What is a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal? All You Need to Know

Are you the one who chants about continuous garbage disposals? After hearing the reviews about continuous-feed garbage disposals, I thought why not install the system in my home? After several times using the continuous feed disposal, now I can answer What is a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal.

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals have become the choice of many household users because of their easy use, versatile designs, and advanced features. Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals differ from other systems in their installation and operation.

Read this guide to know about Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals.

What is a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal?

Garbage Disposals are a valuable thing adding luxury and comfort to your kitchen. Among the different types of garbage disposals, continuous garbage disposals are very popular in households. Continuous feed garbage disposals are meant exactly by their names, throw the food waste into it and it will continue to grind and churn it until you turn it off.

The storage chamber of this type of garbage disposal has to not be too big because it keeps on grinding the food continuously so there is no need for a large disposal unit. These units are designed to fit more in smaller spaces, such as in apartment kitchens, or under an island bar sink. When installing them, you should hardwire them into the home’s electrical system.

How Does Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Work?

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals are the most installed disposals in households. When you install a Continuous Feed Disposal in your home, you just have to turn it on to run it. These disposals are hardwired and controlled by a classical style power outlet switch or the newer switch type, the air pressure switch to enhance the safety measures.

The sink drain remains open, and the disposal will keep on running and grinding the food waste while the cold water keeps on flowing until you turn it off. The water flow is important as it will prevent food clogging or jamming up. When you are done with your dishes, you can turn it off. Remember to keep your hands, unwanted food waste, and unnecessary items like accessories, or small utensils away from the disposal unit while it is working.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

Undoubtedly, Garbage Disposal is the best thing you can do for your kitchen. Continuous feed disposal has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s read to know the details.

Advantages of Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

Continuous feed garbage disposals offer several advantages for homeowners when it comes to disposing of food scraps and reducing kitchen waste. Here are five key benefits of continuous feed garbage disposals:

1. Reduced Risk of Clogs

Continuous Feed disposal continually grinds food waste instead of having it in small batches. This prevents the storage chamber or the disposal from clogging up or jamming up with food waste. This advantage will stimulate you to install the system in your home for sure.

2. Efficient

With Continuous Feed disposal, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your kitchen in a short span. Continue your work but not before turning the disposal on and leaving the rest to it. It will keep on working until you finish your work and turn it off.

3. Cost-friendly

Can you imagine continuous feed garbage disposals are available to you in a cost-friendly price range along with their amazing features? Many continuous garbage disposals are price-friendly so you can get benefitted from them without worrying about your budget.

4. Fast Speed

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals are fast-speed which scraps the food waste within no time. Also, you don’t have to put the food items in batches, so using them will be less time-consuming for you.

5. Suitable for household use

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals are suitable for every use in households be it for smaller and larger families. They will be less likely to clog and effectively manage food waste.

Disadvantages of Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

While continuous feed garbage disposals offer several advantages, they also come with some disadvantages and limitations. Here are three common disadvantages of continuous feed garbage disposals:

1. High-safety Risk

The only disadvantage of continuous garbage disposals is their high safety risk. When you turn them on, they run continuously while keeping the drain opening uncovered. So, there is a high alert for you to prevent any unnecessary item from getting into it.

2. More Water Consumption

The continuous feed disposal keeps on running when its power button is switched on. To keep it running smoothly, they need continuous water flow. On one side, the water flow will prevent the disposal from getting clogged but on the other side, it will bring an increase in bucks in your water bills.

3. Food Splashes Out

Imagine you are washing dishes and getting disturbed by food particles bubbling out. The same situation happens when you are using a continuous-feed disposal. In this type of disposal unit, the sink remains open, so food continues to splash out while being ground.

What is the Difference Between Batch Feed and Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals?

Choosing the batch-feed or continuous-feed disposal should solely be your preference according to your demands, needs, usage, kitchen set-up, and budget. The following are a few prominent differences between batch feed and continuous feed garbage disposals.

Difference Between Batch Feed and Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

Price Range

Batch Feed garbage disposals are expensive because of the extra parts that it utilizes during the operation. On the contrary, continuous-feed garbage disposals are cheaper and are available with more advanced features to save you time and money.

Disposal Size

Another factor that will determine your purchasing between the two types of garbage disposal is disposal size. Batch-feed garbage disposal has a large storage to store foods, so it churns the food particles in batches. So, it will take space under your sink.

Continuous feed garbage disposals don’t need to store as much food waste, so its chamber is quite small. These disposals are compact, and lightweight, taking up less space.


The major difference between the two types of garbage disposals is their safety measure. Batch-feed garbage disposals are safer because they use a stopper in the sink opening which prevents the food particle from splashing out and unwanted items from getting inside.

The continuous feed garbage disposals do not use a stopper and the drain opening remains uncovered in their working. So, don’t put your hands or any other unwanted thing inside the disposal while it is running.


Batch-feed garbage disposal accepts food waste in watches. It finishes one batch and then you throw another batch. The continuous feed continues working when you turn it on and it keeps on working until you turn its power supply off.

Time Span

Batch-feed garbage disposal is time-consuming and it takes more time to grind the food waste. Continuous feed garbage disposals continue to run and keep on churning the food scraps within no time.


Batch-feed disposal lacks performance as compared to continuous-feed disposals because there are higher chances of the disposal units getting clogged up with food waste.

Best Garbage Disposal

No matter which disposal, batch-feed, or continuous feed will make its way to your home, you must know the best disposals. Here are a few names in this regard:-

  • InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposer (Wide Sinks)
  • InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal (Shallow Sinks)
  • Moen GXS75C Host Series Garbage Disposal
  • Moen Lite Series 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Disposal (Small Sinks)
  • Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal (Large Sinks)
  • InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal
  • Waste Maid WM-658-3B Garbage Disposal (Most Durable)
  • InSinkErator Evolution Supreme (High Horsepower)

What are the 2 Types of Garbage Disposals?

Garbage Disposals come in two types. Batch feed garbage disposals and continuous feed garbage disposals. Both types vary in some factors. Ensure to buy the disposal unit that meets your kitchen setup and needs.