Is it Better to Replace or Repair a Garbage Disposal? What Should You Choose

Every time my garbage disposal breaks down, there is a constant debate in my mind about whether to replace or repair it. Finally, I succeeded in finding an in-between option. If you want to know what it is and who wins the argument, read to know: Is it Better to Replace or Repair a Garbage Disposal?

No matter what the condition is, you have always the option to repair a garbage disposal before thinking of replacing it. However, what counts is the intensity of the problem, the age of the disposal, and the required budget that decides what suits best the disposal in that particular scenario.

The article covers a few suggestions that may help you while treating garbage disposal with the best treatment. Additionally, you will know when to replace garbage disposal by identifying some of the prominent symptoms.

Is it Better to Fix or Replace a Garbage Disposal? 3 Key Factors

You better get your answer about whether it is better to fix or replace a garbage disposal by reading these key factors.

1. The Intensity of the Problem

Garbage disposal is an efficient device to address your kitchen waste in ways you always wanted. What do you do when it stops working due to any reason? I suggest you better analyze the problem and start with a repair. You must proceed with the repair if it encounters problems like minor clogs, leaks, tripped circuit breakers, or replacing broken parts.

On the other hand, if the garbage disposal is cracked or leaking from the seals, there is no way other than to replace the unit. Also, you cannot make your garbage disposal re-enter a working position when the motor is broken.

2. Age of the Garbage Disposal

The key factor which everyone can answer abruptly is how far you have used your garbage disposal. For fresh users, I advise you to tick the mark on the repair option because garbage disposals last quite a long time of average 8-12 years. So, you can solve the problems occurring in the span.

Whereas the old garbage disposal is on the verge of giving up with numerous worn-out parts. Moreover, you notice it has already gone through frequent repairs, but with no improvement. What you have in your mind is situation appropriate, replacing the entire unit.

3. Cost for Repair or Replacement

There is probably no garbage disposal problem that can not be undone by a repair. Also, it is always less expensive as compared to replacing it completely with a new one. But when you notice spending money on it for repairing costs you more than the new one. You must decide to get a new one as soon as possible.

Are Garbage Disposals Repairable?

Yes, garbage disposals are repairable only when it encounters controllable damages. In fact, the appliance allows you to self-treat it without rushing to the technician. Learn to know under which circumstances you can go fix it.

Are Garbage Disposals Repairable

Clogs Removing

The majority of the clog formation in a garbage disposal is due to left-over food. You can easily fix the issue by picking pliers and removing the clogged substances in the sink drains connecting to the disposal. In addition, freeing the flywheel from the stuck food waste is also easy by inserting the Allen wrench in the hole and turning it with force enough to lessen the resistance.

Fixing Leaks

You never know when your garbage disposal starts leaking and from which part. What you must do is take care of the leaking top, sides, or button. Fortunately, leaking from the top and sides demands repairing it with plumber putty or changing rubber gaskets. But when you notice Garbage Disposal Leaking from the Bottom, that is from the reset button or electrical cord, replacing it will be a suitable decision.

Solving Electrical Issues

The minor electrical issues, such as checking for tripped circuit breakers and identifying which wire is at fault, lie within the repairing borderline.

Replacing Broken Parts

Many parts of the garbage disposal are at the distance of repair. For example, dull impellers, rubber gaskets, splash guards, and many if become ineffective, replace them with a new one.

How Do I Know if My Garbage Disposal Needs Replacing?

Garbage disposal tells you when it needs replacement. You only have to be conscious about the symptoms with which it warns you.

How Do I Know if My Garbage Disposal Needs Replacing

Garbage Disposal Becomes Old

The aged garbage disposal stores numerous problems that you may face every day. No matter how much you surf your time repairing, it shows up with no performance, but keep on going with the food-crushing hurdles.

  • Clogs often
  • Emits bad smell
  • Leaking from the seals/bottom

Frequent Resetting

Spare a minute and think that you used the Garbage Disposal Reset Button to restore the negativities like overloading, overheating, or not turning, but now it becomes weaker and demands frequent resets. So, you must understand that it needs replacement instead of pressing it and frustrating it with zero improvements.

Food Takes Longer to Grind

You must notice that if the amount of food you send down the disposal for processing takes longer to complete, make a note that it is the time to say your garbage disposal goodbye. The reason may be the aged disposal with weak motors and dull blades that no longer hold the food waste they were designed for.

Strange Noises

You run your garbage disposal but it only hums with loud noises, the leading indications are faulty components. Also, it must be the rust that causes the garbage disposal to become jammed and not turn or spin.

Resistant to Repairs

When you notice the unit does not work anymore in the same way as it used to even after frequent repairs, you must change it to one with energy efficiency, great capacity, and an increased horsepower motor.

Do garbage disposals need maintenance?

Garbage disposals need proper maintenance. It depends on how you schedule it after a week or a month, but keeping it in good condition ensures better performance, timely food grinding, and fewer repairs.

How often do you replace a garbage disposal?

The majority of garbage disposals show no defect unless they reach the age of 8-12 years. However, if you notice frequent clogging, overheating, or cracking on the body, you can replace it before the expiry date.

Summing Up

How do you decide whether Is it Better to Replace or Repair a Garbage Disposal without consulting the technician? It is indeed a difficult one. The article helps you decide accordingly by keeping in mind the state of the problem, how far the disposal is utilized, and the money to be invested to get the task done.