Garbage Disposal Smoking | Reasons and Fixes

When I entered the kitchen, a burnt smell welcomed me and gave me an indication of some damage. Inspecting the nooks and corners highlighted that it was nothing else but the garbage disposal. In this regard, how I treat my Garbage Disposal Smoking problem is a must to know for newcomers.

If you notice smoke vapors emitting from your garbage disposal, the culprits are a burnt motor, an overpowered circuit breaker, and jammed components. However, try clearing the clogs to prevent overheating and ensure the motor receives enough power.

The article briefly covers the leading causes that prompt disposal smoking. However, calm yourself, as the overload protector will shut off the system to tackle overheating.

Why is My Garbage Disposal Smoking?

Sensing a burnt smell from the kitchen corners may make you pale, but inspecting is necessary. To know what makes garbage disposal smoke, look at the following key points.

Garbage Disposal Smoking Reason

Burnt Circuit Breaker

Every appliance work after receiving specific units of voltages. Similarly, garbage disposal installed in your households depends on the working of the circuit breaker. If you find it overpowered, there are great chances it burns the garbage motor and begins smoking.


The root cause of all the garbage problems is clogging. Whether it is food build-up or stuck kitchen cutlery, the result is the jammed components that work in asymmetrical order or simply deny working. As a result, the motor is forced to grind the food into smaller particles over time.

Jammed Motor

It is equivalent to jamming, whether you say something gets inside the drain or in the motor. Continuing to use the blocked motor leads to damage to its capacitors. Ultimately, you will notice smoke issues from it.


The garbage disposal’s motor is the nucleus of the machine, by which every other component work in harmony. Running it beyond excessive hours cause it to overheat. Luckily, a reset button is there to protect the garbage disposal by switching off the system in times of urgency.

Worn-out Motor

Your introduction to kitchen appliances is not new, nor does your acquaintance with the disposal’s age limit. Apart from how you treat the disposal system, a worn-out motor may cause your garbage disposal to smoke.

Motor Overloading

Does dumping everything inside the disposal not mitigate its performance? It surely will. When you overload the unit with various food items or unwanted things, you begin putting force on the motor capacitors to do extra work. Also, the chances of its burning increase.

What to Do if Disposal is Smoking?

Garbage disposal smoking may be the last step leading the machine to damage beyond repair. You must grip these problems from the start and take quick action to cure them.

What to Do if Garbage Disposal is Smoking?

Check the Power Supply

Before you turn your head to treat your garbage disposal, look for the circuit breaker. If it is tripped due to a blown-out fuse, the connection to the garbage disposal may have the chance to smoke.

You can also disconnect the garbage disposal and allow other appliances to link with the same circuit breaker to inspect whether the breaker or disposal unit is at fault.

Look for the Clogs

Your carefree nature may put you at risk when you notice that the garbage disposal clogged due to unwanted food items you throw into it. However, the problem is not a big one of losing control. You can address the problem by holding the disposal wrench and trying to remove the food remaining’s.

All you have to do is to insert the wrench into the hole below the disposal and try turning it in either direction. At this step, try turning the flywheel manually or removing the jammed-causing agents using pliers.

Hold on to the Reset Button

The Moen garbage disposal reset button is handy when dealing with disposal, not turning, spinning, or overheating problems. Since you clear the disposal pathways and allow them to cool down for a few minutes, press the reset button to eliminate the issue.

Your garbage disposal begins working as usual. If the problem prevails, you need to consult the expert to replace the promising parts in case of damage.

Disposal Smoking | Preventive Tips

Garbage disposal is indeed your kitchen’s investment, and you do not want to meet any damage. So, you should remain conscious of utilizing it per manual instructions not to face smoking issues.

Garbage Disposal Smoking | Preventive Tips

How Do you Know if your Garbage Disposal Motor is Burnt Out?

When you notice a burnt smell and see smoke emit from the appliance, receive the indication that the motor and its capacitors are burnt out. However, the primary reason is overheating, which puts a lot of pressure on it and causes it to burn.

How Long can you Safely Run a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal running time depends on the food you push inside for grinding. The average time is 30 seconds before turning it off. After it, you run the water for 10-15 seconds to wash the food remnants.

Summing Up

Finding your disposer emits smoke indicates that the motor has given up its life. Moreover, receiving symptoms of a burnt smell and the unit’s humming noise verifies your ideas. You must be conscious and stick to the quick fixes described in the article to operate the garbage disposal for years. In addition, I have mentioned the causes for your ease of learning and fixed them accordingly.