How to Replace Garbage Disposal Splash Guard? 5 Easy Steps

My first experience with replacing a garbage disposal splash guard was a big mess, resulting in putting it wrong. The second chance was an opportunity to get it fixed without error. Finding How to Replace Garbage Disposal Splash Guard from tutorials saved my day of rushing to the expert.

A splash guard is a rubber gasket protecting the extra things from getting inside the disposal unit. The easy step for replacing the gasket is disassembling the garbage disposal by unscrewing the locking rings from the mount and the drainpipes. You can replace the worn-out rubber gasket with a newer one after detaching the disposal.

In this article, you will get to know the easy steps of getting through the process of replacing the garbage disposal splash guard. In addition, how important the splash guard for garbage disposal is crucial to know.

How to Replace Garbage Disposal Splash Guard?

When you think about troubleshooting garbage disposal problems, you have to be extra careful in carrying out the process so that assembling the parts again will not put you in trouble. However, the concern is to replace the splash guard will not cost you any penny if you roll up your sleeves and self-help the easy steps like me.

1. Turn off the Garbage Disposal

You must disconnect all the power connections from reaching the garbage disposal. It does not matter whether the disposal unit is hardwired or follows a simple plugged-in method. You flip the circuit breaker and unplug the cord before operating on it.

2. Detach the Drainpipes

Drainpipe leading to the waste line is essential to be separated from the disposal to replace the splash guard. What you have to do is to place the bucket to catch water and loosen the screws of the connectors between a canister and the waste pipeline.

3. Unlock the Locking Rings

Locking rings attach the disposal to the mount. Since you have a goal to replace the worn-out rubber gasket, you must detach the unit to reach the point between the drain and the disposal where the splash guard resides.

So, start by unlocking the screws in the counterclockwise direction with little or no force. You must be conscious of giving support to the disposal machine once the ring starts loosening so that it does not fall.

4. Change the Splash Guard

The mouth of the garbage disposal contains a splash guard. Lift the rubber gasket and clean the edges neatly. You can favor the help of a wet towel to wash all the debris away before the final step. Position the new splash guard in the place from where you removed the old one. Press it firmly so that it sits nicely without creating air spaces.

5. Turn on the Garbage Disposal

The last step is to ensure that you fit the garbage disposal in its position. I know the difficult task is yet to come when holding a device in one hand and tightening the screw gives you a tough time.

You can ask for help or put a stack of books to get the purpose done. Moreover, turn on the garbage disposal and put the things inside to check the working of the splash guard.

What is the Purpose of a Garbage Disposal Splash Guard?

Your garbage disposal is nothing without all the spare parts it comes with; be it a gasket, splash guard, or flywheel, you cannot run the machine smoothly. The purpose of a splash guard is to make you realize it’s worth.

  • A splash guard serves as a barrier between the sink and disposal chamber.
  • It prevents the kitchen utensils from going inside the disposal
  • The splash guard stops food chunks from coming back into the sink
  • It does not let the water to flush outside in case of no clogging
What is the Purpose of a Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

How often Do you Need to Replace the Splash Guard on a Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal splash guard covers the opening and serves you for a few years. You do not need to remove it unless it becomes brittle or cracked. Also, maintaining a cleaning routine will increase its shelf life.

What is Standard Garbage Disposal Splash Guard Size?

As the garbage disposal models are different, so are the splash guard. You must check the instruction manual to get the right one for your kitchen machine. However, the standard size of the splash guard that fits almost all the disposal units is 3.45 inches.

Summing Up