Moen EX75C Garbage Disposal Review | Value for Money Product

Do you ever think to utilize a machine that takes the responsibility of the food grinding and stops you from going back to the traditional ways of food disposal? If not, Moen materializes your imagination and provides gadgets to stun you with their performances. One such device in my use is from the Moen host series. If you plan to buy a garbage disposal, give a glance at my review on Moen EX75C Garbage Disposal to know it’s worth for your kitchen. 

EX75C belongs to the Moen Host Series and comprises mind-blowing specifications. From durable stainless steel grinding components, ideal 3/4 horsepower to better sound insulation, it stands against various competing models. Also, the warranty period of 10 years is worth mentioning compared to the warranty of other brands. 

In this article, I will mention the features of the Moen EX75C disposal that attract me the most. In addition, you will know how it functions making it unique and innovative from other garbage disposal brands.  

Moen EX75C Garbage Disposal Review – Key Specifications

Remember the not-so-good old days when you waited for the garbage day to get rid of the heavy bags? Don’t you think garbage disposal makes this process a lot easier? It reduces the amount of food going into the landfills by changing their state from as-it-is to atom-sized particles and also flushing them through the drains without effort. 

In my case, the Moen garbage disposal is with me for six months, and except for one or two faults, the appliance works great for me. The ideal horsepower handles vegetable or fruit peels daily and the sound reduction is satisfactory.

So, let’s dive into the key specifications, extra features, and innovative design of the Moen garbage disposal. All I want is to explain the disposal’s positives and negatives to make it worth buying. 


  • Feed Type: Continuous feed type
  • Grinding Chamber Material: plastic
  • Construction Material: Stainless steel or Galvanized steel
  • Motor: Vortex Permanent Magnet
  • Horsepower: ¾ HP
  • Speed: 2700 RPM
  • Mounting Assembly: 3-bolt Universal XPress Mount
  • Warranty: in-home 10 years
  • Power Cord: pre-installed

Design and Physical Appearance – Garbage Disposal Look book.

Let’s talk about how Moen ex75c appears before the eyes. Do not confuse about the physical appearance, for it goes under-cabinet. The entire deal is how far it proves to be compact for an easy installation. The overall design is inspired by the profession it is assigned to and is nothing different from regular-looking disposers except for the streamlined shape, wide inches from the top, and slim bottom. 

In addition, the height of the disposal unit is a few values above 14 inches, making the garbage disposal miss-or-hit for the underneath sink cabinet. At the same time, I find it compact because of my cabinet space which is enough to place it after shifting the unnecessary things away. 

The slightly larger height is not a problem as you can consult an expert for amendments and bring home the workaholic machine. 

Feed Type

Garbage disposals are the inventions of the modern age, it is essential to know how it works. You must hear about its two categories of working mechanism: continuous feed and batch feed. Generally, domestic household use continuous feed-type, and Moen ex75c disposal follows the same route to provide convenience during tireless food grinding. 

What you have to do is to flip the switch, turn on the machine, and dump the organic food waste you want to get rid of. The privilege is that the disposal unit remains in an active state until all the food goes converted into smaller particles and delivered to local wastewater treatment plants. There is nothing special you have to do after deciding on the food to be stuffed inside. 

Moen ex75c ditches batch feed type because it takes your entire day in dividing the food into batches for crushing and disposal. Also, placing the lid after putting food inside is another task. 

Build Quality

Do you know garbage disposal’s durability is known by the material it is constructed from? In this regard, Moen ex75c has some other plans by introducing different building materials for disposal functioning especially in the case of grinding chamber and grinding components. 

It derives the grinding chamber from the material the same as Waste King, which is corrosion-proof plastic. The judgments about plastic being not trustworthy are wrong as the high-quality material is a blend of glass-filled nylon and polyester not only handles moisture-containing food proficiently but also lasts long while keeping the fears of rust away. 

Caution: do not put a spoon or any cutlery inside, for it will surely damage the plastic chamber.

On the contrary, being a member of the Moen premium Host series, ex75c has only a turntable which is made of stainless steel while all the grinding components including impellers have galvanized steel. The difference in materials is self-explanatory during food grinding. Galvanized steel blades are at risk of deforming and have an impact on food pulverization. For me, dealing with low-quality material in the name of a premium appliance is nothing but a dilemma. 

Grinding Power

The grinding power of the garbage disposal is its biggest weapon to attract its user. As you know, Moen EX75C is designed to share its position among disposal models of the Host series. It provides a horsepower of 3/4 hp leaving no stone unturned to dispose of the food waste of five-to-eight people. 

The best thing about the second most powerful horsepower disposal unit is that you can operate it on alternate days without harming the machine, unlike ⅓ hp. Next to horsepower, there is another glorifying factor that makes the disposal unit worth buying within a minute, the high-speed permanent motor. 

The speed of the 2700 RPM and Moen exclusive vortex permanent magnet motor beats the multi-grinding stages of the InSinkErator and crushes eatables to tiny bits and pieces in a single phase at a much faster pace. 

What You Can Put in Moen EX75C?

The grinding power of the Moen ex75c excites you to add a variety of food to the chamber. Still, there are restrictions you need to know to ensure its longevity and adequate working without frequent jams. The food items it can readily accept have a wide range, but you must cut them into small pieces instead of putting them just the way they are in dishes. 

  • Cooked meat
  • Fruit peels
  • Soft food items
  • Fishbones
  • Vegetable scraps

What You Cannot Put in Moen EX75C?

Like other garbage disposal models, Moen cannot violate the rules by adding those it cannot handle. Not only it stresses the motor to work harder but also increases the chance of overheating and breaking down. The list of food waste you cannot add to the grinding chamber of the Moen EX75C is mentioned.

  • Chicken bones
  • Corn and husk 
  • Large fruit chunks
  • Raw meat
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Non-food items

Extra Features

Moen garbage disposal is not an ordinary economy-class appliance. It comprises head-turning features to remain in competition with the other premium models. 

Moen EX75C Garbage Disposal Extra Features

Noise Insulation

You must not want an ordinary garbage disposal for it creates headaches on the cost of your food disposal. Am I right? Here it is Moen ex75c, which is equipped with Sound Shield technology. It reduces the noise up to several decibels and functions as if nothing running in the kitchen. 

But what I observe is the complete opposite reality. The sound and the vibrations of the garbage disposal are audible despite having the sound reduction feature. Therefore, I say that improvement is needed. 

Septic Safe

Moen garbage disposal never lets you down and comes with a septic-safe feature. It ensures that nothing unwanted goes to the septic safe to become the cause of bacteria death. You can have this appliance with both sewerage systems or septic tanks. 


Moen garbage disposal also offers some of the necessary accessories without which you cannot go on with adequate installation and operation. 

Power Cord

The first thing that comes first with the Moen garbage disposal is the power cord. Not only it is pre-installed but eases the wiring procedure. InSinkErator has still models that do not have power cords with them, but Moen let you enjoy the facility. 

Splash Guard

Another accessory of the Moen garbage disposal that contributes to food grinding is the splash guard. You must wonder what is so special as every model has this thing to prevent the backflow of the items. Every garbage disposal comes with a splash guard but Moen specifically provides a removable one to serve the dual purpose of not sending back the items of the chamber and cleaning the disposal without removing it entirely. 

Mounting Assembly

How do you install the garbage disposal? Does it require professional care? Moen does not let you be concerned about these questions and comes with a 3-bolt Universal XPress Mount and a snap tool for easy installation. 

Since the name indicates the installation mechanism, you only put effort into twisting and locking the disposal after attaching the mount to the sink and tightening the three bolts. 


Where You Can Get Moen EX75C garbage Disposal and at what price helps you decide whether to seal a deal. As far as the purchase is concerned, it is a widely distributed product available at Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart at the price range above $100.

Also, if you have a Moen EX75C as a first purchase, it provides you with a 10-year in-home warranty. It means you have all the repairs and parts replacement free of cost. 

What I Like About the Moen EX75C Garbage Disposal?

  • The garbage disposal’s vortex motor speedily grinds the food waste
  • I find the 14 inches height compact for my kitchen under-cabinet
  • Cleaning the disposal unit is a breeze due to the removable splash guard
  • The presence of a reset button is another perk of an EX75C disposer.
  • The disposal unit functions effectively for small-sized families.

What I Don’t Like About the Moen EX75C Garbage Disposal?

  • There is no hex hole below the garbage disposal for clearing clogs
  • The sound insulation feature could be better
  • Galvanized steel makes me doubt the corrosion build-up

Moen Garbage Disposal vs. Insinkerator

Who wins the argument between Moen and InSinkErator garbage disposal? The general comparison of the specifications is all you need. 

Despite sharing the same foundation for reducing food waste, ensuring identical cleaning techniques, and continuous feeding design, Moen excels in its counterpart by providing high-speed permanent motors of 2700 RPM, a pre-installed power cord, a removable splash guard, and a longer warranty. 

On the other hand, InSinkErator Garbage Disposal is no less than the competitor and aims to offer high-quality stainless-steel materials for grinding components. Plus, it also has the multi-grinding stage to ensure no food is left inside uncharmed. But it does not come with a pre-installed power cord and removable splash guard. 

The choice between Moen and InSinkErator Garbage Disposal is a tough one because both brands have uniqueness when it comes to testing the specifications alone. So, I advise you to revise your preferences before getting on the desired gadget, especially when considering the Moen vs InsinkErator Garbage Disposal.


Moen Garbage Disposal vs. Insinkerator

Is there a Reset Button on a Moen Disposal?

Like all other garbage disposals, Moen has a reset button. All garbage disposals have their reset button beneath the body but Moen’ reset button lies on the direction opposite to the side from where the power cord protrudes. 

How to Unjam a Moen Garbage Disposal?

You can use a broomstick or pliers to unjam the Moen garbage disposal. All you have to do is to turn off the machine, insert the broomstick from above the chamber and try turning the plate manually until it loses the resistance. Look for the leftover food that becomes the cause of jams and remove it using pliers or tongs. Avoid your bare hands from going down to the appliance.

Bottom Line

You can achieve your desired features with the Moen garbage disposal. So, why put other appliances on hold? The excellent grinding power is coupled with ideal horsepower and a high-speed motor is comparable to the premium class of garbage disposals. I have reviewed the Moen EX75C garbage disposal and mentioned every detail in this article. Hoping this piece of writing serves you benefit in deciding your primary choice.