Garbage Disposal Air Switch Installation | Do it in 4 Steps

I am tired of using the garbage disposal wall-mounted electrical switch. Plus, the risk of flipping the disposal switch with wet hands makes me reluctant to use it often. If you have the same situation to deal with, feel free to think about Garbage Disposal Air Switch Installation as mine.

The alternative serves you great with easy mounting on the countertop, near the sink, and on the wall. Make arrangements to do a hole, attach the two ends of the air tube to the respective inlets of the button and air switch box, and ensures all the connections fall in place with the main outlet.

This article will explain the easy steps of installing a garbage disposal air switch. In addition, you will learn the pros and cons of the air switch button to decide wisely.

How to Install the Garbage Disposal Air Switch Button?

Garbage disposal is an innovative device designed to reduce your timing in thinking about the best method for food waste. You must do everything to make your garbage disposal efficient in every aspect. These are following steps for Garbage Disposal Air Switch Installation

1. Drill a Hole

What location best suits the air switch button? Generally, the button is installed on the countertop or near the sink top. The pro tip is to position your air switch button at different sites and decide which one seems convenient before installation.

Also, the closer the switch to the faucet, the easier to press it in no time to make the best use of the garbage disposal. The next step is to drill a hole to mount your button. I made approximately 1-1/4 inches hole on the countertop.

2. Ensure Hose Fittings

Opening the air switch kit to look at what’s more inside to help you is the air tube. So, grab the button and insert the tube below it. Here, you wiggle it to the point until it does not come out when pulling.

As you attach one end of the air tubing to the air switch button, the next move is to run it down along the hole deciding on the desired length so that the button gets fitted into the hole perfectly. Also, ensure the rubber gasket covers the linings of the switch.

3. Installing a Nut

Let me give you glad tidings that you have completed the half process. It’s time to shift the location where your garbage disposal resides under the sink cabinet. The long-length air tube needs to be cut, and then you can easily slide the washer or nut onto it.

Make the nut reach the point of the switch button, and then you can screw it up from the bottom of the button. In this regard, place something sturdy on the button from above to hold it tight without dislodging.

4. Enjoins Tube into the Other End

Grab the converter box and attach the free end of the tube to it the same way you do with the air switch button. Insert it into the main grounded outlet, followed by a garbage disposal unit. Make your connections on point and turn on the garbage disposal for final testing.

Can You Use An Air Switch With a Garbage Disposal?

Yes, you can use an air switch with the garbage disposal. The function of the button is simple and dependent on one press. As soon as you press the button, a pulse of air is sent through air tubing, which consists of PVC or vinyl material, and generates a click sound.

Moreover, air tubing transfers the air puff to the control box under the sink. Thus, activates the disposal to cut off food scraps. Remember, you must check the air-switch compatibility with particular garbage disposal models to make it worth installing.

Can You Use An Air Switch With a Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Air Switch Installation Pros and Cons

No one wants to disregard the professional food grinder. Even then, a list of pros and cons will make you understand the worth of the garbage disposal for your kitchen.


  • The air switch button is convenient and accessible in most cases
  • You can press the button even with wet hands
  • The air switch button reduces the risk of electrocution and ensures safety
  • It adds a touch of elegance to your sink area
  • Most air switch buttons are compatible with different garbage disposal brands.


  • The air switch button does not come with a garbage disposal.
  • Buying the garbage disposal button costs you more than your budget.

Does Garbage Disposal Need Air Switch?

An air switch can provide advantages to a garbage disposal system, especially for safety. It functions as a control method for the disposal unit, eliminating the requirement for an electrical switch near the sink. This is particularly useful in moist environments, where safety concerns are prominent.

In contrast to a standard wall switch, the air switch works using a button on the sink or countertop. Pressing the button releases a burst of air, which travels through a tube to an air pressure switch situated in an electrical box below the sink. This air pressure switch then triggers the activation or deactivation of the garbage disposal.

The primary advantage of an air switch is its enhancement of safety. By using air pressure, there’s no need for direct electrical connections near water, reducing the risk of electric shock. Also, the physical separation of the air switch from water reduces exposure to problems like corrosion and wear over time.

What size hole do I need for an air switch for garbage disposal?

The hole size for installing garbage disposal air switches varies according to the location. First, you decide to position the button where it is easily accessible. Generally, the hole size is decided between 1 1/4″ and 1 3/4″ figures.

How do you test a garbage disposal air switch?

Testing the garbage disposal air switch button is at the distance of hearing a click sound. If you hear clicking, the button responsibly sends the air to trigger the control box. If it is not, assume to troubleshoot faulty areas, such as air tubing and push buttons.

Garbage Disposal Air Switch vs. Regular Switch

In the comparison the Garbage Disposal Air Switch vs Regular Switch, it’s evident that the air switch provides a safer and more user-friendly alternative for managing your kitchen’s disposal unit. Operating through air pressure, it significantly reduces the risk of electric shock, making it a safer choice, especially when dealing with wet hands.

Conversely, the conventional wall switch relies on direct electrical contact, which can pose safety hazards. Consequently, the air switch emerges as a hygienic and efficient solution for kitchen waste disposal.

Bottom Line

The garbage disposal air switch is an easy-to-install with a single button that ensures safety. To taste its benefits, install the button in your desired place. In this article, I have mentioned the easy steps of mounting the air switch button without wrenches and specialized tools. Also, a brief description of the pros and cons is added to make new upgrades to your disposal unit.