposal, such as running enough water, switching it off while resolving various issues, and avoiding overloading it.

However, corded garbage disposal diverts your attention to its cord’s longevity. There are chances that the cords will wear out, and you end up replacing them. On the other hand, non-corded disposals make you independent of these services.

Advantages of Corded Garbage Disposal

  • You do not need to consult an electrician if you have a power outlet under the sink.
  • Corded garbage disposal requires no difficult steps of installation.
  • The corded garbage disposal automatically shuts off when grinding is complete.
  • Corded garbage disposals are durable and powerful.
Corded Garbage Disposal

Advantages of Non-Corded Garbage Disposal

  • Garbage disposal without wires is convenient for handling
  • The disposal prevents electrocution
  • If you have no power outlet under the kitchen cabinet, non-corded disposals are best.
  • Installation is simple without looking for any power outlet.
  • Non-corded garbage disposals are less expensive than corded ones.
  • Quiet Garbage disposal.
Non-Corded Garbage Disposal

Final Verdict | Corded vs Non-Corded

Whether you select the corded or non-corded garbage disposal for your kitchen, remember the essential maintenance, price, or power needed to operate it. These factors reflect the true essence of using the garbage disposal to dispose of food in the best way possible.

I would not suggest you stick to a particular one, but I encourage you to select according to your preferences. You can save money by buying non-corded garbage disposal. At the same time, you grab corded garbage disposal, as it has power reaching directly to the outlet to serve the purpose.

 Corded vs Non-Corded

Best Corded Garbage Disposal Brand

InSinkErator, Waste King, and Moen are the top-rated garbage disposal brands in America. Moen and Waste King garbage disposal come with pre-installed power cords, while InSinkErator comes without a power cord. If you are looking for garbage disposal with a power cord, then Moen and Waste King are the best options for your kitchen. However, if you are looking for the overall best garbage disposal, then the InSinkErator Badger 5 is a great option.

How Long is the Power Cord on a Garbage Disposal?

The power cord’s length depends on the garbage disposal size that fits under the kitchen sink. You must find the 36 inches long cord that remains inside where the garbage disposal is installed.

Can I Reuse the Power Cord from Old Garbage Disposal?

If your newly purchased garbage disposal is devoid of an additional power cord, you can reuse it from the old one. The only factor that matters is its quality sustainability; you are good to go in attaching it with a new unit.

What is the Most Common Size Garbage Disposal?

You must ensure that the installation location matches the garbage disposal size. Generally, garbage disposals are available 10-15 inches in height, 5-9 inches in width, and 6-13 inches in depth.

Summing Up

Corded or non-corded garbage disposals are different in many aspects, such as from installation to their maintenance. Also, the volts and amperes they work on are different, leading to the corded disposals winning the game. In this article, I have mentioned the pros of corded and non-corded garbage disposals so that you make decisions by yourself while buying the most approachable kitchen appliance.