5/8 HP vs 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal – Which One to Pick?

Selecting garbage disposal means deciding on the specific horsepower. Indeed, it takes your entire day if you do not know the associated factors to determine which one is best for you, higher horsepower or lower. In this regard, read the analysis between the two most powered 5/8 HP vs 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal.

⅝ Hp and ¾ Hp garbage disposal found their differences in many domains. The primary ones are grinding power, warranty, and prices. A 3/4 hp is unbeatable in grinding hard and soft food waste and contains a large warranty and price combination than 5/8 hp. Still, you focus on the first factor and refrain from using other factors as a comparison because the values change from time to time. 

The article aims to explain the insight of introduction of the 5/8 horsepower garbage disposal without deviating from the main agenda of the differences between ⅝ hp and ¾ hp disposers. In addition, there is the inclusion of examples to make you understand the appliance’s functionality. 

Background of 5/8 HP Garbage Disposal

The more garbage disposal horsepower ranges available, the more it becomes difficult for customers to choose. Isn’t it? The same is the case for the new ⅝ category that has a grinding power equal to 1/2 hp but other features match ¾ hp. 

The reason for the generation of a new horsepower is the idea of the InSinkErator brand and it is specific to only Evolution series. That is why you do not find any InSinkErator’s Evolution models with ½ horsepower rather than with its upgraded version that contains many premium features such as sound insulation, build quality, and grinding stages.

Differences Between 5/8 HP and 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal

The section explains the possible differences between 5/8 hp and 3/4 hp garbage disposals that help you choose wisely. 

Differences Between ⅝ HP and ¾ HP Garbage Disposal

Grinding Power

As you already know, the factor that differentiates 5/8 hp from 3/4 hp is grinding power. In this regard, a 3/4 hp garbage disposal is best at grinding for what you do not even imagine with 5/8 hp and you observe this diversity when comparing Evolution Select 5/8 hp to Evolution Select Plus 3/4 hp. 

Also, the variety of food varies you intend to put inside the garbage disposal chamber of both disposers. A 3/4 hp handles more or less hard scraps with regular soft food items. On the other hand, 5/8 hp turns a deaf ear to your cooking routine and manages only soft vegetable peels and fruit scraps. 


You are well acquainted with how the warranty and pricing of the four primary categories of garbage disposal are decided. InSinkErator’s 5/8 hp models also follow the same route and let you understand what is logical. 

In this regard, 3/4 hp offers longer warranties and are expensive than 5/8 hp due to the privilege of providing higher horsepower. 

Differences when Compared Different Brands

The above-mentioned differences refer common rivalry between two horse powers. However, if you turn your focus towards comparing InSinkErator 5/8 HP to 3/4 HP of another brand, you will get extra points of opposition. 

For instance, the comparison between 5/8 HP InSinkErator and 3/4 HP Waste King reveals that they differ in many domains.

  • Sound Insulation
  • Build Quality
  • Motor Speed
  • Type of Motors

InSinkErator ensures quieter disposal functioning due to extra insulation layers than Waste King. In addition, the copyright brand of the ⅝ hp units provides durable stainless steel grinding components and chambers for convenient food grinding, unlike the plastic chambers of the Waste King. 

On the contrary, Waste King excels over its competitor by using high-speed permanent motors against InSinkErator’s Dura-drive ones to handle food junk. Also, the brand offers longer warranties at cheap prices. 

Over To You

A 5/8 hp garbage disposal may be your startup for handling kitchen waste due to its low grinding power but a 3/4 hp disposer truly meets the requirements you look forward to with better warranty and build quality. 

Similarities Between 5/8 HP and 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal

Don’t you want to know what are the similarities between 5/8 HP and 3/4 HP? The features that don’t go against the two horsepower’s are a must to grab as additional information. 

Multi-grinding Stages

Discussing InSinkErator’s 5/8 HP vs 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal, the exclusive technology for food grinding is what you know as multi-grinding stages. Here the food is processed after undergoing two or three stages and delivered to the main drainpipes. 

Since the food has no leftover chunks, all the chances of clogs vanish. The plus point is that you can put fibrous food to cut it into fine particles with ease. 

Also, 3/4 hp Waste King successfully compensates for the need for multiple stages and processes food using its fast-rotating impellers at the pace of 2700 RPM. 

Sound Insulation

InSinkErator garbage disposals with 5/8 and 3/4 HP consist of Sound Shield technology to reduce the vibration and noise up to many decibels. All credit goes to insulation layers around the disposal body to create a 40% quieter environment compared to typical garbage disposal. 

Build Quality

Knowing the build quality between 5/8 and 3/4 Hp garbage disposal is quite interesting. The inventory brand InSinkErator upgrade its 1/2 hp models and give them the best durable stainless-steel material to match with their 3/4 hp partners. The high-quality grinding components and grinding chambers are resistant to corrosion and rust making your disposal live longer than before. 

Is a 3/4 hp Garbage Disposal Enough?

A 3/4 hp is considered an ideal size garbage disposal and gives its best only if you run it once or twice a week for three to five people. Since the appliance produces enough power, you can make it handle most of the kitchen’s common junk ranging from fruit and vegetable scraps to chicken bones, raw meat slices, citrus rinds, and much more. 

Best 3/4 HP Garbage Disposals

In the realm of Best 3/4 HP Garbage Disposals – Complete Review Guide, standout models include the InSinkErator Evolution Excel, Waste King L-3200, and Moen GX75. These robust units excel in grinding efficiency and noise reduction, making them adept at tackling challenging food waste.

Their popularity is bolstered by features like stainless steel components, easy installation, and enduring durability, ensuring that the choice of the best 3/4 HP garbage disposal hinges on individual needs and budget constraints.

Summing Up

You cannot deny the Incinerator’s effort in introducing the alternative of the 1/2 hp with improved features, even then a 3/4 hp disposer has a clear win. The reason it is available in every brand with more-than-standard specifications. Whereas a 5/8 hp provides better noise insulation but is limited to only the inventory brand with high price tags.