Can You Put Bleach Down a Garbage Disposal? All You Need to Know

Garbage Disposals have become a constant in my kitchen keeping me sorted in my meal-clean-up process. Talking about garbage disposals maintenance and cleaning have you ever thought Can You Put Bleach Down a Garbage Disposal?

Bleach has been in use for cleaning purposes for a long time now. It is a harsh cleaning agent that keeps away stains and smells. There are mixed opinions on using bleach to clean garbage disposals. Some say if used in moderate quantities, bleach can prove to be an efficient cleaning agent but others are of the view that it harms the disposal units.

This guide has some useful information for you regarding pouring bleach into the disposal to disinfect them.

Can You Put Bleach Down a Garbage Disposal

Do you agree on putting bleach in the garbage disposals to clean them? This question has kept the users of garbage disposals in a long debate. Bleach is a harsh cleaning agent that combats and prevents foul smells or accumulated stains. With garbage disposals, it is completely your choice to use bleach.

You must have read about bleach being the strong chemical that causes harm to your disposal units over time. It can react with substances in the pipes, release fumes and plug up the system. But, putting a full stop to the discussion, you can pour bleach down the disposal unit. Ensure to abide by the preventive measures while doing the process to be on the safe side always: –

Can You Put Bleach Down a Garbage Disposal

  • Remember to use bleach in a moderate quantity, usually 1tb spoon at a time.
  • Ensure to use milder bleach and not strong formulated bleach.
  • Dilute the bleach with regular water to reduce its toxicity.
  • Keep the cold water running in the disposal drain when you pour bleach.
  • Don’t pour bleach too frequently into the disposal.

Why Pour Bleach Down Your Sink at Night?

Bleach combats bad odors, rust, and stains and works wonders to remove them to the core. It has become a common practice and habit to pour bleach down the sink at night so that the next day, you will meet up with a stain-free and smell-free sink. But it will lead you to unpredictable consequences.

Bleach is a powerful and toxic cleaning agent. No doubt it is best for cleaning the bathrooms and other areas but with sink drains it can prove dangerous. It is corrosive to the steel sink and can burst your pipes. So, it’s better to not pour bleach down your sink at night.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal limits your efforts of kitchen cleaning so they must be honored with regular cleaning sessions. Here the most asked question arises, how to clean them? With proper cleaning, you can maximize the age and work of your disposal units. You must take notes of the following ingredients: –

  • Ice to break the stuck-on food.
  • Baking soda to kill germs
  • Bleach to kill germs
  • Lemons for freshness

Step 1: Grind Ice Cubes in the disposal unit

Ice cubes sharpen the garbage disposal blades. They scrap and peel off the debris and leftover food waste buildup from the blades. This way, when blades have no accumulated debris, the working of the disposal blades gets improved.

Grind Ice Cubes in the disposal unit
  1. Power off the garbage disposal unit.
  2. Keep running cold water into the disposal for a whole minute.
  3. Put a generous quantity of ice cubes in the garbage disposal.
  4. Turn on the power of the garbage disposal.
  5. Run water in the disposal and after some time, turn the tap and disposal off.

Step 2: Mix Baking Soda and Bleach and Pour it Down the Drain

Baking Soda and Bleach is a perfect blend of cleaning solutions for your disposal unit. Both works perfectly in removing stains, rust, and odors. This way, you will get a clean and fresh garbage disposal.

Follow the step guide below to learn How to Clean the Garbage Disposal with Lemon and Baking Soda?

Mix Baking Soda and Bleach and Pour it Down the Drain
  • Pour 1 tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of diluted bleach mixed in regular water.
  • Turn on the power and run the disposal for some time.
  • After a few minutes, look for if the grinding has stopped.
  • You have now cleaned your garbage disposal.

Note: You can use vinegar instead of bleach, but ensure to increase the quantity of vinegar.

Step 3: Drop in a few drops of Lemon into the drain

Are you struggling with the query about Lemons Bad for Garbage Disposal? You must know that lemons and limes are good for your garbage disposal. They don’t clean the system but take away the bad smell and leave a fresh and citrusy scent on the garbage disposal that we all wish for our kitchen drains.

Drop in a few drops of Lemon into the garbage disposal
  1. Finish with the regular cleaning of the garbage disposal.
  2. Pour a few drops of lemon or place a few wedges of lemon in the drain.
  3. Grind the wedges by running the disposal.
  4. This is it, your disposal will now smell fresh.

Is it OK to Put Bleach in the Garbage Disposal?

You can put bleach in the disposal to clean them. It will not cause damage unless you are doing the process by following the preventive measures. Always use diluted bleach in fewer amounts while pouring it into the disposals. Don’t make it a habit to clean your disposal units with bleach.

Can You Put Eggshells Down on the Garbage Disposal?

Can You Put Eggshells in the Garbage Disposal? The simple answer is no because eggshells are garbage disposal-restricted items. The people who believe they can sharpen the blades are moving in the wrong direction. The thin membrane in eggshells can stick to the garbage disposals blades, thus running them.

Final Words