Moen EX50C Vs GXP50C – Quick Comparison Guide

What must be your choice between Moen EX50C and GXP50C? Both are budget-friendly models and have almost similar specifications. You must need help to pick the right one. So, here is the comparison analysis of Moen EX50C Vs GXP50C aims to consume your energy but for the best. 

The study reveals that Moen EX50C is wider, has better noise insulation, manufactured from stainless steel material, but costs more than the counterpart. On the other hand, GXP50C is slimmer, has no insulation material, uses galvanized steel grinding components, and is available at a cheaper price. 

The article reveals some of the highlighting differences between the two. In addition, there is an overview of the similarities between both appliances to provide an edge to your decision. 

Differences Between Moen EX50C Vs GXP50C

Being new to garbage disposal usage, you must be excited to know the excellence test of both devices. So, read the point of differences in the domain of dimensions, noise insulation, build quality, and price between Moen EX50C and GXP50C to know what economical range appliances offer at their best. 

Differences Between Moen EX50C Vs GXP50C

Physical Dimensions

You all know that garbage disposal has its housing under the kitchen sink cabinet. So, no matter how far garbage disposal looks compact, it is always the height and width that matters a lot in the end, and knowing the information provides no dollars but convenient installation. 

What if the two Moen garbage disposal comprises the same height of 13 inches, you have another side of the story to look at, that is width. The in-depth study reveals that EX50C is 7.5 inches in width and is wider than GXP50C which is only 5.375 inches in value from the diameter lens.

The best thing about the favorable dimensions is that you can swap the models due to the same drain height of 6.875 inches. It is up to you to choose the dimensions so that accommodating it in the kitchen is not at par with the trouble.

Final Verdict: Moen EX50C is wider in dimensions than GXP50C but it likely covers much surrounding space in the cabinet. 

Fast Track Installation

Another point of difference between the two garbage disposals is the Fast Track installation feature which includes a snap ring tool and a removable dishwasher plug. The technology is present in the EX50C model but GXP50C lacks the feature. 

As both garbage disposals use a 3-bolt mounting assembly, a snap ring is used to keep the mounting assembly in place on the sink flange. What the snap ring tool does is make the process of putting the ring on the mounting easier. Also, a dishwasher plugs inside the dishwasher inlet that you use to remove using the screwdriver, fast track installation lets you simply twist it off. 

Final Verdict: EX50C confirms installation easily and without taking more time than GXP50C. 

Noise Insulation

You must be excited to test the excellence of the Moen garbage disposal in reducing self-generated noise and vibrations. I let you know that both devices come in the economical lane and expecting no sound to be heard during garbage disposal running is futile. 

However, the EX50C model consists of Sound Sheild technology to reduce the noise to some extent due to the inclusion of the noise insulation foam layers around the body. On the other hand, GXP50C is not capable of doing the task for even a decibel and that is why louder when compared to the counterpart. 

Final Verdict: EX50C definitely wins the argument because the competitor simply lacks the technology. 

Construction Material

When it comes to the discussion of which construction material garbage disposal is manufactured, all you need is surety for the garbage disposal to remain protected from corrosion buildup. Isn’t it? 

Moen EX50C has grinding components, such as a grinding table, shear ring, or turntable made of stainless-steel material. It means garbage disposal lasts longer even in the presence of excess moisture. On the opposite side, the GXP50C model has only galvanized steel material for grinding components and remains at risk of rusting when the galvanized coating goes vanish. 

Luckily, both garbage disposals got their grinding chambers manufactured from the same high-quality polymer that also serves as a corrosion-resistant agent and confirms the same build quality for food stuffing and grinding. 

Final Verdict: stainless steel material makes EX50C more durable and lasts longer than GXP50C. 


Generally, the price of the garbage disposal does not remain the same and changes per the company’s policies. The reality goes with the formula, the better specifications the higher the price. 

By that time, you must have concluded that the better-featured EX50C is slightly more costly than the GXP50C. 

The reason is obvious, the better noise insulation and build quality. Even then, the choice is all yours to add bucks and get the required material and premium features to manage food waste in an organized way. 

Final Verdict: EX50C offers more features at expensive rates, but the price difference is not to worry about.

Similarities Between Moen EX50C vs. GXP50C

Learning the comparison analysis Moen EX50C Vs GXP50C is not enough to rely on, you must know some similar specifications to get the purpose done. In this regard, the continuous feed-type garbage disposals have more to pass on regarding horsepower, speed, warranty, and mounting systems. 

Both garbage disposals are designed to be powered by a ½ hp permanent motor to grind food scraps/peels under 5 years warranty. In addition, the speed of 2600 RPM at which the impellers cut the larger particles is much higher than what other brands offer and helps to let every particle be crushed in no time. 

Furthermore, the installation takes place using the same 3-bolt mounting assembly. It only needs your attention for twisting or locking the garbage disposal. The biggest benefit is the presence of a pre-installed power cord and removable baffle to let your machine run without errors. 

Moen EX50C and GXP50C Usage Tips

  • Use garbage disposals for grinding waste for two to three people. 
  • Avoid overloading the garbage disposals to prevent clog formation
  • Run both appliances occasionally with plenty of water
  • Apply cleaning techniques, such as vinegar and baking soda, ice cubes, and lemon rinds
  • Use pliers or Allen wrenches to clear minor jams. 

How to use a garbage disposal?

Using garbage disposal is as easy as throwing the garbage into the bin. What you have to do is to stuff the garbage inside the chamber and run cold water down the drains for a few seconds. Then turn the appliance on from the electrical supply and let it run for 30 seconds to let the food waste convert into liquefied form. However, you must be careful not to put your hands in the machine when it is in an active state. 

What tool is used for garbage disposal?

The most common tool used for garbage disposal is the Allen wrench. It is often included in a garbage disposal tool kit, if it is not, you can use a regular ¼ inch size. The wrench inserted into the hole below the body beside the reset button and helps turn the flywheel in case of clogging or jamming. 

Summing Up

Both EX50C and GXP50C belong to the Moen initial Prep series and try to mark their footprints in the competitive world. This review article aims to give both garbage disposals a chance to show their worth in food grinding. In addition, you get to know that the primary difference, like noise insulation and galvanized steel, makes GXP50C score lower than the EX50C.