Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck | Reasons and Fixes

I wanted to replace my garbage disposal with a newer model, and the technician told me to start from the mounting ring. As I turned my focus toward it, it was stuck and didn’t budge. What to do and whatnot took a toll on me. At last, a couple of videos helped me move the mounting ring. If you have the same problem of garbage disposal mounting ring stuck, read to the end.

The garbage disposal mounting ring plays a significant part in connecting the disposal unit to the sink in correlation with the sink flange. If you find it stuck due to any reason, grasp the screwdriver and remove it by loosening the two screws below the drain, followed by adequate cleaning, and re-installing it conveniently in no time.

In this article, I will mention the causes and solutions of the mounting ring that won’t budge from its place. In addition, learn everything that explains why and when your mounting ring becomes stuck.

Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck | Reasons.

Garbage disposal is of no value when its parts malfunction. Similarly, a mounting ring stuck problem arises from the following reasons.

Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck  Reasons.


Since you cannot deny water usage when running the unit, it may get caught where the mounting ring is attached. The condition worsens when the garbage disposal is leaking from the front side and rust develops in the area highlighted beneath the sink.

In addition, not only does the disposal lower mounting ring stuck in its place but creates a problem for other metal components in sliding over one another.


How the mounting rings for garbage disposals are constructed is the highlight of the discussion when discussing the problems related to it. Every manufacturer comes up with a unique design that signifies the character of the brand.

Suppose you may be habitual of removing the ring for a specific brand and not know how to proceed with the newer one. In this case, removing or installing a mounting ring becomes a full-day task which may lead to becoming stuck.

Improper Installation

As long as you do not confirm the garbage disposal’s proper installation following all its spare parts, understand that it is of no use. A stuck mounting ring may be the result of how attentively you placed the disposal unit under the sink.

If installed carelessly your garbage disposal won’t be working the same way as you wanted. The reason is the two screws that hold the mounting ring do not tighten. This return, cause unnecessary leaking you turn on your garbage disposal every time.

Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Stuck | DIY Fixes

You may not worry about calling the technician to solve the mystery behind loosening the mounting rings. The practical is simple and requires screwdrivers for the purpose. However, if you find it accumulated with rust, finding the remedies to make it rust-free may take time.

How to Fix Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring Flange?

To fix the mounting ring in its place is to remove it with the screwdrivers, ensure its proper installation and make arrangements to re-install using the recommended guidelines.

Turn off the Unit

The first step is preparing the appliance to go under treatment, so disconnect your garbage disposal from the power supply. Flipping the circuit breaker and power outlet to restrict power from going to the unit.

Insert Screwdriver

No matter, if you are dealing with an upper or lower mounting ring, it has a direct connection with a snap ring. You must hold on to a thin flat screwdriver and insert it beneath the snapping ring split. Turn it in a clockwise direction until you feel less resistance.

Removing/Re-installing Mounting Ring

You can get rid of the snap ring, lift off the two screws holding the mounting ring and remove the ring. After it, check for the essential cleaning such as rust, and go on for re-installing it.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal Mounting Ring?

The disposal mounting ring is prone to becoming stuck. The reason is rust due to the leaking disposal unit. If you encounter the situation, look for household ingredients, such as baking soda, vinegar, and water solution to rinse the ring.

  • Disconnect the garbage disposal’s power supply.
  • Remove the screws holding the mounting ring from the abovementioned step
  • Use a water solution with baking soda and vinegar to clean the metallic surface
  • You can use the brush to scrub the rusted mounting ring
  • If you see traces or rust, spray wd40 in a small amount.
  • Rinse the surface and re-attach it

Do all Garbage Disposals use the Same Mount?

Garbage disposals do not use the same universal mount system. Every brand is unique in this perspective and comes up either with a 3-bolt or EZ mount. However, you will see a similar mount with a different name called Quick Lock from InSinkErator garbage disposals.

What is the Rubber Ring inside Garbage Disposal?

The rubber ring has another name called splash guard and protects your food waste and water from coming outside the disposal. However, it can deteriorate with time, but you can replace it easily with a new one.

Bottom Line

You cannot neglect one constituent and make your garbage disposal follow your commands as before. If you notice leaking, the first sign of a stuck mounting ring, get acquainted with the reasons and fixes to curing your machine at an initial stage.