Garbage Disposal Leaking Water from Reset Button – Solution is Here

What did you say? Is your garbage disposal leaking water from the reset button? You must be dived into a pool of worry about the repair or a replacement. Before you decide on treating the garbage disposal as a do-it-yourself project or calling a field expert, read my opinions about what to do to obtain positive results. 

Garbage disposal leaking from the bottom has many locations, such as from the main drain pipes, electrical cord, or broken seals. However, if the disposal unit leaks from the reset button, the best option is to replace it, for the temporary treatment would do no benefit and revert to dripping water again. 

In this article, I will mention the culprits behind the garbage disposal leaking from reset button. Additionally, there are symptoms of leaking, a fix to the problem, and some mandatory tips to prevent both the problem and the disposal unit from reaching the verge. 

Garbage Disposal Leaking Water From Reset Button | Indications

The garbage disposal leaking does not remain hidden for longer as the common indications convey. You only need a conscious mind to recognize them, find a deliberate cause, and look for a permanent solution. 

  • You feel a foul odor near the cabinet where garbage disposal is installed.
  • Heavy leaking can make the dripping sounds audible in most cases. 
  • The area becomes soggy
  • There is a water pool underneath the disposal unit

Why is Water Dripping From the Reset Button on My Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal leaking is a common problem but the technique to deal with it is not as common as you think. As there are many locations from where the disposal unit begins leaking at any time, so do the solutions. If you complain about the leaking from the reset button, know the reasons why this happens, is it due to your negligence or the garbage disposal’s increased age? 

Internal Damage

Know that garbage disposal is a machine and prone to wear and tear irrespective of the time it hits. One of the reasons why it leaks from the bottom or reset button is the broken/deteriorated internal seals. The importance of these lies in the fact that they hold various other components. That’s why when misfortune hits the garbage disposal’s internal seal, the holding capacity becomes weak and it confirms leaking. 


Do you always check whether the underneath-installed garbage disposal is safe and sound along with other products? Since the particular cabinet where you often place the disposer is home to many other products. By any chance, if they bump into the disposal body, the cracks are evident as physical wounds, eventually leading to the leaks. 

Damaged Metal Plate

Another reason for the leak is the damaged galvanized metal plate placed under the blades to separate the motor and shaft from moisture. There are many known or unknown reasons for the plates to become damaged, one being the disappearance of a protective layer of zinc against corrosion. So, the rust begins spreading in the metal plate from which water drips. 

What Do You Do When Your Garbage Disposal Leaks From the Bottom?

You may not be aware that leaking causes the reset button to trip, stopping the appliance but allowing for a continuous power supply from the panel. So, here are the initial steps mentioned to treat the garbage disposal to protect it from overheating, smoking, or extinguishing fire.

  • You must turn off the garbage disposal immediately.
  • Disconnect all the power connections supplying electricity to the disposal unit.
  • Let the circuit breaker trip
  • Check from where the leaking starts, cracks on the outer covering, or broken seals
  • Consult the company to replace the disposer if its purchasing date falls within the warranty period.

How Do you Fix a Garbage Disposal that Leaks the Reset Button?

You must know that the leaking garbage disposal fix from the reset button has no option other than the entire unit replacement. If you asked the technician to fix it by replacing the reset button or whatever else, it will revert to its original problematic condition in no time.

The thing is that the damage is only temporarily repairable, for the seals are often not replaced. So, there are no permanent solutions other than to replace it with a new one that is crack or chip-free. In addition, my advice is to look at the age when the leaking starts. If the appliance is 5-10 years old, swap it with a new one immediately. If it falls within a warranty period, claim it and consult a field expert to get it properly fixed by hook or by crook.


How Do You Stop a Garbage Disposal from Leaking?

You may not stop the leaking garbage disposal from reaching its expert date once it starts. However, there are a few precautions you need to maintain a healthy working condition of the appliance and to protect it from the various occurring problems.

How Do You Stop a Garbage Disposal From Leaking?

Bottom Line

Fixing leaking water from the Garbage Disposal Reset Button is a waste of time. You better act on the immediate response by consulting the company for a full-fledged replacement. The article makes you aware of the indications of the leaking from the reset button, followed by the steps to avoid any misfortune, and lastly, the precautions to remove the causes of the leaking by scheduling a healthy garbage disposal maintenance.