Garbage Disposal Leaking from the Bottom | What Should You Do?

Every time I turn on the garbage disposal, there becomes a pool of water below the sink. However, I realize that my garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom. In this regard, my primary concern is stopping the garbage disposal from leaking from the bottom.

The leaking of the disposal starts from anywhere at any time. However, if your complaint concerns leaking from the bottom, you must configure the condition of the main drainpipe, which consists of the link between the disposal and sewer pipeline. Also, the chances of leaking from the reset button may be the cause of leaking from the bottom.

In this article, I will mention the factors that cause the garbage disposal to leak from the bottom. In addition, there are solutions to the problems if you want to assist the plumber in sharing your viewpoints regarding the fixes of leaking.

What Causes a Garbage Disposal to Leak from the Bottom?

You should remain conscious of the causes that prompt leaking from the bottom. However, the age limit of the disposal is the highlighting point that matters in finding the causes of its leaking. If the internal components are worn out, the dripping problem is essential.


The kitchen sink is the home to many cleaning products, and it is the place where you install the garbage disposal. Don’t you? By any chance, if the products bump into the unit, they quickly make cracks on the body.

Do you habitually keep detergents or necessities beside the place where the garbage disposal is installed? If yes, transfer these products to somewhere else before the disposal unit dislodges from the place.

Garbage Disposal Leaking from the Bottom Cracked

Damage Internal Seals

Another factor causing the disposal to leak from the bottom is the damaged internal seals. Seals are the parts that hold other components. Suppose these become the victim of wear and tear. The holding capacity becomes weak, and leaking is imminent.

Garbage disposal Damage Internal Seals

Worn-out Drainpipe Lines

Do you know your efficient garbage disposal performs dual functions? Garbage disposal is attached to two drain lines: a small and a main drain line. If you notice water dripping from the bottom, the pipeline connecting the disposal to the sewer pipeline is damaged.

In addition, the rubber gaskets attach these drain lines. If the gaskets are worn-out, you should call the technician.

Worn-out Drainpipe Lines

How to Fix Leaking Garbage Disposal?

What would be your next step when you figure out your disposal is leaking from the bottom? Throw it immediately or make an initial arrangement to make it work like before. In my case, I provide it a chance by examining the location of the leaking.

How to Fix Leaking Garbage Disposal?

You must take quick actions to treat the parts that do not take much time and can be cured by replacing several parts. For example, you can easily replace the rubber gaskets that hold the disposal drain to the waste pipeline.

  1. Turn the unit off by flipping the switch
  2. Do not put your hands inside the disposal
  3. Grab screwdrivers and lose the screws of the main drain line
  4. Check the condition of the rubber gasket; it must be worn-out
  5. Replace the gasket with a newer one and tighten the screws again
  6. Run the water to inspect the leaks
  7. Turn on the power supply of the garbage disposal

Disposal Leaking from the Bottom – Troubleshooting

Garbage disposal leaks reflect different circumstances. Sometimes you become successful in tightening the metal clamps, sealing the putty, or replacing the gaskets. On the contrary, replacing the entire unit is mandatory if it leaks from the reset button for any reason, whether it is a wet spot or a crack.

Moreover, replacing the reset button with a new one is only a waste of time if your garbage disposal is 5-10 years old. But if your disposal is a new and claims warranty, you should consult an expert and get your disposal unit a proper fix.

Insinkerator Badger 5 Leaking from Bottom

if your Insinkerator Badger 5 is leaking from the bottom, these are the cause:

  • The O-ring is damage.
  • The Sink flange gasket is torn
  • The metal plate under blade is leaking
  • Screws connecting garbage with sink is loose
  • The discharge nut is loose.


  • Change O-ring
  • Change sink flange gasket
  • Replace metal plate
  • Tight screws connecting garbage with sink
  • Tight discharge bolts

Can I use Silicone to Seal Garbage Disposal?

You can use silicone to seal disposal and stop the leaking pipelines. Plumber putty and silicone are the best substitutes when sealing various drains. You must start by turning the disposal off, scraping the old putty, and resealing it with different sealing compounds.

Why Do Garbage Disposals Crack?

Garbage disposals are easy-to-crack machines. They are prone to cracking with the slightest bang or contact. The only reason for the disposal cracks is the age limit. When the time limit of the disposal unit exceeds, various factors cause it to leak.

Wrapping Up

Whether your garbage disposal leaks from the top or bottom is a headache, you should take action to treat it in the first place. The easiest way is to disconnect the unit from the power panel and look for the parts that need replacement. Otherwise, you can call a technician to advise you about replacing it. Read our article about Can I Use Sink if Garbage Disposal is Broken?