Can You Put Eggshells in a Garbage Disposal? Is it OK?

I wanted to nullify the old-versed myth declaring eggshells sharpen the disposal blades. Without considering what my disposal can handle, I ended up filling it with eggshells, and the machine was turned down due to heavy clogging. The situation makes me realize why not can you put eggshells in a garbage disposal.

Eggshells are included in that list of items you cannot put in a disposal. The reason for thin membranes they contain that stick to the disposal unit while stopping other food items from grinding correctly.

In this article, I will mention the side effects of putting eggshells in disposal. Also, you look for methods to safely discard eggshells rather than damaging the machine.

Is it Okay to Put Eggshells in your Garbage Disposal?

Do not leave your eggshells as a last option to put in a disposal, for they eventually harm the kitchen appliance. Instead, you must think about what they consist of that put you in the confusion about whether to put them in the garbage disposal.

Eggshells look hard from the outer surface, but they contain thin membranes from the inside. The sticky layers when entered into the garbage disposal wrapped the impellers and become the cause of clogging in the drains and disposal chamber.

Moreover, the idea of sharpening the blades is long lost. The strangled impellers do not grind foods items, so it is not okay to put eggshells in your disposal. The machine will suffer a breakdown and nothing else.

Is it Okay to Put Eggshells in your Garbage Disposal

Difficulties When Using Garbage Disposals for Eggshell Disposal

Eggshell disposal in garbage disposals raises several challenges. Their hardness makes them prone to breaking into sharp pieces, potentially causing clogs in the disposal and plumbing. The sticky membrane on eggshells can slow disposal blade effectiveness, requiring regular cleaning.

Moreover, eggshells don’t easily break down in water, contributing to sewage and environmental problems. To address these problems, consider alternative disposal methods like composting or regular trash disposal. When using a garbage disposal, running cold water and extra flushing can help reduce the risk of clogs, while routine maintenance can alleviate eggshell-related difficulties.

How to Dispose of Eggshells?

You must think about what to do with eggshells other than putting them in the disposal to keep the trash minimum. If your hunt has not reached its final stage, you might not hear that composting and utilizing them in organic gardening is the most suitable technique for disposing of eggshells.

Adding eggshells to a compost pile will provide you with a lot of calcium and convert the decomposition matter into soil-rich nutrients. Similarly, if the idea does not seem suitable, I suggest you use eggshells in flourishing your garden soil while serving as snail repellent.

How to Unclog Eggshells in Garbage Disposal?

If you notice your garbage disposal is trapped with the gummy blockage, you must not waste time to make it work like before. I have suggested a few methods to unclog your garbage disposal using household or garbage disposal tools.

Protip: Before proceeding with any procedure, run the disposal with cold water and cut the eggshells into pieces, so they drain out from the pipelines.


The quickest way to clear nearby clogs in the garbage disposal is by using pliers. What you have to do is to shine a flashlight into the drain where the disposal is attached and look for the eggshells. The next step is to remove the junk using pliers. However, disconnecting the garbage disposal from the power supply is crucial to avoid misfortune.

Allen Wrench

An important garbage disposal tool that helps to unclog the jammed machine from the bottom is the Allen wrench. You can assume that the food waste when takes its way beyond the reach, inserting an Allen wrench into the hole and rotating it in either direction will dislodge the flywheel, clearing clogs.

Wooden Stick

What if you lost Allen’s wrench and want to make your garbage disposal work appropriately? You can use a wooden stick to move the stuck shaft. However, the process is the same as you used to do with the Allen wrench. The only restriction is the insertion point, wooden stick gets its way from the top while the wrench is inserted from the bottom through the hole.

How to Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades?

Using ice cubes is the easiest way to sharpen the garbage disposal blades. You must pour the handful of ice cubes into the garbage disposal and run it for 2-5 minutes. Also, the process washes away leftover debris from the inside linings of the garbage disposal.

What is ok to Put in Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal-friendly food items go well in the machine. You can put liquid items, smaller chunks of vegetables, and fruits in the unit. However, remove peels so that they do not interrupt safe churning.

Summing Up