Do Sani Sticks Work? What You Need to Know

I had heard enough about Sani Sticks for drain cleaning but required a fair situation to use them. There comes my hair fall season and to prevent my bathroom drains from unnecessary clogging, I bring home Sani Sticks to know their worth. If you want to know, Do Sani Sticks Work? Read to find the answer. 

Sani sticks contain cleaning and deodorizing agents with a blend of surfactants, enzymes, and fragrances. These sticks aim to remove minor clogs formed from organic waste and leave behind a fresh scent. However, you must make a note in mind that they are not suitable for dealing with inorganic waste. 

In this article, I will mention the capability of the Sani sticks in cleaning and removing odors from the bathroom or kitchen drains. In addition, you will know the steps of how to use them and for what blockage. 

Do Sani Sticks Work?

Sani sticks are effective for cleaning organic waste in drains or pipes. However, it has limitations which will be described later, you need to read that it prevents future blockages, and attacks on pre-existing clogs of much organic waste, and help eliminate the nasty smell. Overall, Sani sticks are affordable, easy to use, and timesaving. 

There comes a limitation that may break the deal which is the inability of using them for dealing with inorganic waste. For instance, if you have fluoride toothpaste to clear, the idea of using Sani sticks is nothing but the worst decision. 

Furthermore, Sani cleaners are not for tough clogs because they take their time in reacting with water. whereas the already-formed blockages may cause frequent backup. Instead, you can use homemade baking soda and vinegar cleaner, drain snake, or chemical drain cleaner. 

Do Sani Sticks Work in Drain?

Do you look for fewer tiring ways for your plumbing cleaning? Look nowhere and make preparations to deal with the nasty blockages with Sani Sticks. Although these looks delicate in appearance, do not make the mistake of challenging their ability to release enzymes to dissolve clogs formed from grease, hair, and paper. 

Sani sticks make a promise that your pipes remain clogged free be it sink, bathroom, shower, or bathtub drains. Moreover, the biodegradable contents in the stick are safe for garbage disposal, and the majority of the septic tanks.

Do Sani Work in Garbage Disposal?

Yes, Sani work in the garbage disposal as effectively as in the drains. Because garbage disposal accepts a variety of organic waste in the form of scraps, peels, and smaller food chunks, it is safe to use Sani sticks.

Do Sani Sticks Work in Garbage Disposal?

Moreover, you will notice that these clear the dirt and grime from all over the grinding chamber, under the splash guard, and help remove the entrapped things from the blades. Plus, these sticks ensure that the garbage disposal emits a pleasant smell.

In this regard, use Sani 360 garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer. It is designed especially for garbage disposals with non-toxic and biodegradable products. 

How to Use Sani Sticks?

If you are skeptical about how Sani Sticks give tireless solutions to your drain cleaning problems, use them in the manner.

Look for Infected Drains

As you already know, Sani Sticks are useless in drains accumulated with inorganic waste. So, try looking for the plumbing where you know most of the junk is organic, such as grease in the kitchen or hairs in the bathroom. 

Use Sani Stick

The destination of the Sani Sticks is in the drains that start developing clogs or foul odors. You do not need to count on the sticks for the procedure, as one will do wonders. So, start by throwing it in its place and let it do the task by releasing the enzymes for organic digestion. 

Note: if your drain has severe clogs, avoid using Sani sticks and call the plumber. 

Run Water

The plastic casing of the stick with added ingredients needs water for activation. You must run hot water to speed up the dissolving process and wait for a few days to check whether the pipes maintain the go-with-the-flow situation. 

How often do you use Sani Sticks?

Sani sticks are effective when you use them as recommended. In this regard, read the given instructions on the backside. Furthermore, one stick is enough at a time, and you are sorted because it does not depend on your check and balance, it independently does the job. 

However, one precaution you may take into account is to avoid using more than one stick in one drain or at one time. It may reverse the effect and force you to call a plumber in urgency.

Are Sani Sticks Safe for the Environment?

Sani Sticks declare safe only when you prevent using harmful chemicals in their making. Plus, minus their effect by disposing of them properly. For example, chlorine or other harmful elements prove hazardous to the environment, and if sticks are thrown untreated may cause plastic pollution. 

What is Sani Sticks made of?

Every company has its secret ingredients inside to produce effective Sani sticks. However, the common ingredients they use to break down piled-up waste are enzymes, surfactants, chlorine, or citric acid. 

Summing Up