How to Unjam a Stuck Moen Garbage Disposal? Do it in 4 Steps

How to Unjam a Stuck Moen Garbage Disposal is not a big problem for me now, but once it was. The reason was nothing special but using a different tool and technique due to the absence of the hole below the body. However, a few hours of study made me able to do it with success. Do you have a stuck Moen garbage disposal and require unjamming tips, stay connected with this guide. 

You must use a wooden spoon/stick to unjam the Moen garbage disposal because it has no hex hole. Turn off the machine, remove minor food scraps nearby the sink drain using pliers, and then put a wooden stick down the disposal from the sink drain hole and force the blades to rotate. Check the machine by pressing the reset button and flipping the switch. 

The article gives you a step-by-step procedure for unjamming a stuck Moen garbage disposal. In addition, there are reasons for garbage disposal being stuck and preventive measures to eliminate the jamming issue. 

Why Does Garbage Disposal Get Stuck?

A garbage disposal can get stuck due to many reasons and it all depends on how you treat it while cleaning or putting stuff in it. 

  • Putting food items that are considered prohibited for garbage disposal, such as potato peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, and anything water expandable. 
  • Stuffing the food in the grinding chamber more than it holds, causing unnecessary load on the motor.
  • The garbage disposal has rust buildup that restricts the turntable from rotating. 
  • Dumping non-food items, such as forks, spoons, plastic, or other foreign objects
  • Lastly, not flushing enough cold water to not let the food chunks from piling up in the disposal unit. 

A garbage disposal invites clogs intentionally or unintentionally due to all the above-mentioned reasons. You must follow the preventive measures described later in the article to avoid severe consequences. 

How to Unjam a Stuck Moen Garbage Disposal?

As you already know that Moen garbage disposals do not contain a hole in the center beneath the unit to treat it by inserting an Allen wrench. The other way you can resolve the issue is to find an alternative to the wrench and go with the unjamming. This section is all about How Unjam a Stuck Moen Garbage Disposal with a wooden stick. 

How to Unjam a Stuck Moen Garbage Disposal?

1. Turn off the Moen Garbage Disposal

No matter what you do to make the Moen responsive, you never want to hurt yourself. So, I advise you to turn off all the power supply connections feeding the garbage disposal. If your disposer is hard wired, turn off the circuitry from the electrical box to prevent injury, in case it happens. 

Plus, you must have a primary garbage disposal tool and a torchlight in hand for quick troubleshooting.

2. Look for the Jams

You are hundred percent sure that the garbage disposal is jammed. At the same time, it is necessary to find at what location jamming resides to take action in response to it. So, start by shining the torchlight and search for the nearest jams first before searching beyond. 

Pick the nearby food scraps using pliers or tongs and start the unit confirming whether it begins working. However, look no further and grab a wooden stick if you hear motor hums the same as it was before. 

3. Use a Wooden Spoon/Stick

Carrying a different technique instead of an Allen wrench may sound different to you, but it is the only solution to relieve the Moen garbage disposal. Grab a wooden stick and insert it into the disposal chamber. Start by pushing it along the surface and try rotating the blades. 

Repeat the process until you notice the turntable rotates manually counterclockwise or anticlockwise. The chances are higher that the jamming is cleared. For the safe side, pick up the torchlight once again and look for the food waste that may entangle the blades. If any, remove them with tongs. 

Pro Tip: in case, you do not want to use a wooden stick, you can purchase a specially designed garbage disposal wrench separately for Moen available at online stores. 

4. Turn on the Disposal Unit 

You have almost done with the process; it is the time of pressing the moen reset button and turning the garbage disposal switch to check how it works. Remember to run cold water down the drain before turning the machine on. Your Moen garbage disposal must work like before without any complaints.

Moen Garbage Disposal Maintenance | Tips to Follow

Keeping garbage disposal from jamming does not demand a long list of care. Instead, you can make the disposer safe and sound by catching up on the requirements that involve:

  • Flush cold water before and after the grinding.
  • Use ice cubes to sharpen the blades.
  • Remember to cut large food chunks into smaller ones before putting them into the disposal.
  • Separate food items from non-food items because garbage disposal only accepts which is biodegradable and organic.
  • Do not put food, such as fibrous, water-absorbing, eggshells, and specific fruit peels, for they readily entangle blades and form jams. 
  • Run the garbage disposal daily even if it is empty to prevent corrosion build-up. 
  • Make a routine of using household ingredients for cleaning purposes. 

How do you get a bone out of a garbage disposal?

Getting a bone out of garbage disposal requires inserting an Allen wrench into the hole and rotating it to the point when the impellers begin moving. Using tongs after this can help you take out stuck bones from the unit. 

How to Remove Rocks in Garbage Disposal?

To remove rocks in garbage disposal, turn off the power, use tongs or pliers to extract them carefully, and check for any damage. Run cold water to flush out debris. Avoid using your hands and always prioritize safety.

Can You Put Eggshells in a Garbage Disposal?

No, it’s not a good idea to put eggshells in a garbage disposal. The thin skin inside the shell can get tangled in the blades, causing clogs. Throw eggshells in the trash or use them for composting. Stick to softer food scraps in the garbage disposal to avoid damage and keep it working well. It’s essential to follow these guidelines to maintain the proper functionality of your garbage disposal and prevent potential issues.

How often do garbage disposals break?

Garbage disposals usually have a long span of 8-12 years, but they break anytime you deviate from the prescribed maintenance. Apart, from clogging, overloading, and overheating, cracks and leaks are silent killers and end the disposals’ lives without giving any chances of repair. 

Why Cold Water only with Disposals?

Using cold water with garbage disposals is a good idea. Cold water helps fats and oils become solid, so they don’t clog the drain or stick to the disposal. It also cools the disposal making it last longer. Cold water saves energy and prevents food from sticking. So, it’s best for trouble-free disposal.

Summing Up

Unjamming a stuck Moen garbage disposal is an easy task and everyone with the basic know-how of the appliance’s spare parts and tools can fix the issue by working hard for only a few minutes. The article clearly shows the detailed steps for fixing the jammed disposal. In addition, you have the option to grab the preventive measures against garbage disposal problems.