Moen 1/2 hp Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting | Complete Guide with Solutions

Moen ½ hp garbage disposal belongs to a budget-friendly category. Due to the quality of the materials and low horsepower, it requires repairing more than its performance. If you want to increase your knowledge about Moen 1/2 hp garbage disposal troubleshooting from basic know-how to every single detail. Stick to the guide. 

The troubleshooting article will address the solutions for standard problems that Moen garbage disposal frequently encounters. From jamming, and humming, to the disposal unit not working at all, the description of the steps is well-explained to gain insight carefully. In addition, you must glance at maintenance tips that are mentioned to save you costly repairs and increase the machine’s life span. 

Moen 1/2 hp Garbage Disposal JammedTroubleshooting

No matter how much you pay attention to the correct maintenance routine for your garbage disposal, a stage comes when it falls into the pit of clogging. In fact, it is the root problem that leads the appliance on the verge of giving up. 

Suppose turning on the machine makes you realize that garbage disposal denies food grinding. The reason could be nothing but a clogged unit which halts it from functioning normally. In this case, the basic troubleshooting lies in clearing the clogging agent using the Moen garbage disposal unjamming wrench. Below are the steps you must follow:

Note: Since Moen garbage disposals do not have a hex hole below the body, the process of unjamming them is slightly different. What you must do is give a try using a wooden spoon/stick or a special unjamming wrench for this purpose. 

Moen 1/2 hp Garbage Disposal HummingTroubleshooting

You might think that the garbage disposal humming problem is not as big as the clogged one and could be solved using simple techniques. But you are wrong as it is directly linked to the deterioration of the machine’s internal components. 

Humming garbage disposal is a sign of the appliance getting power but due to any reason cannot rotate the blades. If you think deeply, there are two possibilities; something gets stuck that prevents normal rotating or expired motor bearings due to overheating. 

As soon as you hear the humming noise coming out of the garbage disposal, you must turn it off and check for obstructions. 

  • Switch off the garbage disposal unit
  • Shine a torchlight and remove debris using tongs.
  • Removing the clogged particles from the flywheel by turning it manually.
  • You can use a broomstick for this purpose.
  • Let the machine take a rest, and run hot water to clear any obstructions. 

However, if you find the garbage disposal only humming and not jammed, the reasons are damaged motor bearings due to overheating. To tackle this, you must avoid overloading the unit so that the motor does not put effort into rotating the impellers and prevent breakdown. 

Moen Garbage Disposal Reset Button Not Working

Typically, many garbage disposal users including me, keep the reset button as a last resort to tackle humming, smoking, overheating, and likes. Isn’t it? What if you find it stops working and do not go into a stay-in position as it was before? 

A Moen garbage disposal reset button serves as the overload protector that automatically switches off the machine whenever it encounters an emergency. However, there are a few solutions to convert it from unresponsive to responsive. 

  • Check the blown-out or tripped circuit and replace it. 
  • Search for any stuck particles, and remove them using troubleshooting tools
  • Call a technician and get your fuse box checked, ensuring enough power supply

In case, a reset button does not begin working, replacing it is only a waste of time as the solution is temporary and demands the entire unit replacement. 

How to Fix a Moen 1/2 hp Garbage Disposal | Follow Maintenance Tips 

Fixing a ½ hp Moen garbage disposal is directly connected with how you treat it. Deciding on the best maintenance and cleaning schedule assures normal functioning for the time the expiry date knocks on the door. In this regard, below are the tips you can follow to clean your disposal unit from unnecessary dirt and prevent 

Run Cold Water

Garbage disposal accepts both hot and cold water for food grinding, but flushing cold water holds significance. When you compare the type of food items that go down the chamber, it is cold water that serves as the cooling agent for the motor and slides waste particles to the drain. 

On the other hand, hot water initially melts the organic waste or grease lines while remaining behind the chances of clogging the drains. 

Avoid Overloading

Apart from clogging, nothing harms the garbage disposal other than clogging. You go on dumping the stuff beyond its capacity and expect an efficient food grinding. It is not possible. In addition, it also includes the addition of filling the disposal unit with larger chunks. As a result, the appliance grinds only what comes in way and becomes negligent about what is left behind. 

Caution: avoid putting non-food items in a garbage disposal, for they would only cause the machine to break down. 

Adopt a Cleaning Routine with Household Ingredients

When nothing remains in the cleaned unit, from where does the humming, jamming, or overheating appear? That is why, you must turn your focus to cleaning the garbage disposal on alternate days or weekly. In this regard, baking soda and vinegar come in handy. 

Begin with mixing a half cup of baking soda into one cup of vinegar. Let the mixture sit inside the garbage disposal chamber and wait for 15 minutes to see wonders. Then, run cold water and turn on the machine to clear it deeply from every nook and corner. 

Another cleaning technique that proves fruitful in preventing items from getting stuck in the disposal chamber is using a handful of ice cubes. The mystery of using ice cubes is important because they wipe off the lingering particles from the grinding components and also ice sharpen garbage disposal blade and ready to cut. 

Run the Disposal Unit Daily

Whether you use your garbage disposal or not, run it daily as an obligation to reap the fruit of healthy functioning. Not only it makes your mahcine in an active condition but also prevent from corrosion build up. Moreover, I advise you to run cold water before, during and after the machine complete food grinding.